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Aug 22, 2014
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Werewolf: The Purification 2

This game is a continuation of the story of Werewolf: The Purification and FinalWolf. If you are not familiar with Pyure's Purification game, check it out! If you are not familiar with my FinalWolf game, don't check it out!

The Story

20 years have passed since The Purification... the death of the final member of The Resistance. The werewolves, after seeing how humans were really just like them, forged an alliance with the humans. Knowledge was shared and many people were happy.

This was ten years ago. Last week, a spectacular thing happened. A ball of some form of magical energy appeared at The Pit, a now famous place to visit. The ball then launched off in the direction of a village where some of the original wolves which fought The Resistance lived. Somehow, the people in the village instantly knew that they could ressurect the final members of The Resistance, and that The Resistance would gain great powers, to bring our civilization to greatness!

But here the fun ends. There are a few people who strictly oppose the alliance in secret.
The humans who believe this call themselves The New Resistance, and their goal is to kill all the wolves, just like their ancestors. The ones in this village want to ressurect The Resistance and convince them of their cause. They treat them like new messiahs.
The wolves against the alliance want to kill all humans, and stop anyone trying to ressurect The Resistance at all costs. They fought hard to kill them. They must stay dead. They call themselves simply "The Wolves".
This takes us to today. We face off near The Pit. Our memories are wiped except for who we are and this list of roles:

Role List
The alliance (defeat The New Resistance and The Wolves):

Puppy (wolf): Your average vote-to-lynch role.

Alpha (wolf): Twice per game can switch the order of the 1st and 2nd-place lynch victims. Doing so will no longer reveal the Alpha's role the next morning after the mastery of this role.

Prowler (wolf): Can choose a target each night, who dies if the Prowler dies.

Spy (wolf) : Every night can guess the role of a player; GM reports yay or nay to guess. Used to be possible to be misled by an Imposter.

Summoner (wolf): Can summon dead characters to come back into the game as spirits once a day. Spirits retain their previous roles and can interact with the world the normal way, but they go back to the land of the dead after one day and do not count against win conditions.

Villager (human): Your average vote-to-lynch villager.

Mad warrior (human): Can use his/her power on anyone while alive. Both the mad warrior and the targeted player die. This happens before lynch.

Decoy (human): If killed by wolves in the night, the wolves will be unable to attack the next day.

Bodyguard (human): Can target a player, if this player is killed during the night the bodyguard will die instead. The person who was being protected will not be revealed.

The LivingAngryCheese (human): after travelling far, the entire story is explained to this person (the last remaining person in FinalWolf). This person can choose to smite anyone who does not vote. Nobody will be smited unless this person chooses them to.

The New Resistance (kill all wolf roles):

The Assassin (human): This person chooses who The New Resistance kills. If this person dies, The New Resistance can not attack.

The second in command (human):

Chooses who the New Resistance kill if the Assassin dies.

The wolves (kill all human roles):

The Unrecognised Alpha (wolf): Chooses who the wolves kill. The other wolf gets to choose if this player dies.

The wolf: Chooses who the wolves kill if The Unrecognised Alpha dies.
1. I must be invited to all convos.
2. No ghosting unless resurrected by
the summoner. This is because of striking... blame him not me!
3. No talking about the game outside the game thread or convos I am in, unless it's random useless crap, in which case post it in the werewolf unrelated thread.
4. Nothing useful can be posted in the werewolf unrelated thread.
5. Nobody exists. By that I mean Nobody, not nobody.
6. You will only be smited if the LivingAngryCheese chooses to kill you for not voting.
7. Do not post in the game thread if you didn't signup in the signup thread.
8. Day ends at 1:00 pm GMT

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Jul 29, 2019
Question: do you even know your side yet? Just asking if you think before killing squids CX
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Jul 29, 2019
Vote Vikestep

You should link to this thread in the singup, I didn't get pinged and I just found this by chance

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