Werewolf - Priest of Lycan - Game Thread.


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Jul 29, 2019
Welcome to the Town of Lycan! Home to the biggest church this side of Notre Dame! We have a variety of goods and services blah blah blah!

Your tour guide carried on about the history of the huge church and the town around it, but his voice just made many of you sleepy. As you got into the church itself, suddenly the doors swung shut, and a Priest yelled "There are some among you who are not pure! The Exorcist has been sent to cleanse you!"

"Well, that's not good." Muse Erato declared. I'm just a Nobody.

The game is ready to start!

Roles & Rules Signup thread

Game ends at Midnight - GMT Click for details?

Players - Bold means dead!

0. Muse Erato - Nobody
1. CoolSquid - Criminous Clerk

2. Pyure
3. playerismc - Soldier
4. dylanpiera - Werewolf Hunter

5. the_j485
6. RJS
7. ljfa
8. Eruantien - Politician
9. Shazam08 - Shapeshifting Wolf
10. Gideonseymour - Exorcist
11. SpwnX - Outcast Wolf

12. Strikingwolf
13. VikeStep - Tinker
14. pc_assassin
15. trajing
16. HeilMewTwo - unknown
17. 016Nojr - Rabid Wolf
18. goreae - Jester
19. SoraZodia - unknown

20. xTordX
21. Jus2beast
22. chbachman - Spy

Do note, nothing said in the role play is true with regards to the game. If I say "Pyure ran forward and ripped somebodies throat out," it DOES NOT mean that Pyure is any particular role. During the Recap, only information in bold text is guaranteed to be accurate.

If anyone didn't get a role, PM me. They should all be out. Any questions, just ask.
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