Werewolf - Paranormal Activity [SIGNUP THREAD]


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Jul 29, 2019
Roles, Win Conditions and Items: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1twJqKYl3SLZA2XzRzrtaMRAYi0d8vTmJO7NDnHvUFK4/edit?usp=sharing

1.Vote every day, or get a smite-job to the face. Nuff said.
2. Frivolous Ghosting is allowed, provided it is accompanied by a ghostly howl. No game-related information to be included in ghosting.
3. End of day will be at 9.30pm GMT.
4. I am to be included in all game related conversations. I ask that you don't use IRC, but if you do, furnish me with a log.

*Ahem* The wolves are back, and this time...they've brought company. Although your powered roles are replenished, there is every chance that a demon worshipper will slip through the net.

1. CoolSquid
2. goreae
3. 016Nojr
4. Shazam08
5. ljfa
6. HeilMewTwo
7. trajing
8. SoraZodia
9. SpwnX
10. Pyure
11. VikeStep
12. Fraction2
13. Strikingwolf
14. Gideonseymour
15. xTordX
16. LivingAngryCheese
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