Werewolf - Murder at Monocon!


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Nov 27, 2012
Good evening, good fellows! It is I, goreae, with a splendid proposal to you all, for we shall be playing the rather entertaining werewolf game! This is, however, just a formality, so you good chaps don't sue my trousers off for endangering your lives without proper consent. So just sign on the dotted line and let us play!

The minimum we need is ten people. No maximum. In this game, there are three teams: Villager, wolf, criminal. Wolves and villagers both win as a team, but criminals win individually.
Team Werewolf: Wins by killing all but the number of wolves. If there are 2 wolves, they need to kill all but 2. If this requirement is not met, then the wolves lose.

Werewolf: Generic wolf #1

Lone wolf: must win alone.

Moon-moon: Must be dead to win.

Team Villager: Must kill all wolves to win.

Chap: Generic villager #1

Investigator: The seer. Every night, the investigator checks a random person to see what team they're on.

Aristocrat: Once per game he can force someone to change their vote to the player of their choice.

Muscle Man: The bodyguard. Can protect one player a night from being killed, but cannot protect the same person twice in a row.

Medium: Once per game can ask a yes or no question to a random dead person. They don't know who. When killed, he can leave a 3-word message to the living.

Adulterer: Can kill one person per game. Once this power is used, the adulterer is converted to a murderer, and joins the criminals.

Team CROST (Chap Robbing Organization Syndicate Thingie): Wins individually. Players win by surviving to the end of the game. Every member loses if the investigator is alive at the end.

Identity theft: Generic criminal #1

The Unicorn: Can check one player per night to see their role. Can also make a player look like they're on a different team to the investigator. Power has a 25% failure rate.

The Wasp: Can kill one person per game, granted that player had voted to lynch the wasp at one point or another.

Murderer: Converted adulterer. Nothing special. Looks like a chap when they're checked by the investigator.
  1. Not_Steve
  2. Exedra
  3. jus2beast
  4. VikeStep
  5. Staxed
  6. sleepyscumbag
  7. Strikingwolf
  8. dgdas9
  9. SoraZodia
  10. Shazam08
  11. chbachman

I'm accepting recruits for three days. Then the games begin!

Original game:

You must vote in this game. night ends at midnight EST unless someone has a problem with that. You must bold your text to make it count for votes and official actions. There is a nobody character you can lynch at any time in the game. Now for the RP bit:

It is only but a week until Monocon, the biggest Chap convention in the world, and all of you are going! Huzzah! As such, you have all made your living arrangements months in advance, like a responsible gentleman should. There's an unusual amount of authorities about, but that's most likely because there was some rather nasty name-calling last year that almost ended up in a gentleman's duel. You could see them wanting to prevent such a fiasco from being repeated, so extra security just in case.

You have all settled into your hotel, the aptly named Mustache Estate, built just for gentlemen. There is a small blue wolf plushie with a rather dapper top hat and monocle sitting in the lobby that is quite pleasing to the eye and not at all foreshadowing any future events. That would be absurd. Why would you even think that, you feeble-minded nincompoop? ...My apologies. I got carried away due to your absurd theories.

However, you fine chapps are not the only ones who booked months in advanced. Why, several members of that dastardly Chap Robbing Organization Syndicate Thingie are also staying here! The prime focus of CROST is to steal from chaps and generally cause unfortunate events to befall them! The fiends!

You are all sleeping quietly in your rooms, resting for the hectic lunacy that is monocon, when suddenly a loud THUMP is heard that wakes all the guests. Just in time to hear the scream. As all responsible chaps should, you investigate the source of the horrendous screech. You find Elizabeth, the kind and courteous bellhop, dead in the lobby. She was very clearly devoured by a large beast of sorts, drenching the room, and the dapper plushie, in blood. Overcome with fear, you all try to exit out the front, just to find a solid platinum sterling wall blocking all doors and windows. While befitting the monocon theme, it's rather odd that the entire hotel is covered with a lyncathrope-blocking alloy.

A police officer on a bullhorn says "We have you surrounded! Send out the wolves immediately! We know that two wolves entered the premises today and have not left. Capture the wolves and you shall all be spared!"

In your fear, you all place your valued monocles in your complementary safes, as you value them over life. The CROST members put their badges inside their safes as well.

So starts day one of Werewolf - Murder at Monocon!

Player list: Wolf Villager CROST
  1. Not_Steve - POISONED
  2. Exedra - Investigator - DEAD - Eaten
  3. jus2beast - Wolf - DEAD - Lynched
  4. VikeStep
  5. Staxed - Medium - DEAD - Lynched
  6. sleepyscumbag - Identity theft - DEAD - Eaten
  7. Strikingwolf
  8. dgdas9
  9. SoraZodia - Adulterer - DEAD - Eaten.
  10. Shazam08
  11. chbachman - Muscle Man - DEAD - Lynched
  12. qazplm601 - Chap - DEAD - Smitten
  13. the_j - Identity theft - DEAD - Smitten
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Sep 21, 2013
Where else?
I vote we kill nobody. death to nobody!


did you REALLY spell my name "qzpalsfa"?????

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Oct 11, 2013
Nobody is a bit suspicious but the true demon here seems to be Not_Steve!


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Jul 29, 2019
I vote to lynch nobody.
monocles are amazing, but it seems that my monocle has been misplaced...


i think that what we need is some blood. I vote chbachman