Werewolf: I Declare, Wolf! [Signup Thread]

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    To see the previous game, run by SkeletonPunk, click here.

    Welcome back to werewolf! Remember me? I'm the guy that ran that one game a few weeks ago. I had a lot of fun making and running it, so I've volunteered again.

    New to werewolf? Looking for this game's rules, roles, and abilities? Click below!

    Werewolf, also known as "Mafia", is a game about persuasion, conspiracy, and survival. It takes place in a series of turns, rotating between a night turn and a day turn.

    During the day, the players discuss, decide who to lynch, and vote accordingly. During the night, actions take place. Someone is lynched, someone is killed, and something special may occur.

    You must vote to lynch someone every night by 5 AM EST. Failure to do so will get you smited. If you have a special power, tell me whether or not you want to use it each night. If yes, then also include a target for your power if applicable.

    Daytime begins as soon as I post the results of the previous night. I'll be optimistic this time, and say... 9 AM EST at the latest? As usual, I might oversleep or something, but 9 AM will be my goal.

    1. Votes must be in by 5 AM, EST each night. Failure to comply will get you smited.
    2. I am the ultimate authority here until Lawbroken shows up. What I say goes, and what I go says.
    3. Do not post screenshots of private convo's in the game thread, or in other private convo's. Talk about the content all you want, but back it up with logic instead of absolute proof like that.
    4. Please invite me to private convo's that pertain to the game. I won't interfere or anything, just like to know what's going on.
    5. Votes should (Note: Should, not must) include a reason, even if it's bad.
    6. Don't post in the thread after you've died. Even if you're super spooOoOOoky.
    7. You may not vote for yourself, EVER. Why would you want to lynch yourself anyway? ._.
    8. You may have noticed that there is no Priest role. As an experiment this game, roles will always be revealed on death unless hidden by a Scavenger.
    9. Roleplay is encouraged throughout the whole game, but is only required on the first day. Those that love the narrative can write it, and those that hate roleplay can write a sentence at the start and be done. Easy enough?
    10. There will be a dead man's convo. Roles will not be revealed to the deceased players until all grave-related roles are dead (Spiritualist, Gravedigger, and the Undeath ability). The deceased are free to talk to the Spritualist and each other.

    Win when all wolves are dead. If one wins, they all win.

    · Villager- Normal guy. Votes to lynch each day.

    · Seer- Can determine a person’s role each night, 100% accurate.

    · Hippy- Tries to determine a person’s role each night, will always get the wrong reading. Is told that he is a normal seer.

    · Bodyguard- Sack of meat with a death wish. Can choose to guard a person each night, but dies if the person is attacked. If he dies guarding someone, a hint will be dropped about the attacker.

    · Guard Captain- Functions as a normal Bodyguard. When he is killed, half of the number of starting players gain Toughness.

    · Politician- Can vote twice each day. Only takes effect after he has publicly revealed himself to be the politician! Also has the tiebreaker vote that will always be in effect, along with Veto (if they have it).

    · Herbalist- Can protect one person from wolves each night, without dying. Can’t pick the same person twice in a row. Each person they protect will be alerted to the fact, and will know the Herbalist’s identity.

    · Martyr- Wards off the evil. Blocks any deaths after his own on the night he dies. (Deaths each night go Lynching -> Wolf Attack -> Other)

    · Watcher- Can observe one person each night, and will be told who targets the person that night.

    · Hunter- Will fire an arrow on death at a player of their choosing.

    · Gravedigger- Can dig up a dead body once per game, magically reviving the player.

    · Amnesiac- No special powers, does not win with any team (as an Amnesiac). Can take on the role of any dead player, and then adopt that role’s powers and win condition.

    · Village Idiot- Cannot vote, and has no special powers. Dies if not lynched on the first day. Reserved for a special someone.

    Win when they outnumber the other teams. If one wins, they all win.

    · Werewolf- Normal wolf. Votes to kill each night.

    · Rabid Wolf- Like a werewolf, but can choose to infect a player instead of killing them. Only works if the player is a normal villager/cultist.

    · Pack Leader- Immune to Hunter arrows. Also functions as a tiebreaker vote in the wolf convo.

    · Scavenger- Can devour the bodies of the dead, preventing their role from being revealed. Can devour a body 3 times per game.

    Win individually. Must be alive at the end to win (except for Fanatic).

    · Cultist- Normal cultist. Votes to lynch each day. Wins individually.

    · Mystic- Can block one person’s power each night. Wins individually.

    · Fanatic- Crazy for the cult. Knows who his fellow cult members are, and will happily die in their place (Not including lynchings). Wins individually, or through the cultist he died for.

    · Voodooist- Don’t mess with the voodoo. Can mark a player for death, causing them to die in two nights. If the voodooist is killed either one of those nights, the marked player will live. Wins individually. Cannot mark a player while another is marked.

    · Spiritualist- SpooOoOoky. Joins the dead man’s convo at the start of the game (This isn’t as OP as it sounds, read the rules above!). Wins individually.


    · Toughness- Protects player from lynching, wolves, or cultists once. Stacks.

    · Veto- Politician can override all votes and lynch a person of his choice. Does not require Politician to reveal his identity. Once per game.

    · Primordial- Can roar ferociously once per game. If villager or cultist, wolf attack blocked for the night. If wolf, a (random) second player dies in the night attack.

    · Reverse Pack Mentality- Must vote for the person with the lowest lynch votes at the time of your vote. If there is a tie, you may choose between the tied players. Does not apply on the first day!

    · Undeath
    - After you die, you are resurrected the following night. You will be invited to the dead man's convo during your death, but will be smited if you don't leave in time.

    · Religious- You’re going to a better place. Can say 5 words after death (No names), to be read aloud by the GM at some point during the day.

    · Bear Traps- Can “trap” one player per game. The next person to vote to lynch the “trapped” player will be killed in the night. Cannot trap self.

    · Twin- One of a pair. Knows the identity and role of the other. If one dies, they both die. If one wins, the other wins as well (only applies if the twins are on different teams).

    · Hated- Requires one less vote to be lynched. To clarify, it's like they start each day with a vote already placed on them.

    Remember, not all roles/abilities will be used. RNG will decide what makes it into the game.

    "Wow, that looks a lot like your previous game!"
    Yes, they're similar. Stuff has changed though! Here's a small changelog if you're interested.

    • Added
      • Roles
        • Martyr, to replace the "passive" role of priest.
        • Watcher, because Town of Salem is fun.
        • Amnesiac, for the same reason.
        • Scavenger, to balance the "roles always revealed" thing.
        • Spiritualist, as another experiment.
      • Abilities
        • Twin, to replace the Sibling role.
        • Hated, because that sounded fun.
    • Changed
      • Rules
        • Dead players' roles are always revealed on death, unless hidden by a Scavenger.
        • Roleplay rule changed to please everyone.
        • Dead man's convo will not be immediately alerted to everyone's role.
      • Roles
        • Bodyguard buffed, now drops a hint about their attacker if guarding someone.
        • Guard Captain nerfed, now only applies Toughness to half the starting amount of players.
        • Politician can now use Veto anonymously.
        • Herbalist restriction changed from "Not twice per game" to "Not twice in a row".
        • Sibling changed to an ability (Thanks, @Sleepyscumbag!)
        • Priest and Altar Boy removed.

    The first day will end 5 AM Tuesday morning, AKA July 15. The game thread will go up at least a day in advance. We'll hopefully have more than ten players by then.

    1. Strikingwolf
    2. Mevansuto
    3. the_j485
    4. Sorazodia
    5. 016Nojr
    6. Exedra
    7. trajing
    8. SkeletonPunk
    9. Qazplm601
    10. goreae
    11. Jus2beast
    12. CarbonBasedGhost
    13. Vikestep
    14. Dark of the Moon (Fresh Meat)
    15. Albin_Xavier
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    Alright, I made one or two changes since this thread went up.
    • Votes are encouraged to include a reason, even if it's bad.
    • I forgot to put in Undeath again >.>
    • Guard Captain changed from "half of living players" to "half of the starting amount of players".
    • Clarified a few descriptions
    That will be the final draft, unless there's a glaring mistake or imbalance.
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    Could I just watch the game and be let into the dead mans convo? I am very busy this week, but I would like to watch... :)
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    hmmm I have an idea lets bug the site people for a new feature. Blacklisting people for threads that would allow a dead man's thread that only people alive couldn't view. it would also help the admins keep some people away from certain threads
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    I'm sure that can be arranged. Sorry you can't make it, man.
    Interesting concept, but what if someone makes an alt account to view the thread? Or I don't know... Logs out? :p
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    (im in)
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