Werewolf: I Declare, Wolf! [Game Thread]


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Jul 29, 2019
Here is the official signup thread for this game. You can find the full explanation of all rules, roles, and abilities there. If you did not sign up there, then DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD. Thanks.

TL;DR of the rules:

  1. Lynch votes must be posted by 5:00 AM, EST (the following morning). Failure to comply will get you smitten. All votes must be in bold.
  2. I have the final say here. All-cosmic power, if you will. Itty bitty living space.
  3. Don't post screenshots of private convo's here, or in other convo's.
  4. You may NEVER vote for yourself. Ever.
  5. Don't post in the thread once you've died. You can still impact the game from the dead man's convo.
  6. I'd prefer if all votes had a reason attached (even a bad one), but I won't enforce this.
  7. Roleplay is encouraged, but only required on the first day.
Other useful info:
  1. You may lock your vote to speed the night ("I lock my vote for X!"). Once locked, your vote can't be changed.
  2. All abilities, except for Twin, are unique.
  3. Not all roles/abilities are in the game.
  4. Roles of the recently deceased will always be revealed, unless hidden by a scavenger.
  5. You may vote to lynch nobody, but only on the first night.
Let the games begin!

The island of Lycan was mysterious. Covered in deep forests and high crags, just one town could be found on the whole island. Only existing as a rest stop on a busy trade route, its sole purpose was to provide food and shelter for weary travelers. One masterfully constructed bridge (hereby known as the "Titanic") connected the island to the mainland.

On a particularly slow day, in which only fifteen people stopped in to rest, a freak storm popped up and (surprise!) sent the Titanic crashing down into the water. Wow, the people were trapped somewhere! Who would've guessed? Luckily, a native sailor was willing to ferry them back to safety. He "was". Once he got a good look at all of them, though, he sailed away as fast as he could, yelling something about "terrors of the night". Whatever could it mean?

Also, I've heard that small cults love isolated islands this time of year...

  1. Strikingwolf, Hunter, attacked by wolves N7, smitten N9 for not voting - WINNER
  2. Mevansuto, Watcher, smitten N2, resurrected N3, attacked by wolves N5 and N6 - WINNER
  3. the_j485, Guard Captain, killed by wolves N4 - WINNER
  4. Sorazodia, Scavenger, lynched N5, lynched N6
  5. 016Nojr, Gravedigger - WINNER
  6. Exedra, Spiritualist, lynched N8 but survived - WINNER
  7. trajing, Fanatic, killed by wolves N1 - WINNER
  8. SkeletonPunk, Werewolf, lynched N3
  9. Qazplm601, Politician, smitten N6 but survived - WINNER
  10. goreae, Mystic, attacked by wolves N3, killed by wolves N8
  11. Jus2beast, Pack Leader lynched N7 and N8
  12. CarbonBasedGhost, Hippy - WINNER
  13. Vikestep, Martyr, lynched N4, resurrected N5 - WINNER
  14. Dark of the Moon, Amnesiac, lynched N2
  15. Albin_Xavier, Villager, smitten for not voting N2 - WINNER
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Jul 29, 2019
Well, here we are once more. Crazy wolfs, debated lay crazier cultists, and the citizens. This is gonna be interesting.


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Jul 29, 2019
As a reminder, roleplay is required on the first day. Even if it's just "Damn wolves!" or something.


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Nov 27, 2012
I...I din't see that... Let me try this again.


This isle is positively dreary. Whomever thought that the bridge so aptly named titanic would up and explode? And that rude sailor leaving us for dead? Why I never. I wholly wish that these so-called "Terrors of the Night" would take it upon themselves to make a swift retreat to the Land under the Earth and leave us all be. In layman's terms, 'Damn those Wolves'. Wait, who ever said anything about wolves? Must've been that being with All-Cosmic Power that controls our fate.


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Jul 29, 2019
There was an epic struggle for the mighty VikeStep von Wonderbeard as he chose who to vote for the first night. It was going to be incredibly difficult as the only pirate in this hearty crew (and the only one with dashingly good looks). But he succumbed to make the non-exsistent body that the teammates decided to manifest up be the first choice of many along the course of this epidemic laid before him. Yarrrrrrrrr

I lock my vote for Nobody

Is that good enough RP for you? :p
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Mar 11, 2014
Well, I learned my lesson- never trust a bridge named after the titanic. Anyone got an axe to spare? Perhaps we can work together and make a boat or raft, we do have a lot of trees around here...and I can't swim.
I guess I should introduce myself. Hi! I'm Loman, traveling cookie maker at your service, I can make chocolate cookies, peanut cookies, veggie cookies and even meat cookies for the meat-lovers out there (I suggest you not to eat the meat cookies, going to use them as werewolves bait... I think the paralyzing drug works on werewolves). Nice to meet you all, Exedra, Goreae, Dark, and Wonderbread!

For some reason, my senses are pointing at Nobody... Vote Nobody and lock


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Dec 19, 2012
Look behind you
Well, that bridge, was rather amply named. I thought as I threw an ice cube out of my drink, down at it. Oh, the irony.
But now, we seemed to have another problem as well. There were not only werewolves on this again amply-named island, but also a group of cultists. Why was it that I always seem to get into these situations? It's as if someone from above was controlling my life, someone... roleplaying me...
Fourth wall breaking aside, I best get busy, I thought to myself. The town didn't have many supplies, so I reckoned I should go and find an axe, get some wood, and try and make some snares. An axe would also be useful for braining cultists and werewolves lest they come for me at night.

For now, though, I vote nobody. They've been very suspicious since they got on the island...


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Jul 29, 2019
Sorry, I went to bed too early/got up too late.
If my excuse is accepted:
trajing got up from bed, a bit later than everyone else. He hoped he wasn't late for the lynching. If he was, he would be lynched instead! He thought a little, and decided on that Nobody character. He was always so quiet, and he never talked to anyone. There wouldn't be anyone who would know if he is a wolf.
I vote for Nobody.


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Jul 29, 2019
I think to myself, why did we have to name the bridge Titanic! After determining that there truly is no way to leave, since that sailor abandoned us. I decided to vote early for who to lynch, and I decided that Nobody is the most suspicious among us.
Vote for Nobody