Werewolf: Beware, wolf! [Game Thread]


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Jul 29, 2019
Here is the corresponding signup thread for this game. The full description of rules, roles, and abilities are in that thread. If you didn't sign up there, then DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD. Thank you.

Now, for a quick recap of the rules:

  1. Post your lynch vote every day before 5 AM, EST (the following morning). Anybody that doesn't vote in that time frame will be smited. Votes must be in bold.
  2. Don't post screenshots of private convo's here, or in other convo's.
  3. I am the absolute authority here. I have the final say in things, my word is law, blah blah etc.
  4. You may NOT vote for yourself, unless there's some weird ability thing forcing you to.
  5. Once you die, please don't post in the thread again until the game is finished.
Other useful information:
  1. You may lock your vote to speed up the night ("I lock my vote for X!"). If you lock, you can't change your vote again for that day.
  2. All abilities in the game are unique. You won't have two people with Undeath, for example.
  3. Roles are not unique.
  4. All the super important roles, like Priest, are in the game at least once.
  5. Not all roles/abilities are in the game.
  6. You may vote to lynch nobody, but on the first night only.
Let the games begin!

A large crowd is gathered in the town of Lupus. The annual banquet BBQ, hosted by a local politician, is in full swing and everyone's having a great time. Laughter and liquor are abundant, and both run through the streets like water. The great feast lasts for a whole day! Eventually everyone wants to go home, though, and each person returns to their far-off village.

Except... not all of them left. Twenty people (and the local idiot) stuck around to finish off the leftovers, and had a great time doing it. Free beer! Free meat! It was like a second party had started up just after the first had ended. Even the strongest can't stay awake forever, unfortunately. One by one they dozed off in the politician's mansion. Each had a full stomach and warm dreams.

They woke up to blood on the carpet. The doors to the mansion had been forced shut in the nighttime, and great clumps of hair were left hanging on the fence outside. The twenty (plus one) people were now trapped in the mansion with no one to count on but themselves. Who could they trust? Who was a wolf?

There are also rumors that a local cult was attending the festival. I'm sure it's nothing...

  1. Vikestep, Seer, killed by wolves and Voodooist night 6 - WINNER
  2. trajing, Werewolf, smited night 7 for not voting, lynched night 12
  3. Sleepyscumbag, lynched night 4, lynched night 8, Pack Leader
  4. goreae, Gravedigger, killed by wolves night 2 - WINNER
  5. dwappo, Priest - WINNER
  6. SoraZodia, Mystic, lynched night 5, lynched night 6
  7. Strikingwolf, Gravedigger, killed by wolves night 3 - WINNER
  8. Staxed, Herbalist, smited and killed by wolves night 4 - WINNER
  9. the_j485, Rabid Wolf, killed by a wolf's Primordial ability night 3
  10. chbachman, Werewolf, lynched and smited for not voting night 11
  11. DiamondArrow, Voodooist, lynched and attacked by wolves night 7
  12. Mevansuto, Altar Boy, attacked by wolves night 8, attacked again night 9 - WINNER
  13. Albin_Xavier, Hunter, attacked by wolves night 10, attacked again night 11 - WINNER
  14. 016Nojr, Hippy, lynched night 3 - WINNER
  15. Jus2beast, Fanatic, attacked by wolves night 5, smitten night 6 for not voting
  16. Not_Steve, Guard Captain, killed by Voodooist night 3 - WINNER
  17. SkeletonPunk, Cultist - WINNER
  18. conMan, Werewolf, lynched night 2
  19. Qazplm601, Villager, lynched night 9, lynched night 10 - WINNER
  20. Jess887cp, Politician, smitten night 3 for not voting - WINNER
  21. _Nobody_, Village Idiot, lynched night 1
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Jul 29, 2019
I think Nobody should be voted until we figure out what happened last night. Time for clue hunting.


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Mar 11, 2014
So... Does anyone remembered what they were doing yesterday? I don't remember s thing
We decided to eat the party's leftover last night... Or was it the night before? :\ Anyways, I think we sneaked back in through the windows and balcony (Not sure how we did it) and ate all the foods and drinks there was before passing out.
It seems as we're locked in here for a good while, I think it would be good to introduce ourselves?
My name is Mistyk, I'm the guy who tried to sneak in form the roof and nearly broke his neck when the cable snapped (I should have known to not buy cable that's on a 90% discount). I like to read books, mainly the bible. Favorite pastimes are star/moon gazing, observing eclipses, and completing my map of new constellations. One of my hobbit is meditation.

My intuitions is pointing toward _Nobody_, so Vote _Nobody_.


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Nov 27, 2012
Her head hurt. That's the first thing she remembered. Pain in the cranium. Wonderful. The last thing she remembered was her drink tasting funny. Aurora sat up and took a look around. It was dark. That much was rather obvious. And she was trapped in a cage. This day just keeps on getting better and better. She looked at herself to see if she was harmed at all, and noticed patches of werewolf fur all over herself. Right. She tried to transform when she gt poisoned. Guess that didn't work out too well.

As she waited, she heard the distinct sounds of a party. An outrageously wild one. Damn it. Aurora loved parties. The bloodier the better. The noise eventually died down, and a few hours later, there was silence. Still no one came into the room. Then she heard a howl. That'd be the cavalry. She returned the howl with one of her own, and after a short while, she heard loud footsteps coming to the room. The door burst open and there was a wolf there. Male, grunt class. Nothing special. "Grunt. Report." She commanded, but the wolf was silent. He was still catching her scent. "Grunt. REPORT." She demanded again. The wolf was done sniffing. Now he was growling. Shit. It didn't recognize her. Last resort. She tried to change into a wolf... but failed. She couldn't change. Aurora is stuck as a mere human, and now she's going to be killed by her own grunt. Seems that apothecarist gave her a really nasty lyncathrope cure. Welp. Shit. The wolf started to sprint towards her, and when it got to the cage, it tore clean through the bars in a single stroke. then a figure appeared in the doorway. It screamed and ran, but judging by the agonized shriek shortly afterwards, she knew the man's fate. She didn't stick around to see, though. As soon as the wolf left, she bolted into the foyer and woke everyone up. After the initial shock of her appearance, she told them all of their situation. It's going to be a long week.[DOUBLEPOST=1401945282][/DOUBLEPOST]Oh, and vote nobody


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Jul 29, 2019
I lock my vote for nobody because they are bad juju and I don't like them at all...after that altercation in the bathroom the week before...psh.


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Jul 29, 2019
What were we thinking? Staying up so late! We should have just gone home! Now we're stuck here, forced to defend ourselves.

I vote and lock Nobody.


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Jul 29, 2019
Hmm, this nobody person... He gets some flack, it seems but nit without good reason. With him taking my emeralds yesterday, I vote and lock Nobody.