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Whitelist Server Welcome to my infinity server! Join in on the fun! V.1.3.4

Discussion in 'Infinity' started by t_rsten, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. t_rsten

    t_rsten New Member

    I am in my second month of running the server and looking to expand the already thigh group of player!
    Are you the new player we are looking for?

    No banned items
    I have server admin plugin, thats it. no need for more!
    Active owner that plays almost everyday

    There is no ts so we'll get by with skype.

    Do not exploit or cheat in anyway
    Respect your peers
    No Griefing
    Only Consentual PVP (No Means No)
    No Stealing
    Do not quarry in the owerworld and you shuld use the ender quarry
    And the most important rule of them all!
    Use common sense. Use common sense. Use common sense.

    We juse the deep dark for mining, a linking book is provided in spawn

    Spawn house with a hub if you want a linking book to your place

    How often will you play:
    Minecraft Experience:
    A little about you:
    Why Do You Want To Join Us:
    What is the most important rule?

    For Those Who Wish to Avoid the application process, please contact me on Skype.
    Skype: fredrik.lisa (t_rsten) or write to me and i will add you!

    And i live in Sweden so the time differences is known
    Last edited: May 21, 2015
  2. Shadow Listic

    Shadow Listic New Member

    Age: 18
    IGN Shadowhonoo
    Skype: ShadoWolf488
    Country: USA
    How often will you play: a lot
    Minecraft Experience: been playing sense beta, started modded when friend showed me a old tekkit server
    A little about you: i play a lot of league of legends and minecraft...that's about it
    Why Do You Want To Join Us: the server i was playing on went down 5 days ago and still no word from owner so need a new server to play on

    2 things if you don't mind thinking about adding iguana tweaks mod lol love that mod so that why i ask :) and any chance in making a void world as well? i can do it for you if you rather not made it for my last server just want to build in it sense i have a crappy laptop, no rush i don't tend to start in it
  3. t_rsten

    t_rsten New Member

    you are whitlisted. and iguana tweaks maby and the void world is okay if you want one
  4. PapaDew

    PapaDew New Member

    IGN: PapaDew
    How often will you play:just about everyday after 4 pm m.t.
    Minecraft Experience:minecraft 1.74 beta stoped at 1.6.4 and just started again
    A little about you:just a minecrafter who want a few fun people to play with, made a personal server but dont know any1 who will join.
    Why Do You Want To Join Us: playing together is always funner that playing alone. I want to be part of something big!
  5. PapaDew

    PapaDew New Member

    skype is PapaDew
  6. the_evil_Rooster

    the_evil_Rooster New Member

    Age: 15
    IGN: the_evil_Rooster
    Skype: The_IT_Factor97
    How often will you play: 4 times a week, possibly more. Around 2 - 3 hours each session
    Minecraft Experience: Been playing since 1.2.5, have average knowledge on most mods
    A little about you: I have been playing computer games for 5 years now, I've been part of several gaming teams and groups. I haven't really played infinity in a while so i'm hoping I can get back into through playing with cool people
    Why Do You Want To Join Us: I enjoy working with people and I'm really hoping that this we get me back into minecraft
  7. spidermonkey14

    spidermonkey14 New Member

    Age: 16
    IGN: skopec14
    Skype: shane.kopec1
    Country: USA
    How often will you play: 1-2 hours a day
    Minecraft Experience: playing since 1.2 beta
    A little about you: love to do fun builds with mods
    Why Do You Want To Join Us: want play in a fun group of people
  8. ThatGuyGabe

    ThatGuyGabe New Member

    Age: 18
    IGN: ThisKidGabe
    Skype: thiskidgabemc
    Country: USA
    How often will you play: all the damn time!
    Minecraft Experience: I've been playing minecraft for a few years now, played many modpacks, and ran a server for a couple years.
    A little about you: I play tons of steam games but mostly a lot of minecraft. I'm part of another minecraft vanilla community and skype group.
    Why Do You Want To Join Us: My vanilla server isnt too interested in opening a modded server so im looking for a whitelisted active server with some people to hang out and exchange ideas.
  9. Bumbulum

    Bumbulum New Member

    IGN: Bumbulum
    Skype: thebumbulum
    Country: USA
    How often will you play: depends on how busy I am with school but I usually try to play a couple hours every day
    Minecraft Experience: I really got into Minecraft during the classic tekkit days and have mostly just played modded.
    A little about you: I like to have fun and play with other people. I mostly play minecraft but some of my other favorite games are Skyrim, Binding of Isaac (original and rebirth) and of course minecraft.
    Why Do You Want To Join Us: I've never been able to stay in a single player world long but I found that playing with a good community of people on a server makes the game much more enjoyable.
  10. t_rsten

    t_rsten New Member

    you all have been whitlisted :) Welcome
  11. t_rsten

    t_rsten New Member

    The server ip is
  12. memangamma

    memangamma New Member

    Age: 15
    IGN memangamma
    Skype: Liam Neeson
    Country: USA
    How often will you play: I can play frequently in the afternoon.
    Minecraft Experience: Been around since Beta
    A little about you: Just an average guy playing modded minecraft. Enjoy PC gaming and playing with other people.
    Why Do You Want To Join Us: Single player gets lonely and it's always better to play with others.
  13. thefoilist

    thefoilist New Member

    Age: 17
    IGN: themightyfoilist
    Skype: thefoilist
    Country: Great Britain
    How often will you play: when i have time (workload permitting, in other words)
    Minecraft Experience: tinkering with technological mods a lot. an experienced artificer with knowledge of complex systems
    A little about you: international fencer, looking to study engineering at uni.
    Why Do You Want To Join Us: i am an experienced system engineer in minecraft (if such a title exists!) and would enjoy helping others with my knowledge.
  14. konfoninja

    konfoninja New Member

    How often will you play:quiet a bit
    Minecraft Experience:i have beenplaying minecraft 1.2 FTB:1.3
    A little about you: i enjoy magic based mods and i dont mind shareing resorces
    Why Do You Want To Join Us: i got bored of playing myslef and want to meet new people
  15. Joshua Maly

    Joshua Maly New Member

    IGN: JoshuaMaly
    Skype: JoshuaEdwardMaly

    How Often Will You Play: As Often as ThisKidGabe (maybe a little less because he's on 24/7)

    Minecraft Experience: I've played Minecraft since December 2011. I have run Minecraft servers since October 2012. I have built a modest gaming community which built itself around Minecraft and presently includes over a dozen adults (ages 17-31).

    About Me: I love gaming and hanging out with my gaming community (especially on skype). I work full time at a coffee shop normally getting off of work near midnight Eastern USA time. (GMT-5)

    Why Do You Want to Join Us: ThisKidGabe is one of my friends from my community. Him and I have run servers together for a few years now. He joined you guys and screenshared his place with me. I miss playing on servers I don't own.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2015
  16. Jeramiah

    Jeramiah New Member

    Skype=Private for now
    How long have I been playing minecraft Ftb?=Um... Since ftb unleashed Idk a while?
    How much time will i be on the server=As long as its up ill be on!
    About me=I am a very boring 17 year old who plays video games and works not much?
    Why do i want to join= I hate single player and looking for some multiplayer servers :)
  17. behedwin

    behedwin New Member

    We are two that applies to your server.
    We are looking for a stable server that dont ban items/mods.
    We want a small community that play smart and dont destroy the server.

    IGN: Behedwin and Kung_Kokos
    Age: 31, 34
    Location: Sweden
    Modded Minecraft or FTB exp: Lots, since MC beta and FTB early days...
    Motivation to join: Have been away for some time taking a break after playing Monster. Now we look to get back and try new things.
    We have both been playing together allot, both modded and vanilia... and other games.
  18. LexanderH

    LexanderH New Member

    Age: 40 (Don't feel nearly that old)
    IGN: LexanderH
    Skype: None So Far (Okay, so maybe I feel a bit older now)
    Country: USA
    How often will you play: Fairly casual. Wife, kids, family, the normal life commitments. I prefer to play 10+ hours a week but it depends on life.
    Minecraft Experience: Started back in beta. Played Tekkit, DW20, Agrarian Skies. Ran a couple of servers with friends who grew tired of it.
    A little about you: Been gaming for a long time. Statistician/Data Scientist in RL. Probably one of the older players of MC.
    Why Do You Want To Join Us: Don't want to run a server where I play alone. Don't want a lot of grief. Just like to build things, try tools. I like to build interesting things and I like the preference of avoiding the ugly quarries in the main world. (In the past used a Mystcraft world for that).
  19. t_rsten

    t_rsten New Member

    You are whitlisted Welcome to the growing comunity
  20. t_rsten

    t_rsten New Member

    We are still looking for new players :D

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