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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Spikednate12, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. Spikednate12

    Spikednate12 Active Member

    Us on the Mobocracy server have a few different groups of places that casually compete in terms of progress. Nothing serious but none the less I like being up with everyone else. We used to have four dedicated players that helped maintain and run a place called StormRock. It was the name I dubbed our group and company for the server. However due to real life issues likes girlfriends and other things, our number has dropped down to two players. I'm in dire need of an electrician for StormRock.

    Someone who:

    1. Plays 4-7 days a week
    2. Can play for over an hour at a time
    3. Will be dedicated to StormRock
    4. Knows a lot about wiring and electrical aspects of modded minecraft
    5. Mature 18+
    6. Can handle good fun and jokes
    7. Wants to play in a relaxed environment with no griefing.
    8. Has a mic and will actively be in Team Speak
    9. Wants to have a good time

    The thing about it is, I was never the electrician. Do I know a decent amount about it? Why certainly. However, I do not know enough to continue to benefit the well being of StormRock and further our progression towards world domination.

    I have always been the mayor and generally I keep everyone together. This group here had been playing for over six years together. I am the founder of StormRock and look forward to welcoming more members in if they want to play with ideas that our server follows.

    If you are interested please click on my signature and follow the link to our webpage and see if the pack suits your fancy. If you are still interested please apply on the website. Or you can message me on here or reply to this thread. I will be conducting interviews in a Team Speak channel if people apply.
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  2. Bellaabzug21

    Bellaabzug21 New Member

    I'm going to give you some honest advice. Don't solicit people for your group on a forum. It usually just ends badly. The whole point of making a group is to play with awesome friends that you enjoy playing with. It doesn't matter how many people you have, just what you do with them. That being said, your server looks like a fun place that I would love to join but unfortunately cannot due to not meeting all the requirements.
  3. Spikednate12

    Spikednate12 Active Member

    I appreciate the advice but as other attempts have failed I'm here. It also may just not be people do, but this a chat about anything section.

    I appreciate the advice and the complement sir. Happy Holidays and if you wish to join the Mobocracy but don't meet all the requirements may I ask which one?
  4. Bellaabzug21

    Bellaabzug21 New Member

    Age limit, and possibly the maturity as well :p. It doesn't do much good to pretend otherwise.
  5. Spikednate12

    Spikednate12 Active Member

    I see, the age limit is the one thing out of all them I'd say that we stick too like glue. Only because we've had so many poor experiences otherwise. This is not to say it'd be the case again but too many issues with stealing, crashing, and complaining. However if you were close to that limit and still wanted a shot I'm not saying that it's impossible. The applications on the server are open to our small community and we all look at them and tell each other what we think before making a decision.

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