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Ways to improve FPS?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Golrith, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever

    I'm getting really bad FPS and lag spikes recently, but never really had such a problem as this under 1.2.5 and tekkit.
    I'm using a 64x texture pack, and optifine, and get 2-10 FPS. If I press escape to the menu, it shoots up to 30+ and the chunk loading is a lot faster.
    If I revert to default texture pack, my FPS is 60-100, but still with random spikes down to 10 FPS.

    My ForgeModLoader-cient log is filling up with the same 3 lines
    2012-12-20 22:59:29 [INFO] [STDOUT] ########## GL ERROR ##########
    2012-12-20 22:59:29 [INFO] [STDOUT] @ Pre render
    2012-12-20 22:59:29 [INFO] [STDOUT] 1281: Invalid value

    I've a 1.4meg log file from my last 15 minute testing with stuff playthrough. This is just on an undeveloped world.

    Now, I hope to god that my graphics card is not on it's way out. I have a feeling it's more to do with the Minecraft update from 1.2.5 has made things worse on my system. (I've gone from 1.2.5 to 1.4.x)

    Allocated memory is 768meg, if I go higher or lower, FTB minecraft always crashes with out of memory error. My memory usage is always at an alarming 50-70% with nothing going on in the world.

    Just wondering if anyone has any tips on trying to get a more stable FPS without forking out for a better computer (it's a dual-core, 2gig memory, 512mb gfx and can run games like Skyrim/WoW/EVE online on ultra settings no problems) or downgrading my texture pack. I've always had low FPS in minecraft, but nothing as bad as this.

    What's odd is that it's only got this bad very recently. A few weeks ago I visited 10 mystcraft ages one after the other, exploring them all with no issues). Nothing has changed on my system since then. Other gaming is fine.
  2. Fuubar

    Fuubar Member

    The log spam is not normal behavior. This is somewhat a shot in the dark, but what little I can find on the error seems to point to either incomplete texturepacks or corrupt texturepacks in combination with outdated videocard drivers.

    It may be worth trying trying the default textures. If that fixes the problem then you'll likely just need to re-download your preferred texture pack.
  3. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever

    hmm. that would be difficult, as it's based on Misa for the foundation, with other packs for the mods, and my own textures to make the packs compatible.

    Now, here's something interesting, I updated my normal copy of minecraft (a friend is setting up a server and getting interested in Minecraft, will get him onto FTB...) Fresh update, using Misa 4.2 textures (out of date) and MC not patched with either MCPatcher or Optifine, and apart from the flaming grass and update TP problem you get, my FPS was 90+ constantly. Never seen the gameplay so smooth! :D
    Memory usage is at a 15-20%, and allocated memory is less.

    OK, this gives me something to work towards now. Either something to do with all the mods is giving me grief, or it's my texture pack, or a combination of both.

    Reinstalled FTB and launched it fresh out of the box. 15-30 FPS. I'm losing a ton of FPS just due to the mods being loaded. Interesting...

    Err, hang on, Fuubar? Does Piratelord and/or Maelori mean anything to you?
  4. tedyhere

    tedyhere Well-Known Member

    Which version of optifine are you using if at all? Try starting a world with XLBiomes disabled. I sometimes find XLBiomes will FPS spike me bad. Mainly the Redwood biome
  5. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever

    I have disabled the biomes that generate the tall trees, due to the lag spikes.

    Optifine version OptiFine_1.4.2_HD_U_B5

    I've eliminated the minecraft version as a possible cause. I copied the minecraft.jar from FTBBeta into my vanilla minecraft installation. Same FPS. Shocking how fast it actually loaded the game with the older version unpatched 64x texture pack. Minecraft seems able to almost support HD textures natively now.
    So it's either one of the mods, the FTB launcher, and/or something in the texture pack. I think the easiest thing to start with is to test my texture pack in vanilla, see what happens.
  6. Froghandler

    Froghandler Member

    Lemme guess: you use Industrial Centrifuges. They create graphics lag like nothing else. Try disabling animations in Gregtech config.
  7. Fuubar

    Fuubar Member

    Sorry, that doesn't ring a bell. It reminds me vaguely of the original everquest, but I suspect your not referring to anything 13 years ago.

    Well, I'm stumped on your issue, sorry I couldn't help.
  8. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever

    Good guess, but wrong. I have GregTech disabled, and this is a brand new world, so nothing apart from worldgen stuff.

    No prob Fuubar, I knew someone from some years ago with a user name similar to Fuubar, and they were also from the US :D
  9. vasouv

    vasouv Well-Known Member

    Another guess by me, try a different Optifine version. I also had some terrible lag spikes even with the default texture pack and I'm playing Magic World which doesn't have IC2 at all, therefore no Industrial Centrifuges. Now, I know I'm based next to a Redwood Forest but that didn't cause that much lag anyway.

    So, when the next (at that time) version of Optifine released I updated and frankly all lag spikes are gone. I still get a bit of constant lag but it's completely playable, even with 64x texture packs.

    Anyway, the version I'm running is 1.4.5 HD D5, you might as well give it a try.
  10. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever

    I did have verson A for 1.4.2, and that was really bad, but found the version I am using.

    Since 1.4.2 will soon be "obsolete" now that RP is now released, a new updated FTB will soon be out.

    Key thing I want to investigate is the big drop in FPS (over 50%) with all the mods loaded, vs a default install. It might be better under 1.4.6. Many mods have had many fixes and updates. I'll pass on what I find, it might be useful.
  11. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever

    Some interesting results so far.

    It's not the launcher, nor the core or Jar mods. Plus, it's not the texture pack causing me problems. Amazingly, Minecraft can now render a 64x texture pack (without any of the addon thrills) with no problems. One of the Core or Jar mods also patched my textures automatically for me too.

    Without any mods, textures showed, but some (like the water, grass) were incorrect. Added the Core and Jar mods, water and grass now renders correctly. I guess that's thanks to Forge or Chickenbones mod?

    So far, memory usage sits at 13-20%, and allocated memory at 33%. Before these tests, memory usage was at 70%, and allocated memory at 100%.

    It must be mod or mod texture pack related, which is a slow process of testing and elimination.
  12. SilvasRuin

    SilvasRuin Active Member

    And you did say you ruled out Extra Biomes? Interesting. Wait, is this with the Sphax texture pack? I forget which mod it is, but one of the mods "supported" by the unofficial Sphax compilation is faulty and causes problems. Last I heard, anyways. I haven't checked in a while.
  13. eculc

    eculc Well-Known Member

    yeah, IIRC forge now has built-in HD texture compatability (hooray for no MCpatcher/optifine required)
  14. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever

    The texture pack is a combo of Misa, Sphax, others and my own work. So it could be one of many things

    Will still need McPatcher/Optifine for CTM/Random Mobs, etc, etc I'm just about to chuck that in and see what happens.
  15. BoneDisturbed

    BoneDisturbed Active Member

    The Ult version of Optifine isn't quite the best one to use, it adds alot of graphical glitches, try using Basic version instead, it should be alot more stable, or try disabling optifine altogether.
  16. SilvasRuin

    SilvasRuin Active Member

    Try removing Sphax and see if you can rule that out?
  17. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever

    Seems the problem mod could be MFFS. I know it's inefficient with it's texture sheets, but as soon as I added that, my allocated memory usage maxed out. Went back to my original problem world, disabled it, and my allocated memory usage went down, and my fps went up by 10.
  18. sondrex76

    sondrex76 Active Member

    hmm maby mffs is the mod that decreases my fps from 100 to 20 in my base then...interesting
  19. Qazplm601

    Qazplm601 Lord of the Tumbleweeds

    errr... sondrex, the last post was in 2012....
  20. Senseidragon

    Senseidragon Well-Known Member

    Who said necromancy was a dead-end job?
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