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  1. Captainnana

    Captainnana New Member

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  2. RandomMoped

    RandomMoped Popular Member

    hot dame, these wallpapers are nice
  3. ezekielelin

    ezekielelin New Member

    Any chance we could get them without the FTB watermark? Kind of ruins it for me.

    I have a mac which means they conflict a lot with my menubar. If you have a watermark put it in the corner as a FTB logo. Preferably lower right.
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  4. Megateckguy

    Megateckguy New Member

    The 1336x768 links don't work
  5. iRandomness

    iRandomness New Member

    This. Maybe make them a little more inconspicuous. Like a shorter bar or something, it is kinda stopping me from using one of them. :/
  6. balink

    balink New Member

    Aboveground 1920X1080 still doesn't work...
  7. DZCreeper

    DZCreeper New Member

    Come on, they look great, but that water mark is pointless.[DOUBLEPOST=1373672314][/DOUBLEPOST]

    I was hoping for no watermark.
  8. Darth Sith

    Darth Sith New Member

    Awesome Pictures will use as my background.
  9. Big Bad

    Big Bad Guest

    Repo is going up and down, which may result in spotty file availability. Just a head's up.
  10. VikeStep

    VikeStep New Member

    These wallpapers are epic, great work Big Bad Chris
  11. notawallplan

    notawallplan New Member

    Nice... The blocks and Items, especcahly the AE system and the Aquaeus Accumulater look like someone (Or something like the Endermen) marched trough, Prase for the one who made these
  12. RockJB

    RockJB New Member

    That looks amazing! Well Done Big Bad ;)
  13. Darth Sith

    Darth Sith New Member

    Big Bad your awesome!
  14. Big Bad

    Big Bad Guest

    So it looks like there's a high demand for unmarked versions, so I've got the raw uploads. We'll work on getting them on the repo tomorrow with properly sized watermarks, but until then:


  15. NosePicker5555

    NosePicker5555 New Member

    Above ground wallpaper is a broken link for me._.
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  16. Darth Sith

    Darth Sith New Member

    Same I don't think me added the link for that yet.
  17. notawallplan

    notawallplan New Member

    I think there should be wallpapers of some Myscraft Dimension, Twilight forest, And anatomies of different mobs of mods, sowing other mod items.
  18. HBiede

    HBiede New Member

    I thunk the watermark makes it cooler, but put it somewhere less in your face. I say bottom right-hand corner.
  19. juress

    juress New Member

    Awesome stuff. Now you could make some actually presentable FTB logo :)
  20. Darth Sith

    Darth Sith New Member

    Yeah it'll be much easier to make a good logo now! :D

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