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Whitelist Server VoxelSeries|Agrarian Skies V.1|Whitelist|Skyblock|Teamspeak|

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by Prorockband, Mar 10, 2014.

  1. Prorockband

    Prorockband New Member

    Current Status: Closed

    We plan to start the skyblock this Friday at around 2:30 CST. It will continue as long as we remain interested. This date was picked because it is the start of my Spring Break, and so I figured this would be a fun way to spend my free time, working on a large project with other people.

    About the server:
    We will be running the Agrarian Skies Pack, and doing the sky block map. I am hoping that we will be able to work together and make interesting and large builds on the map. In the end I hope we will have created a interesting world together. Also I plan to Live stream on the stream,so if you would like to record/stream you are more than welcome.​

    Server stats:
    Slots: 5-10+
    Ram: 8-16+
    Server ip will be messaged if you are invited.​

    Pack: Agrarian Skies V1.0.0

    We will have a TeamSpeak server that we will use to help us work together on builds. Private channels will be provided if you are recording or streaming and would like alone. Keep in mind that the goal of this is to create a small community that will hopefully lead to running more servers and doing other events in the future. Also the TeamSpeak info will also be given out when you are accepted.​

    Whitelist Application:
    If you have any other questions or comments leave a note below or feel free to pm me.
    Last edited: May 16, 2014
  2. Foxums

    Foxums New Member

    · In-Game Name: Socklord
    · Age: 25
    · Time Zone: US West
    · How often do you play: 0-10 hrs, depending on how interesting
    · Favorite mods/Pack: Big fan of Hexxit, specifically dimensional doors, tried getting into magic farm 2, but friends insisted starving wasn't fun. MF2 servers I joined were less than friendly.
    · Usable Mic and TeamSpeak 3 (Yes/No): Yes
    · Anything Else: Cake, please.
  3. Prorockband

    Prorockband New Member

    Sounds good, Ill give you the server info tommorrow.
  4. Methii

    Methii New Member

    · In-Game Name: Methii
    · Age: I'll turn 26 this friday :)
    · Time Zone: GMT+1
    · How often do you play: multiple hours a day
    · Favorite mods/Pack: right now, Ex nihilo (and the mods it supports)
    · Usable Mic and TeamSpeak 3 (Yes/No): Yes
    · Anything Else: Not really, anything you wanna know?
  5. Prorockband

    Prorockband New Member

    ill be messaging you and Foxums with info here shortly
  6. Tejas_miner

    Tejas_miner New Member

    · In-Game Name:Tejas_miner
    · Age:45
    · Time Zone:US central
    · How often do you play:4 or 5 times a week for a few hours or more
    · Favorite mods/Pack: Monster at the moment
    · Usable Mic and TeamSpeak 3 (Yes/No):Yes
    · (optional) YouTube/Twitch:Nope
    · Anything Else:Hope to see you online.
  7. Walkingblock

    Walkingblock New Member

    · In-Game Name: Walkingblock
    · Age: 20
    · Time Zone: PST
    · How often do you play: Almost Every Day for the most part
    · Favorite mods/Pack: Horizons, MF2, Unleashed
    · Usable Mic and TeamSpeak 3 (Yes/No): Yes
    · (optional) YouTube/Twitch: twitch.tv/walkingblock ( just updated graphics cards and ram for stream quality)
    · Anything Else: I wouldnt mind some cake too :)
  8. Prorockband

    Prorockband New Member

    Cant wait to talk to you guys in teamspeak, ill message you the info in a bit
  9. Tejas_miner

    Tejas_miner New Member

    I'm on the team speak but nobody is there. When do you normally get on?
  10. Rox_Out

    Rox_Out New Member

    · In-Game Name: Rox_Out
    · Age: 26
    · Time Zone: EST
    · How often do you play: 2 - 3 hours a day
    · Favorite mods/Pack: TE and IC2
    · Usable Mic and TeamSpeak 3 (Yes/No): Yes have mic and i dont mind Teamspeak
    · (optional) YouTube/Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/rox_out
    · Anything Else: Cant wait to start building
  11. Prorockband

    Prorockband New Member

    welcome aboard! ill be messaging you info shortly
  12. The_Displacer

    The_Displacer New Member

    1-3 hours a day
    have a mic but don't use it unless completely nessesary
    I really wanna get in
  13. ryter78

    ryter78 New Member

    · In-Game Name: ryter78
    · Age: 16 (turning 17 in a month)
    · Time Zone: CST
    · How often do you play: Way to much, around 6-8 hours a day.
    · Favorite mods/Pack: Thermal Expansion, Magic Farm
    · Usable Mic and TeamSpeak 3 (Yes/No): Yes/Yes
    · (optional) YouTube/Twitch: I have a twitch, I haven't streamed in a while though. twitch.tv/ryter78
    · Anything Else: I've been playing with 1977batman on a public server for this, but I kind of need to play on a private server now.
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  14. I_DieAlot

    I_DieAlot New Member

    · In-Game Name:I_DieAlot
    · Age:21
    · Time Zone:central
    · How often do you play:far too much 2-10 hours or more
    · Favorite mods/Pack:I like them all trying to learn the ones I don't know
    · Usable Mic and TeamSpeak 3 (Yes/No): yes
    · (optional) YouTube/Twitch:
    · Anything Else:Been playing on a public server would like to try a private server
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  15. lakris2

    lakris2 New Member

    · In-Game Name: lakris2
    · Age: 14
    · Time Zone: UTC/GMT +2 hours
    · How often do you play: whenever i get the chance
    · Favorite mods/Pack: agrarian skies and direwolf20 pack
    · Usable Mic and TeamSpeak 3 (Yes/No): Yes
    · (optional) YouTube/Twitch: dont have that
    · Anything Else: i wanna play on a server and have fun with you guys, sounds like a good community :)
  16. jpbirdsgong

    jpbirdsgong New Member

    If this is still going, would love to join in and try this pack:

    · In-Game Name: jpbirdsong02
    · Age: 27
    · Time Zone: CST
    · How often do you play: 4 nights/week
    · Favorite mods/Pack: Loved Ultimate, nowdays I love TPPI because GT! But I would like to try skyblock.
    · Usable Mic and TeamSpeak 3 (Yes/No): Yes
    · (optional) YouTube/Twitch: Nope
    · Anything Else: Here's a sample build: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/automating-quest-ram.20424/page-2#post-244216
  17. darkclaw1

    darkclaw1 New Member

    · In-Game Name: darkclaw1
    · Age:17
    · Time Zone: EST
    · How often do you play: every day or two for a couple of hours per
    · Favorite mods/Pack: I like MF1, MF2 and Agrarian Skies because of the challenge. With a lot of modpacks after you get a house you are done, but Agrarian Skies and MF make it more difficult.
    · Usable Mic and TeamSpeak 3 (Yes/No): Yes
    · (optional) YouTube/Twitch: Nope
    · Anything Else: Not much else I just got bored playing it solo and I would like to play on a server with friendly people
    P.S. I have no Idea if this is still on or not but if it is then great :D
  18. rockpaperspock

    rockpaperspock New Member

    · In-Game Name: rockpaperspock
    · Age: 15
    · Time Zone: central
    · How often do you play: Everyday unless I have something important to do
    · Favorite mods/Pack: Agragian Skies, Direwolf20, FTB Monster
    · Usable Mic and TeamSpeak 3 (Yes/No): Yes
    · (optional) YouTube/Twitch: Nope don't have one.
    - Anything Else: Nope but I can help people with questions and I can be trusted.
  19. ximan11

    ximan11 New Member

    · In-Game Name: ximan11
    · Age: 16
    · Time Zone: central
    · How often do you play: Few hours most nights
    · Favorite mods/Pack: DW20
    · Usable Mic and TeamSpeak 3 (Yes/No): Yes
    · (optional) YouTube/Twitch: None
    · Anything Else: Nope
  20. ReeceMNewman

    ReeceMNewman New Member

    · In-Game Name: DJ_HoneyDew
    · Age: 17
    · Time Zone: GMT- 0 (England)
    · How often do you play: quite alot almost every day
    · Favorite mods/Pack: Either Agrarian Skies or horizon
    · Usable Mic and TeamSpeak 3 (Yes/No): yes
    · (optional) YouTube/Twitch: TheMurphyish
    · Anything Else: nope sorry

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