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Whitelist Server VisCraft Reloaded [Ultimate] [Whitelist] [Mature][Essentials]

Discussion in 'Ultimate' started by Zorku, May 20, 2013.

  1. Zorku

    Zorku New Member

    About the server. After our last server went down we decided to host our own. We are looking for people who like to work towards a goal not someone whos gonna hide in a hole 3000 blocks away.
    We have a teamspeak server for live chat and use skype group chat for when people are away.

    Don't be a dick (griefing, stealing, etc)
    No Hacks / Xray
    Mature players only. If not 18+ explain why you think you would be a good fit for the community.
    Skype is required

    Game changes:
    Mobgriefing = off
    Firespread = off
    ForgeEssentials installed. (/home /afk ect)
    GregTech is on default.

    Banned items: Canvas bags. Nukes.

    Mystcraft: If you want to make a permanent age tell me the age # and what it is for on skype chat.
    Our mining age is a flat tiled extreme hills plains for bauxite and emeralds, but this does mean ground level starts at mountain height. Best to start your quarries down a ways.

    Gregtech: Default settings, so more expensive IC2 machines but not the alternate recipes for power suits and such.

    Whitelist Application (Applications open 5/30)
    Ingame Name:
    Mod Experience:
    About Yourself:
    How long have you played minecraft?:
    Do you / Will you use Skype:
    Have you been banned before?:
    If so why?:

    Server Admins:

    Send me any questions via PM. Applications still go in this thread. After you've been whitelisted any issues should go in the skype chat.



    Currently running 1.1.2
    If there's another bug fix version released I'll try and get the server on that pronto.
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  2. joostmakaay

    joostmakaay New Member

    Ingame Name: joostmakaay
    Age: 17 (nearly 18)
    Mod Experience: Not that experienced, played Tekkit before tough.
    About Yourself: Likes football and playing games,
    How long have you played minecraft?: since Alpha
    Do you / Will you use Skype: Yes, joostmakaay it is
    Have you been banned before?: Yes
    If so why?: Trolling admins, and pranking some people.
  3. banana_man969

    banana_man969 New Member

    Ingame Name:banana_man969
    Mod Experience:IC2, Gregtech, Thaumcraft + a few other things
    About Yourself:i like music, sport and gaming
    How long have you played minecraft?:since 1.2.5
    Do you / Will you use Skype:i have skype
    Have you been banned before?:never
    If so why?:N/A
  4. JordanReynolds

    JordanReynolds New Member

    Ingame Name: FeedTheJordan (Weird name but seemed suitable as i'm playing FeedTheBeast :L)
    Age: 18
    Mod Experience: I Have a fair but, i started playing the DW20 Pack when FTB was first released, but lets just say i have a lot of free time and i learnt quick on the Ultimate pack
    About Yourself: Erm, well im from the UK im 18, have alot of free time to play, but mainly i prefer to have a laugh and joke around with people (not to the point of abusing) don't like arrogance, This is why i was Admin on the last server as i will help anyone who needs help and i can get along with basically anyone
    How long have you played minecraft?: Erm, i carnt remember its got to be since the xbox version first came out
    Do you / Will you use Skype: Yeah, sure :)
    Have you been banned before?: Never, hate griefers, very immature
    If so why?: ^^

    Thanks for reading :)
  5. leeber2002

    leeber2002 New Member

    Ingame Name: leeber2002
    Age: 19
    Mod Experience: Been an avid fan of tekkit for 3/4 of a year, just getting into FTB at the moment.
    About Yourself: Uhm... I'm a college student? I'm the head Moderator on a Tekkit server that currently averages about 60~ish people online throughout the day, have been on its staff since October.
    How long have you played minecraft?: 3~ish years, don't remember exactly.
    Do you / Will you use Skype: Yessir.
    Have you been banned before?: Not to my knowledge.
    If so why?: Pineapple

    Might shoot you a skype message anyways, as this thread doesn't seem to be very updated at the moment. Just looking for a relatively small community to try out FTB in.
    my skype is leeber2002 (wonder why? :p )
  6. Zorku

    Zorku New Member

    Joostmakaay and leeber2002 added to the whitelist.
  7. Elliot Briggs

    Elliot Briggs New Member

    Ingame Name:Zeadd
    Mod Experience: Working knowledge of industry, forestry, and i specialize in Thaumcraft
    About Yourself: Currently finishing high school online, work here and there but mostly chill on my computer.
    How long have you played minecraft?: 'bout 2 years
    Do you / Will you use Skype: I have skype and may be willing to use it.
    Have you been banned before?: Nope.
    Thank you for reading my application.
  8. Monteskew

    Monteskew New Member

    Ingame Name: Monteskew
    Age: 19
    Mod Experience: I played tekkit a while ago, and FTB for about a year
    About Yourself: I enjoy massive aesthetic builds both by myself and community wise, as well as a fair bit of structured PVP or redstone puzzles and the like. If I join up once I get everything all started up I'll end up transferring a few things I was building in single player onto the server, it just got really boring building them alone, and I'd like a community to chill with.
    How long have you played minecraft?: Since beta 1.2, I think
    Do you / Will you use Skype: Yeah, sure. If I'm accepted I'll give out my handle.
    Have you been banned before?: Not that I know of.
  9. Zorku

    Zorku New Member

    Zeadd and Monteskew whitelisted.
  10. quazre0

    quazre0 New Member

    Ingame Name: Quazre0
    Age: 18
    Mod Experience: ic2 expert/ bees enthusiast
    About Yourself: this server looks like fun, iv played with some of the people on the server
    How long have you played minecraft?: since beta 1.8.1
    Do you / Will you use Skype: yup, and ts/raid call/ vent/ what ever
    Have you been banned before?: not to my knowledge
    If so why?: n/a
  11. Zorku

    Zorku New Member

    Quazre0 whitelisted.
  12. quazre0

    quazre0 New Member

    woo, thanks
  13. quazre0

    quazre0 New Member

    cant wait to see more people on the server
  14. Zorku

    Zorku New Member

    Me either man.
  15. BrianAwesome100

    BrianAwesome100 New Member

    Ingame Name: BrianAwesome100
    Age: 16
    Mod Experience: Ive been playing FTB since its launch back in 2012
    About Yourself: Im fun, love FTB/MC, and helpful
    How long have you played minecraft?: Sine about the time pistons was finally introduced (without mods)
    Do you / Will you use Skype: Sorry, no mic :( (I might be able to get my laptop's mic and use TS on it tho)
    Have you been banned before?: never
    If so why?:
    (EDIT : I'm not 18+, but I won't be talking that much, and will probably be living alone so I won't be a bother for anyone)
  16. darradddd

    darradddd New Member

    Ingame Name:foxyybingoo
    Mod Experience:4 months
    About Yourself:im spending alot of time on the ftb and computer basicly.
    How long have you played minecraft?:2-3 years(vanilla)
    Do you / Will you use Skype:yes
    Have you been banned before?:nope
    If so why?:never got banned
  17. shadowed420

    shadowed420 New Member

    Ingame Name:shadowed420
    Mod Experience:Since before pre build mod packs existed
    About Yourself:I spend alot of time reading and playing games on my computer I am a friendly player willing to teach aswell as learn
    How long have you played minecraft?:since early alpha
    Do you / Will you use Skype:depends on how active others are
    Have you been banned before?:nope
    If so why?:
  18. James Williams

    James Williams New Member

    Real Name: James williams
    -IGN: Freelancerinc
    -Age: 30
    -Country: Canada
    -How long have you been using FTB: january 2013
    -Experience with mods: touched most technology no magic. maybe this time
    -What can you add to the server: very friendly, very humerous, very creative and im usually online 2+ hours a day
    -How well do you work with others: usually extremly well as i am canadian but will not tolerate any kind of racism sexism ect ect...like i said i am candian lol
    -Do you record for YouTube: not for minecraft but i have a channel
    also hoping my IG partner Shadowryder can also be whitelisted

    just curious...why canvas bags banned?
  19. shadowed420

    shadowed420 New Member

    Because you can dupe with canvas bags but theres hundreds of ways to dupe
  20. quazre0

    quazre0 New Member

    yeah, that's why they are banned, but its easy enough to do an ender pouch set up in replacement

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