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Open Server *VenusCraft* 1.6.4 | Horizons Modpack [BloodMagic] Grief Prevention | Mature Staff | Anti-grief

Discussion in 'Horizons' started by Thronk, Jun 20, 2014.

  1. Thronk

    Thronk New Member

    Featuring Horizons Modpack 1.6.4

    IP: VenusCraft.ca
    Whitelist: Off


    IP: VenusCraft.ca
    Website: DothrakiGaming.com

    DothrakiGaming has been around for 2yrs running MC servers.
    VenusCraft is our second server that we host professionally. Started back in Feb 2013, originally a MindCrack server, we decided to use the Horizons modpack.
    VenusCraft world has been regenerated June 18th, 2014 for 1.6.4, brand new!

    Hosted in Toronto, Canada, it's centralized for North America, no lag.

    VenusCraft rules are very common among the Minecraft community:

    No PvP
    No Grief
    No Advertising of other servers
    No excessive vulgar language...

    You get the idea, the focus is to build exciting projects and help each other along the way.

    We have mature staff on duty.

    Horizons mod list

    VenusCraft Features:
    • BloodMagic enabled
    • Grief Prevention is available for anti-grief.
    • Various plugins installed including Random Teleporting, Essentials and permissions.
    • Map generated with Biomes O'Plenty with slightly larger biomes and landmass.
    • World Border at 10,000 blocks around spawn.
    • Staff on duty most of the time.

    Download and Instructions

    Feed The Beast
    Download the launcher here and choose the Horizons modpack, edit mods, pick a minimap of your preference. (just one and nothing else).
    Then go to IP: VenusCraft.ca

    If whitelisting is on:
    Whitelist application format:
    In-Game name:
    Where did you hear about us?:
    New to FTB? yes/no
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2014
  2. In-Game name: ishishanuka
    Age: 16
    Where did you hear about us?: A friend told me about a server he might apply for, which is this server!
    New to FTB? No! I have been playing FTB for a year now, and my favorite packs are Horizons, DW20 and Ultimate.
  3. Thronk

    Thronk New Member

    Hello ishishanuka, whitelisting is off, come on in.
  4. ahhh, thank you!
  5. Thronk

    Thronk New Member

    We enabled BloodMagic, check it out!
  6. Xelarion

    Xelarion New Member

    I wouldn't recommend this server.

    Firstly, there is literally nobody there. Most of the time you play alone, without any other players. Once or twice there will be a 13 year old kiddo there, but thats the limit. The peak was 6 players, which fits into this server, more on this later

    Secondly, they are very "mature". I guess mature is another word for underage playerbase, since you can't even use "bad" language in a playful and joking manner. After you do so, they will proceed to ban you. Even with logical reasoning, the owner of this server, "Thronk", won't acknowledge it and will keep the ban up.

    A mix of deserted landscapes, overly emotional players and an abusive admin ruin the experience of this server.
    If you love playing in a "mature" environment full of 13 year olds, this is your go-to server.

    Last edited: Aug 4, 2014
  7. Fuzzmasterxp

    Fuzzmasterxp New Member

    I have been playing on this server for the past two months or so and I gotta say it has been a great experience so far. The members are friendly and helpful. The server is always up save for the rare hiccup, which is usually beyond the control of the admins. The mod pack itself is also a refreshing change compared to other packs for those who haven't played it. I can't really speak to the above posters experience, but as a 24 year old I have never felt like an old man or like I was back teaching fourth grade. I have never really equated swearing with being mature. The server does have a smaller player base, but there is usually a healthy crowd at peak times of the day. I appreciate that everyone knows you to extent and you don't get the constant word vomit of larger servers. All in all I am ecstatic from my time spent on the server and look forward to sticking around for some time to come.
  8. ReeceMNewman

    ReeceMNewman New Member

    In-Game name: DJ_HoneyDew
    Where did you hear about us?: i found ye by browsing the fourms
    New to FTB? yes/no: nope :D

  9. Thronk

    Thronk New Member

    Hello DJ_HoneyDew, server is open, welcome!

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