Valued Decor (suggestions wanted!)

Are the treasure chests balanced?

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Jul 29, 2019

General Overview
Valued Decor is a mod that is primarily designed to expand upon the creative possibilities of Minecraft in a way that retains the feel of the vanilla game. It provides you with a variety of interesting decor blocks to make from vanilla materials as well as world-gen blocks added to the game: Quartzite, Slate, and Limestone.

Along with passively providing you with a wide variety of new design options, there is also some more interesting worldgen: treasure chests.

We Have Limestone

And Quartzite

As well as Slate

Basic Block Sets
These sets are all crafted the same for each Block Type (Limestone, Quartzite, and Slate)

Sacred Stone Blocks
The all glow just enough that they can prevent all mob spawning on top and serves to illuminate your world.

By Day:

And by Night:

Gilded Obsidian Blocks
Gold overlays on other blocks
Block Examples
These blocks all connect to each other on the same 8 points and can be used for many varied patterns

There are also some that are less "abstractly patterned" they work great for floor patterns and such.

Treasure Chest
Treasure chests are added to spawn between y-level 50 and y-level 53.
They spawn vary rarely but will reward you greatly if you find one.

*Note the item currently being used*

You need to right click on the chest... and voila!

There is a chance to drop iron ingots, gold ingots, emeralds, diamonds, iron tools, and some even more rare items, as well as a lot of experience.

All downloads are held (add-free) on curseforge here.

  • Tweaked the function of the treasure chest; now needs key (dungeon loot).
  • The chest now needs to be right clicked with the key or it drops nothing (there's a helpful warning if you mine one).
  • Added proper item registry for forge to be happy with me and my items.
    • Ignore the warning about wrong items, all is fine.
  • Registered limestone, slate, and quartzite in ore registry.
  • Added optional FMP support.
  • The initial Beta release of the mod.
  • Contains all overworld worldgen.
  • Contains decorative blocks from overworld worlgen as well as obsidian-based decorative blocks

Version 2, December 2004
Copyright © 2004 Sam Hocevar <[email protected]>
Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim or modified
copies of this license document, and changing it is allowed as long
as the name is changed.
0. You just DO WHAT THE F*** YOU WANT TO.

This does in fact mean that any modpacks are permited!

If you give my credit for my work, I thank you.
If you provide me information about the modpack, I thank you again.

Please just enjoy it as much as you can.

All of the IDs are configurable in the configs as well as the spawn properties of the worldgen (treasure chest is a special case)
All worldgen can be completely disabled.
Specific worldgen blocks can be individually disabled. (limestone, quartzite, slate, treasure chest)
Spawn levels for limestone, quartzite, and slate can be configured.
Recipe sets can be disabled at your choice.
More options for treasure chests in future updates.

For the future
Please feel free to suggest more block sets that you would like to see! I really enjoy making more.
I will hopefully respond well to positive and negative critique; if something really bothers you, I may well change it or make it configurable.

If anyone is not completely satisfied with my textures, feel free to remake them.
  • Keep the names the exact same.
  • Keep the file structure the exact same.
I am willing to package alternate textures that can be configured in the configs.

Special Thanks
VSWE for his fantastic java and modding tutorials, amazing teacher
The entire Biomes O Plenty crew - fantastic example code for learning all sorts of stuff.
CrazyPants - EnderIO is another open-source gem I learned from

All other Modders who open-source their mods, Thanks![DOUBLEPOST=1392402549][/DOUBLEPOST]This thread was made so that from a more mature audience than those at the MC forums, I might get for beneficial feed-back :)


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Nov 11, 2013
Hmm looks nice. Not tried it, but I really like the look of the sacred and the gilded blocks.

Only small gripe with the stones would be that you use the name "Limestone". Several prominent mods already add their own kinds of limestone and having even more kinds of limestone in a modpack just adds to the confusion. So might be more user friendly if you could find some other similar rock type that no one else have picked yet :p

The treasure chests, meh. Its a good enough idea, it just doesn't fit it that well with the rest IMO. And if its true as you mention in the poll that they can drop nether stars and dragon eggs, then that would be way too OP for my taste. Also how would the treasure chest react by being mined by a BC quarry etc?


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Jul 29, 2019
Thanks for the feedback, I may change the name of the limestone; it is registered in the ore dictionary so that it can be used in the chisel mod.
I have tried to keep the other rock types rather unique and will definitely consider changing limestone.
The treasure chests may seem at first op, but I override the blockbroken methods. If you break the block it just vanishes. The only way to get the loot is to right click on it with a key that can only be found in dungeons. There is a one in a hundred chance that there is a super rare drop. Its honestly a method that forge adds that is incredible powerful.
I do understand what you say about it not seeming like it fits. I may break it off into a separate mod and then add more of the same type because I feel the treasure chest idea fills a cool niche.
Thanks again for the feedback!


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Jul 29, 2019
Ok, some updates
Craftable unbreaking blocks! That is indeed correct; they can be removed from the world though... via special means including pain ;)
1.7.2 version! (beta, very beta)