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UU Matter production.

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by MrKirk, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. MrKirk

    MrKirk New Member


    So I have this '' Stupid '' question, I noticed that you cant obtain UU matter through Mass Fabricators ( No recipe ) and the UU Assembler doesnt create the UU matter.

    Any idea how to obtain UU matter?
  2. zemerick

    zemerick Well-Known Member

    Matter Fabricator is the greg tech method of producing UUM.

    I honestly recommend going into the config and re-enabling the mass fabricator though. The matter fab needs 8 iridium ore and a ton of other stuff to get it. This means you would need to find at least 4 chunks of iridium ore and use silk touch to get the ore and macerate it. With default odds of 1 ore in 5 chunks, that's 20 chunks you would need to strip mine by hand to get. 1 64x64 quarry is just shy of 16 chunks. However, quarries don't have silk touch, so you would need to find 8 pieces...which would take 40 chunks, so more than 2 64x64 quarries completely mined out. Oh, and I've yet to find any place Iridium Ore is more likely to spawn. I started finding it at about the 15th layer or so down ( so we're talking 60ish. ) When I did the math, it was going to take me 4 quarries running for 1 week to get enough. Yea, right. Not going to happen, lol.
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  3. MrKirk

    MrKirk New Member

    Was expecting that it had something to do whit Greg Tech...

    Anyway, thanks for the help/tips.
  4. noskk

    noskk Active Member

    IIRC it will spawn below 99 :D so yeah quarry is the best idea..
  5. MCJinzha

    MCJinzha Member

    It's like all of these forums are about GregTech, hehe
  6. zemerick

    zemerick Well-Known Member

    I do try to run over and look around for it though. It isn't usually too hard to spot if it's on the surface when you go over. It has the same standard design, but it's a bit iridescent with I think light blue and light green pixels for the ore. It's almost always off by itself, though it could be next to other ores. I'm pretty sure the iridium itself can only spawn as a single ore per chunk, so you won't see it in pairs or anything. It's hard to distinguish from silver in NEI/Creative, but if you place a block of iridium youll know what to look for at least. Then just grab your rockcutter and go get it before your quarry nabs it![DOUBLEPOST=1353178552][/DOUBLEPOST]

    People are used to IC2, BC, etc...but greg tech really screws up a lot of IC2 stuff.

    I think the mod is perfectly good, I just wish he would keep the IC2 changes in a separate mod. Looking around, I think most everyone here would agree. I haven't seen much issue with gregtech itself, it's the changes it tries to force onto IC2. I guess at least he has a pretty comprehensive config file.
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  7. Fletex

    Fletex New Member

    Iridium Ore also spawns in the Nether, it's very easy to spot there.
  8. Jugg3rV

    Jugg3rV Active Member

    ic2recipes {

  9. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    I enabled both mass fab and matter fab, but tweaked the matter fab UU cost to 75% of the mass fab.

    Start with the mass fab, then you can upgrade to the matter fab for greater efficiency.

    (though currently somewhat OP since I can't find a way to increase the EU needed by the mass fab. Ideally 1,000,000 with scrap and matter fab at 750,000)
  10. darthmichael7

    darthmichael7 Active Member

    I have found about 4-5 irridium ore flying around the nether with my electric jetpack in a different world. I would check there since I only found it there but none in the overworld.
  11. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    Too be honest, you have tin, silver, lead and iridium generation in the overworld- I think people just walk past it...
  12. SilvasRuin

    SilvasRuin Active Member

    It's much more noticeable in the Mindcrack pack, Celestialphoenix. Silver is the only other white ore that generates in it, I believe.
  13. Antivyris

    Antivyris Active Member

    Iridium in the nether if I recall is a bug solved in more recent versions of gregtech, only pyrite should be there.

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