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Open Server [UrbTekk] [NO WHITE LIST] [24/7] [6GB RAM] [TeamSpeak 3]

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by NathanB, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. NathanB

    NathanB New Member

    Hello there, I am advertising UrbTekk a free, no white list, 24/7 and 100% up time server. We are a new server with moderators here everyday to help you when ever you feel you need that little bit of help. If you want any other information you can visit our website at www.urbtekk.com You can find images and a list of approved moderators.
    There are a few simple rules to follow;
    No griefing, swearing , spamming chat or stealing.
    No illegal use of modifications such as, X-RAY vision, speed hacks. .
    Don't use illegal modded clients, That can damage the server.
    Be respectful to all players and staff
    Server IP: direwolf20.urbtekk.com
    We look forward to meeting new players everyday!
  2. NathanB

    NathanB New Member

    You can find the server IP on the website the link is in the Introduction.
  3. Aaron5015

    Aaron5015 New Member

    idk if you need any but can i be a staff by any chance?
  4. solofrog

    solofrog New Member

    Which server IP is the open one? I wanted to join the new updated version of DW20, but there says there is a white list. Any idea?
  5. Urbex

    Urbex New Member

    The server IP: dwclassic.urbtekk.com
  6. Eleyond

    Eleyond New Member

    Good server, spawn is crowded but a mod teleported me to a nice open area. The starter kit is nice, and there's a public workshop so everyone can make stuff they need without having to go through all that trouble of mining for hours first. And the staff actually takes the time to answer all questions. Donations are a bit op, but not by too much, and I don't think any features are reserved for donators (although you can get some banned items through donating), and they don't cost that much and you can get a nice title, and some of the items are extremely useful, such as silverwood saplings.
  7. Urbex

    Urbex New Member

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