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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Xerbarus, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. Xerbarus

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    Hey everybody,

    Im am rather new to all of this forums and all, and usually I get around most crash logs and problems myself. However this is a bit different, I've been ripping through threads and posts around the web to find a proper solution to updating the version of forge for the FTB but i was not able to find much on it.

    I do know that there is a reason it is not made simple as the Modpacks are adjust to work with certain versions of forge and what not. But I want to manually adjust one of the packs for my own private use and two of the mods I would love to have require a higher version of forge than the one currently existing.

    Im trying to adapt the DW20 pack in the version 1.7.10 and i need the forge version

    Could someone give me a hand with maybe a walkthrough or any other sort of explenation?

    Best regards
  2. lenscas

    lenscas Over-Achiever

    I don't know how to change forge version on the ftb launcher but as a n alternative you could import the instance to mulimc and update forge there.

    You also need to remember that most mods will also be needed on the client if they want to join your server.
  3. Xerbarus

    Xerbarus New Member

    Thanks a lot for the fast reply, i will try the multiMC hopefully it will do the trick :)

    If anybody else has a way to update forge FTB id still appreciate knowing
  4. zemerick

    zemerick New Member

    You're going to kick yourself, but the answer is the very first link in the google search:

    ftb update forge version


    Specifically Strills post.

    It's extremely easy to do, and basically boils down to:

    Make a new folder for the new forge version
    Update the file name for the forge version in 2 spots in 1 file. ( Typically a total of 6 characters are changed. For example 1291 to 1373. )

    That's it.

    Personally though I make a copy of the file, and change the extension to something like .BAK_1291 to make it easy to switch back and forth.
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