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un worry

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Jul 29, 2019
From the video, Mindcrack 1.6.4 currently has 101 mods loaded.

Not much to see - just Baj stumbling around, killing cattle and trying on Hats :rolleyes:

The modlist includes:
AE, Buildcraft, ChickenChunks, TiC, Ars Magica, Biblio, BoP, Thermal Expansion, RedstoneArsenal, CC, Deadly World, Ender Storage, Extra Utilities, FZ, FinidusFillies, Flans mods, FMP, IC2, MFR, Forestry, Hats, ICBM, IronChests, MagicBees, MFFS, Railcraft, Thaumcraft, Torched, TwilightForest, MobAmputation, OpenBlocks, RogueLikeD, Zans and microblocks
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