Upcoming Community Wiki Involvement

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Jul 29, 2019
As we get the official wiki underway, we are getting to the point where community involvement would be very useful. There are a lot of mods to write articles and information for. We are NOT going to open up the wiki for everyone to post on as that leads to disorganized messy wiki's.

Instead the team will be posting article requests here. Proper formatting will be a plus but not necessarily a requirement. Anyone is welcome to submit a requested article. if your article makes it on the wiki your name will be attached as the writer of the article.


  • The article submitted must be for one of the requested articles.
  • This is a technical wiki not a story-line guide. No anecdotal novels please.
  • Follow any guidelines the wiki team posts for an article as some will have images etc added.
All you will need to do is create the text that tells people what an object is how to acquire it and what it does.
Non requested articles will be deleted. Threads offering us articles elsewhere in the forums will also be deleted.
Article requests should be up soon.

As requested :

1. The wiki is closed. You cannot have access to it. Only authorized staff members get access to directly edit the wiki.

2.We are only accepting articles for topics listed in this forum. Unsolicited articles may or may not be subject to sudden meteor strikes erasing them from the world.
Not open for further replies.