Open Server UNSTABLE 1.08 server|OPEN|Essentials|Towny|lwc| 1.7.10!!!

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Jul 29, 2019
Hello and welcome to my unstable server


t This server aims to be a friendly survival server
WIth mob grief turned off and you wont loose your inventory when you die.
The server is using essentials wich means /sethome, /home, /tpa and other neat features,
You even got /kit tools wich may help you to start on the server
without grinding for materials that much
the last digit of the server ip is 37 btw.
The server got no PVP, no War, and no raids, Its a friendly server so act like it,
Towny! Make your own town and protect your self from griefers!

1. No grief
2. No stealing
3. No RAIDS,
4. No wars or pvp, Unless both partners agrees on sush
5. Have fun

IP 88.150.162.Get the last digit in the INFO
currently running UNSTABLE 1.08 or recomended! we try to keep this updated
as frequently as we can,