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Open Server UnlimitedCraft | DireWolf20 1.2.1 | M1.7.10 | 24H | TS3 | No mods removed | 38 Plugins | Fresh Map

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by powerpin, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. powerpin

    powerpin New Member

    Welcome to UnlimitedCraft servers

    Server IP: dw20.unlimitedcraft.org:25566 --> Towny, No PvP/Raid/Grief in claimed area

    Website: www.unlimitedcraft.enjin.com -->Join website now and get free rewards points that can be used in website shop.

    To get the DW20 pack, launch your FTB launcher and choose DW20 1.2.1 in FTB packs.

    Few informations about the server.

    --> Huge modpack with 93 mods.
    --> Choose your path between 4 paths with 5 ranks each.
    Thor, Loki, Heimdal & Yggdrasil )
    --> Awesome huge and realistic spawn.
    --> No mods removed.
    --> Casino / Spleef / Minigames / Arena.
    --> Chunk loader allowed.
    --> Over 38 plugins.
    --> Balanced economy and a public players shops.
    --> Website store based with rewards points.
    --> The end & twilight forest worlds reset occasionnally.
    --> Teamspeak 3.
    --> Auto-restart is server crash.
    --> DDoS protection.
    --> Dedicated server.

    What can i say else... Others servers just don't get it!!!!
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2015
  2. powerpin

    powerpin New Member

    The server just started today, brand new. Join us now guys!!!
  3. Shadowquinn

    Shadowquinn New Member

    Is there an app to fill out? Joined your website already.

    Well none the less here is my app

    IGN: shadowquinn1974
    Age: 40
    Been playing MC for about 3 years now.
    Not a great builder but I am good at most mods.
  4. powerpin

    powerpin New Member

    HDeffo have been granted moderator on the server. We wish him good luck. However, the vote system is being fix by Enjin team right now, everything should come back to normal tomorow. Thanks for your patience
  5. Dekutanoth

    Dekutanoth New Member

    I would like to join. There's not a form to fill out, but I"ll use one from another thread.

    IGN: Dekutanoth
    Age: 24
    Experience with FTB/Modded Minecraft: 3-4 servers, TTKami progression, all of my favorite bees in alvearies, full powersuit, big reactors + steam turbines, T5 blood altar, and many more
    Playstyle: Mostly tech! But I have a soft spot for magic mods that improve QoL, like Thaumcraft and Blood Magic
    What is your favorite mod?: Buildcraft, because of quarries. Second place is Minefactory, for automation of basically anything. Also, translocation is one of the best mods ever, for its ability to regulate items in an inventory.
  6. powerpin

    powerpin New Member

    You can join the server. you are welcome my friend :D
  7. powerpin

    powerpin New Member

    The voting links issue have been fixed and tested. We are sorry about any inconvenient that could occur. If you want the money or items from the vote just /mail me
  8. Phillip Venter

    Phillip Venter New Member

    Hello there, people cant build inside my claim but i made then vip, helper and assistant it still wont work.
  9. powerpin

    powerpin New Member

    Towny is set that all resident need to have plots to build, you can change all the perms yourself. just go look this command list of towny: http://code.google.com/a/eclipselabs.org/p/towny/wiki/Commands
  10. Dekutanoth

    Dekutanoth New Member

    oh LOL I forgot open servers and whitelist servers are together now. last time I applied, they each had their own category!
  11. powerpin

    powerpin New Member

    You are welcome on the server my friend :D
  12. powerpin

    powerpin New Member

    The autonomous activator is temporaly banned due of a dupe glitch. We are working right now on a way to fix it asap.
  13. powerpin

    powerpin New Member

    We banned all the universal cables, there we're causing huge lag issue.
  14. powerpin

    powerpin New Member

    HDeffo And Luziferk have been promoted to admin rank. For there great dedication since they are moderator and players like them. May your good work continue indefinetly.
  15. HazDS

    HazDS New Member

    Can I ask what server version you are using to get plugin's working please?
  16. powerpin

    powerpin New Member

    I use lastest server version 1.0.3 and cauldron
  17. powerpin

    powerpin New Member

    Universal cables will stay banned, since we banne dthem the server tps rised 10 tps highter. and no random pike lag every 30 seconds happen again. I hope you understand our decision.
  18. powerpin

    powerpin New Member

    Wow we have reached 65 players guys :p So happy that our DW20 server is so popular and just started. Me and my staff team will continue to keep that server awesome. Thanks
  19. powerpin

    powerpin New Member

    A new system for chisel will be finished this week end, HDeffo and Terminator_NL worked on it for many days. It will use CC program to be able to trade basic chisel blocks in any choosen chisel blocs.
  20. JoesBeenHere

    JoesBeenHere New Member

    i see potential but i dont like the lack of staff notify me when staff is online

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