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Unleash ( Iron berrys )

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Stigma311, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. Stigma311

    Stigma311 Active Member

    Hello folks , I have question about iron berrys what Biomes can i find them in , or are they every where?

  2. Kahless61

    Kahless61 Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure they're in every biome, but they only generally appear underground. Hope you weren't looking on the surface!
  3. mushroom taco

    mushroom taco Well-Known Member

    Caves are your best friend for ore berries
  4. whythisname

    whythisname Active Member

    I like ravines to look for ore berries, most ravines I've come across in Unleashed have 1 type of ore berry or more. Iron isn't the most common though, but nowhere near as rare as gold or silver (or at least that's my experience with finding ore berries so far).

    There are also trades with villagers to get ore berry bushes, so it might also be worth to look up a village and check if the village Tinkerer sells them (I think it's a guy in a dark blue robe, who belongs to the TiC house in a village). They want weird stuff though, I think pistons or something like that, so check what they want carefully before running over there with a ton of Emeralds :p
  5. netmc

    netmc Well-Known Member

    The ore berry bushes can be found everywhere. I've never found them inside stone, only inside cave networks. often on the edge of lava. Iron seems to be pretty rare. I've got loads of tin and aluminum, some copper, only a handful of silver/essence, but only 3 iron, and I haven't found any gold ones yet on this map.

    You can occasionally find them on the surface as well near a cave opening, or under another block (the ore berry gen code must think that the surface is a "cave" since it has a block above it and cannot see sky.)
  6. Daemonblue

    Daemonblue Active Member

    Silver berries were replaced with essence berries, and yes the villagers want your pistons.

    It should also be noted that ore berries only really grow in dark areas, so you'll need a dark room much like with mushrooms.
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  7. Flipz

    Flipz Agent Doctor of UNIT Team Member Forum Moderator

    Also note that unlike the blueberries/raspberries etc. (from Natura, I believe), oreberries will never grow larger than their original 1-block size, so it's perfectly safe to put them next to each other (my oreberry room is about three times larger than it needs to be because I thought it might grow more oreberry bushes. :p ).
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  8. netmc

    netmc Well-Known Member

    In the recent versions of TiC, oreberry bushes will harm you even when fully grown if you walk into them, so place a block on top of them and then you don't have to worry about accidentally poking yourself.

    I used crushed obsidian in my oreberry room so I don't have to worry about spawns, and I can keep the place dark. Golems seem to work fine in the dark.
  9. Daemonblue

    Daemonblue Active Member

    From what I've heard MFR farms can also harvest the berries, but I haven't tried it myself yet.
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  10. netmc

    netmc Well-Known Member

    I had thought about setting it up that way, then it would be nice and compact, and wouldn't matter where the oreberry bush was in relation to anything as long as it was in the harvest area. I already had the golems, and didn't quite have the power infrastructure yet to handle the harvester, so I went the golem route instead... Maybe the next world (or if I find a bunch of bushes and overfill my current space.
  11. whythisname

    whythisname Active Member

    Slabs block light, so instead of a room I dig out a row in the wall, put the ore berry brushes in there and cap it off with slabs. You can still pick the brushes through the gap on the slab, you can't walk on them or get damaged and you don't need a dark room.

    My plan so far was to use golems later on to automate harvesting, but if MFR can do it that makes things a bit easier ^^
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  12. 57782

    57782 Member

    I never really
    I never worried about things spawning i my oreberry room since the oreberry bushes will damage mobs. Not only do you get metals, but an oreberry room can function as a low yield/consistency mob grinder. It's not that great, but I got enough enderpearls to fill a tesseract or two after a few hours.
  13. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha Never Leaves Wiki Staff ModMyMC Editor

    trying using the Watercan of Extra Utilities on your oreberries, you'll be growing and maturing them like crazy ;)
  14. whythisname

    whythisname Active Member

    I tested the MFR Harvester with Blueberry bushes (I assume ore berry bushes are the same) and without upgrades it only harvests them in a 1 high 3x3 area in front of it. So to use it effectively you're either going to need a bunch of them or upgrade them (or both).

    I also tried the fruit picker, but that doesn't seem to do anything.
  15. RandomMoped

    RandomMoped Popular Member

    golems will work
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