Open Server UltraGaming Agrarian Skies [24/7][MinimalBanned][Multiple Party Rewards][Teamspeak 3]

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Jul 29, 2019
UltraGaming AgrarianSkies

UltraGaming is a gaming community centered around modded Minecraft. Over the past few years we have ran servers ranging from the MindCrack Pack to multiple 1.6.4 packs today. Our servers are currently all connected to one main Hub Server in which you can chose which server to join based on your current pack. Currently our we are running an Agrarian Skies server, a Towny/MyTown CrackPack Server, and an Anarchy CrackPack Server with more coming soon.

We decided to start up an Agrarian Skies Server to see how well our community and hopefully new community responds to it. Many members from our other servers have already started playing on the server and we would like to extend our player base to the FeedTheBeast Community.

An Admin shop is currently under construction as well as a Global Economy in which players will have a Global Bank Account linked to the hub.
Various kits and other packages as well as a VIP and VIP+ Rank are available for people looking for an early headstart.
Users can also apply for the Build team to participate in large server builds

For more information please go to:
or Join our Teamspeak Server:

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