Open Server ULTIMATEMINDCRACK.PLAYAT.CH [No-Lag, PVP, Keepitems, 24/7, No Grief, Special plugins]

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Jul 29, 2019
We have plugins that you don't see very often that make your play experience even more awesome!
For example MCMMO!
we are one of the few servers that allow chunkloaders! thats right you can have chunkloaders but a limit of one and only in a radius of 3 to keep the server nice and tidy! but it will keep your base loaded:D! we have the least/no amount of blocklag and we try keeping it that way:) also we have the minimum amount of banned items! we only ban items that are absolutely necessary!
Rules: No griefing No advertising Be respectfull and friendly No portals in spawn (portalgun) No use of hacked clients or dupes
Advice: Dont build in other dimensions only overworld cause nether end and twilight get reset once in a while just too fresh up ores up etc etc!
take a look at our website! Also we have a teamspeak be sure to check it out and join in with the community!
Hope to see you soon!