Ultimate Hybrid Solar Panel Factory (Unleashed Survival SMP)

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  1. twisto51

    twisto51 New Member

    This was a fun 4 day project. I have plenty of power already but thought this would be an interesting thing to automate the production of from end to end. All resources used are produced in the factory, other than the sunlight. Perhaps I shouldn't have had max territory/pollination rate on my bees. Flowers out of control already.

    Cleared the terrain and dug the basement with a Filler. Did most of the external construction with a Builder's Wand. Took about a day for that.

    Magnum torches and spot loaders in the basement.

    External Views



    Initial power for the factory was 4 panels from one of my bases. Every other panel you see has been created by the factory in the past few days. PowerConverter used to provide MJ to some TE/MFR machines. Daylight Sensor used to turn Mass Fab off at night.


    5 MFR Laser Drills providing glowstone, coal, copper, tin, diamonds, redstone, iron, and lapis. Foci stored in the iron chest. I was using Light Grey foci when I was running 3 lasers and coming up short of tin. After adding 2 more drills that issue went away. Power is buffered with 20 MFSUs so that the drills can run full-power 24x7.


    Processing/AE room. A mix of TE/MFR/IC2/Railcraft/Forestry/Factorization/AE and probably some other mods I'm forgetting. Rednet controller to invert signal from daylight sensor, probably overkill but thought I might do some other things with it at some point. Coke ovens to provide creosote for impregnated frames. Deep Storage Units on storage buses for anything bulky, only 2 16k storage units in ME chests for the entire AE system. Mass fab power draw is throttled by 10 MFSUs in the basement.


    Cobblegen. I tried to keep this small but every so often I find myself adding 10 more Igneous Extruders. Can't have too much cobble. Most of it goes the recyclers, some goes to furnaces, sand/glass, and gravel/flint.


    10 Radioactive Princesses, 2 Demonic Princesses, 3 Impregnated Frames per Alveary. I want to put in some obsidian dust bees but BoP has made it nigh-impossible to find Embittered Bees in the Nether. Fixed in ExtraBees 1.7.1, so just a matter of waiting for a modpack update. Both species are exceeding demand so will drop one of each for obsidian bees. Currently using UU-Matter recipe for Obsidian.


    5x5 MFR Cotton Farm. Cotton used to make string for frames. Controlled by level emitter(1024 cotton)


    1x1 MFR Rubber Tree Farm. Rubber for copper cable, logs for Impregnated sticks. Controlled by level emitter(1024 logs)


    Two MFR farms that need fertilizer, time for some cows! Noise Muffler block so we don't have to listen to them. A row of conveyor belts pointing inwards seems to prevent cows from glitching through the fence. I used a bunch of 1x1 sewers instead of putting an upgrade in one to cover the entire pen. Don't know the pros/cons of each method.


    Tier 5 Slime Soul Shard for essence, slimeballs fed into the recyclers. Should probably drop a max size steel tank in here at some point, am massively overproducing essence. Essence for a fortune 3 block smasher up in the processing room. Another muffler block because slime noises are very annoying.


    Factory office. Storage monitors, linking book back to my main base, one monitor to pull solar panels out of. Some ethereal glass for a door that isn't a door.



    There you have it. This factory is churning out a new panel about every 30-45 minutes. The more panels I put in the roof the faster it goes. Export bus set to always craft is triggered by level emitter whenever there is >=600 UU-Matter in the system. That export bus generates a craft order for an Ultimate Hybrid Solar Panel. The panels craft pretty fast since it is mostly just crafting and a bit of compressing. Every interim craft that doesn't require UU-Matter is performed while creating the 600 UU-Matter.

    Solar power might be "boring" but this project was fun.
  2. mk16

    mk16 New Member

    dear god....
  3. PeggleFrank

    PeggleFrank New Member

    Now make some turtles to place down more solar panels as they become available, so that it gradually becomes faster.
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  4. Niels Henriksen

    Niels Henriksen New Member

    Nice project :)
  5. twisto51

    twisto51 New Member

    Happiness is going to bed with 0 panels and waking up to 17 panels. That was enough panels to finish the roof. Time for a new project.

  6. PierceSG

    PierceSG New Member

    Sweet. Next up: Development of SkyNet.
  7. twisto51

    twisto51 New Member

    I've been adding most of the panels it makes to the roof.

    With all that power I've stopped using scrap in the mass fab. It was still easily outstripping the laser drills, which I've been adding to. I added 7 more drills today and the MFSUs to buffer them overnight. That's 14 laser drills with a mix of foci for tin, copper, and coal.

    Condensed the bee room so I could fit 12 more Alveary in there. Changed a couple of the princesses to node purification to get rid of flux coming from I know not where(well, except for repairing my axe of the stream which I only use on alveary/wooden chest/etc.).

    More resources meant a bit more processing. The ic2 side is fine, didn't need anything. On the TE side I've added two more Induction Furnaces for sand/ore smelting and 4 more pulverizers to make sand from cobble. Added a 2nd block smasher. Added two more centrifuge.

    Cobblegen reduced to 9 Igneous Extruders now that I'm not using cobble to make scrap.

    Used a wand of equal trade to remove the top layer of soil around the factory so the bees would stop making flowers. Think those flowers might have been adding a bit of load to client and/or server.

    Added a rainmaker system to stop the rain. Much easier to build nowadays with single pulse being an option on gates. Cheating a bit with that since I don't make the charges on site. Might get some gunpowder bees and setup 3 apiaries so I could make them onsite.

    Added a minecart station at spawn and at the factory and put a line between them, automated, the cart dispensers hooked to enderchests.

    Came in this morning and there were no impregnated sticks in the factory, it would appear an Enderman stole the one block of dirt from the rubber tree farm. Put some slabs around it so hopefully that doesn't happen again. He didn't move it very far, and of course there were flowers on it already.
  8. PhantomRage

    PhantomRage New Member

    Epic as hell :)
  9. twisto51

    twisto51 New Member

    Some updated screenshots.

    Rainmaker(killer, more like)

    "We need bees, lots of bees."

    Machine Room

    Rail Station

    Solar Roof - 320 panels - 163840 EU/tick during the day, 20480 EU/tick at night.

    Laser Drills and MFSUs
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  10. PhantomRage

    PhantomRage New Member

    Holy (expletive), that is epic. I especially like the amount of EU/T you generate with those solar panels xD
    so many laser drills /facepalm
    why didnt I make more when i still played on a server
  11. ArcticDreamz

    ArcticDreamz New Member

    How come the alvearies work ? The bees need clear sight of sky and you are blocking the bottom alvearies with the top ones ?...
  12. twisto51

    twisto51 New Member

    You can give them the cave trait, no sky required.
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  13. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    deer looooooooord... though the way you started with getting power is a bit... overused (solar panels are kind easy for producing power) you sure made on nice base with it. sometimes I think if I should also just start with solars to atleast get a basic powersource going.

    a suggestion I'd like to make for a next project, instead of starting a new project in the same dimension, create a random mystcraft age and start out in that mystcraft age with just 1 ender pouch of tools that you took from your old base. so basically starting over, but with some handy tools to quickly start over. this way you can go a completely different direction with a new base, but still keep your old base intact.
  14. twisto51

    twisto51 New Member

    I could have done anything for initial power. I have full systems for liquid force, ethanol, whatever it is the bioreactor produces, oil bees, fuel, factorization mirrors, etc. Making a few of the panels manually to test the process back at my old base was a natural first step that led into putting those panels in. Factorization solar to steam is my favorite right now cause it makes for cool looking installations.

    Think I've finally got it balanced the way I want it. After adding the bees the cows couldn't fertilize the cotton farm fast enough for the increased frame requirements. Added another fertilizer/cows/composter setup and now its done. Level emitter set so that it crafts a new panel whenever there is 500 refined uranium in the system.

    Production seems pretty good. :p

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  15. steve g

    steve g New Member

    truly epic sir, my hat's off to you ;)

    I find when i need a starting power supply...I like to abuse a t5 blaze spawner to get a 320+eu generator system going. or a slime ball->scrap->generator setup if it doesnt require anything beefy. I find trashing so many mobs for a useful purpose besides hoarding mob loot quite enjoyable =)
  16. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    Awesome. What's that thing on the Rednet Cable in the first 'inside' screen shot.
  17. Yosomith

    Yosomith New Member

    That is a daylight sensor by the looks of it.

    Awesome setup you've got here

    Also would love to have a download of this
  18. twisto51

    twisto51 New Member

    Yes, it is a daylight sensor. When I only had a handful of panels to power the place I turned off the mass fab at night.
  19. PierceSG

    PierceSG New Member

    Too bad TE doesn't support IC2. Would love to have energy tesseracts transport EUs. And no, I'm not using the overpriced IDSU.
  20. twisto51

    twisto51 New Member

    I use powerconvertors for stuff like that. Main production is steam from factorization, i just tesseract that wherever and use powerconvertors to turn it into whatever I need.

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