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Casual Server [UK][Hosted 24/7]Agrarian Skies 3.1.1[whitelist][HostedMumble]

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by Sheepyuea, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Sheepyuea

    Sheepyuea New Member

    Hey looking to do a playthrough of Agrarian skies with 3-4 other people.

    -Whitelisted hosted 24/7 server, based in the UK.
    -Mumble server that is specifically ours.
    -Playing the latest version of Agrarian skies (3.1.1) on the Home sweet home map.
    -Looking to do a cooperative playthrough on the main, large platform (Standard starting resources, will be placed in the building to facilitate this.)

    - ishishanuka
    - AzithZuzar

    Looking for mature people who are on often and aren't going to leave after 2-3 days. Ideally EU based people with mic's so we have a similar time-zone. Experience with the mod pack is not essential. Experience with bee's would be an advantage (i hate the b*stards)

    If your interested simply reply with this format:
    -Mic? y/n
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  2. -IGN: ishishanuka
    -Location: Chicago, IL (even though your server is UK I have freaky good internet)
    -Age: 16
    -Experience? I have played with the Agarian Pack now for a while, and I have developed a routine and strategy. Firstly I do Tinkers, then some other mods. I have played vanilla minecraft for almost 3 years now, so I definetly know this game!
    -Mic? I do have a decent microphone, however it is a bit sensitive.
  3. Sheepyuea

    Sheepyuea New Member

    Cool cool, thats one slot down. I'll PM you details when 3/4 slots are filled.
  4. AzithZuzar

    AzithZuzar New Member

    -IGN: AzithZuzar
    -Location: Ca. U.S.A
    -Age: 15
    -Experience? Yes I've played and know quite a bit
    -Mic? y/n: Yes, But it will pick up noise from my family :/
  5. FallenWrath11

    FallenWrath11 New Member

    -IGN: wheaget1210
    -Location: Ca.US (Timezones are not an issue, im on for a long time and able to play with many different timezones)
    -Age: 15
    -Experience? Just did couple of playthroughs and want to continue the journey
    -Mic? y/n: Yes
  6. Sheepyuea

    Sheepyuea New Member

    Both added in, one more spot left.
  7. tiagofcp

    tiagofcp New Member

    -IGN tiagofcp
    -Location Portugal
    -Age 24
    -Experience? Experienced with some mods but never played AG
    -Mic? yes
  8. Sheepyuea

    Sheepyuea New Member

    cool cool, will add you in, in a couple of hours
  9. tiagofcp

    tiagofcp New Member

  10. rubi1991

    rubi1991 New Member

    -IGN: rubi1991
    -Location: Spain
    -Age: 21
    -Experience: Plenty to survive although not an expert in every aspect of the pack
    -Mic: Yes
  11. tarzan1376

    tarzan1376 Active Member

    -IGN Tarzan1376
    -Location United States
    -Experience?I'm really big into the tech aspect and the gathering aspect of the pack
    -Mic? y/n Yes
  12. kostek00

    kostek00 New Member

    IGN: 19900112
    Location: Poland
    Age: 24
    Experience: I do know lots of mods and how they work and I'm currently playing AG. I do have a experience with beestards.
    Mic: Yes

    P.S. I would rather play on your server then on public with random unknowns.
  13. Tjaden

    Tjaden New Member

    -IGN: Tjaden
    -Location: South East UK
    -Age: 19
    -Experience?: Playing minecraft since Alpha, started modded minecraft 3 years ago, since then have done many youtube LPs, including being one of the main Players/LP'ers on the Resonant Rise LP Server, with Bevo, Ako, Saice and the like.
    -Mic? y/n: Yes

    (Going away for the weekend, so I will be playing but this weekend, 25th-27th July will not be online.)
  14. ThatRandom_Guy_

    ThatRandom_Guy_ New Member

    -IGN crr97
    -Location Glasgow
    -Age 16
    -Experience? Been playing Minecraft for say 3 years now... pretty fond with most mods and packs.
    -Mic? y/n Yes, but I don't plan on using it.
  15. AdaptiveStrike

    AdaptiveStrike New Member

    -IGN : AdaptiveStrike
    -Location : United States - Play to all hours of whenever
    -Age : 27
    -Experience? 2-3 Years off and on like everyone else. Played around with Moonquest / Yogcast Complete / AG Skies. Pretty Familiar with the mods included inside this pack. Still have some to read up on but that is kinda the whole point of it all.
    -Mic? y/n : Yes, and I do plan on using it. I enjoy being engaged with people I play games with.
  16. JesusTheAlmighty

    JesusTheAlmighty New Member

    -IGN : CharizardScorch7
    -Location : Australia
    -Timezone: (UTC+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney
    -Age : 16
    -Experience? a year and a half for minecraft and about a year for modded minecraft.
    -Mic? I have one, I can't guarantee that I can use it though (I have a loud family)

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