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Open Server UK FTB Direwolf20 1.7.10 dedicated Server! Towny,Morphs, No Lag, 24/7, New World, Professional Staff

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by THEMiiNiSTER, Dec 11, 2013.


    THEMiiNiSTER New Member


    Hello there, If you are on this forum then you are most likely looking for an FTB server to play on either by yourself or with some friends or even make some new friends! You have come to right place! Here at Colossal Craft we are always looking for new players to join and enjoy themselves right of the bat!

    Server iP - DW20.C-Craft.co:20010

    The server owners are xHueYYx, Maxcel23 and Myself, THEMiiNiSTER. We have been part of a large FTB community as admins for some time now and have decided to give hosting our own server a try. We treat all players with respect and try our best to come across in a professional manner at all times. The server has been upgraded to a physical dedicated server to make your experience better!

    We have a nice amount of plugins balanced for both fun and security. Including CoreProtect and DisguiseCraft!

    A website linked to our server for ease and fun. Please feel free to check it out and leave feedback!

    The server uses Towny to protect land and items which is an adventure in its self! Choose to with create or join a town! Why not turn your expanding town into a nation and become an Emperor some day?

    Server has no current lag issues and as our player base/community grows we will upgrade the server as we see fit.

    We look forward yo you joining our server and at least giving us a chance to get going!

    Thank you for reading, xHueYYx & THEMiiNiSTER & Maxcel23
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  2. SteamPunk_Angel

    SteamPunk_Angel Active Member

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    THEMiiNiSTER New Member

    Server Ram has been upgraded. Server now running better than ever. Please remember to use the recommended version of Direwolf20 1.6.4 modpack when joining
  4. Bob41599

    Bob41599 New Member

    The MiiNiSTER can you do me a favor and go into the server configs and turn on open blocks' Gravestone so we can find our stuff without it despawning? Last thing are you going to update too 1.0.3 today?

    THEMiiNiSTER New Member

    Ive made the change and all. Just reboot it will apply. And yes doing to do it tonight once Creeperhost is backup and running 100%

  6. 016Nojr

    016Nojr Well-Known Member

    Looks like a good server :) Joining Colossal craft now :)
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  7. Sheedey

    Sheedey New Member

    i tried to join but said server cant find mods i just updated my pack so server needs a update

    THEMiiNiSTER New Member

    Hi Shenley,

    We have had the 1.0.3 update in our development server to ensure that there will be as little problems as possible. We will be updating at 1pm GMT

    Many thanks


    THEMiiNiSTER New Member

    Server now running 1.0.3. remember to choose recommended when launching direwolf pack
  10. THEMiiNiSTER

    THEMiiNiSTER New Member

    Spleef now added. Deathmatch coming soon!
  11. SteamPunk_Angel

    SteamPunk_Angel Active Member

    Server has been down for a while :/
  12. THEMiiNiSTER

    THEMiiNiSTER New Member

    Yes we were having issues with the physical server, this was resolved early this morning and now back up with even more ram on server :)
  13. THEMiiNiSTER

    THEMiiNiSTER New Member

    New Mining world created! use /warp mining2 (changing to /warp mining in next 48 hours)
  14. xHueYYx

    xHueYYx New Member

    Server in the festive spirit for Christmas :) Why not come join in on the fun?

    Owner xHueYYx
  15. THEMiiNiSTER

    THEMiiNiSTER New Member

    The Chickens have stopped falling? :O
  16. THEMiiNiSTER

    THEMiiNiSTER New Member

    New Spawn building. Coming soon
  17. xHueYYx

    xHueYYx New Member

    Now hosting Tech World 2 and DireWolf20!
  18. THEMiiNiSTER

    THEMiiNiSTER New Member

    Server updated to 1.0.9
  19. THEMiiNiSTER

    THEMiiNiSTER New Member

    Server updated to 1.0.10!!
  20. THEMiiNiSTER

    THEMiiNiSTER New Member

    Updated to 1.0.11

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