Treyzania's FTB Let's Play - SMP 1.4.7 (Mindcrack-esque) - IRC channel!


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Jul 29, 2019
Treyzania's Let's Plays

I am going to use a variation (compiled by me) of the Mindcrack Server pack. I repeat, a VARIATION.
I am doing this on a server hosted by myself using a absolutely-private pack. I will possibly select viewers to come on the server as guests, or possibly as a permanent addition. We are not accepting applications. We are open to suggestions of building ideas.

I've used mods since around Beta 1.4. And MCForge-esque mods since ~Beta 1.7.3. I know what I am doing (most of the time, I am prone to... erm... "accidents"...) and I can make almost everything I need through ComputerCraft. I also know quite a bit of Java and am in the process of making an API (GitHub!, I also have a few ideas for a mod or two.

On the server we live more of less independently apart. However I have plenty of ideas for the spawn village. The people on the server are the people I know IRL.

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A new season is starting soon!

Latest Episode (E9, S2):

Episode 1 (E1, S2):