Tradewinds (BETA 0.0.36) - A trading based modpack.

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    A test server is online. Our forums are online to accept bug reports and feedback. More details here, such as how to install and server info:


    This modpack will focus on a travelling trader theme. You will be able to travel the world by foot, on horses, wagons and boats to get to your destination.

    You will be travelling for two main reasons: delivering trade goods for money, and to obtain resources from other biomes and locations which would otherwise be rare in your home location.

    This modpack will also have an element of exploration to discover treasures and goods, which you may pawn off to travelers and traders.

    The pack will be hosted on a public server with a premade map with incredibly large biomes and premade cities/towns, outposts, mining shafts, routes, shipyards, NPCs with goods for sale and more. At this time, there are no plans for a single player map. By making this pack a multiplayer, dedicated hosted server, we can develop it in an agile and dynamic way.

    This pack will also include mods that promote progression and add a layer of realism to the pack. There will be a true need to prepare and plan accordingly before setting out to travel. Some food and a speed potion wont be enough to travel! There will be real environmental dangers and factors to consider.


    Tradewinds will feature THREE primary methods of trading.


    One of our community's developers is creating a new mod that creates a trading system. If you played ArcheAge or BDO, then you will find this mod to be similar to its trading system.

    The mod will include a currency system, wagons, carts, boats and trade packs.

    Trade packs can be crafted at a pack-crafting station. A trade pack is crafted using ingredients listed in the station's GUI. The station itself can not be crafted - it's a map maker item.

    A map maker will be able to configure each pack-crafting station individually.
    The map maker can set a station's ingredient list, base value and distance multiplier. The further you travel with a trade pack, the more money it's worth!

    The map maker can also place trade-pack delivery stations in the world. These are the stations where a player must deliver a trade-pack to. Turn in your trade pack at any delivery station to receive payment in the form of Quarters, Loonies and Toonies.



    Once you craft a trade pack, it is forced-equipped to your chest slot. You can NOT carry it in your inventory, and you can't run, fly or teleport while carrying a trade pack. It's heavy, after all!

    The coins the player earn are both virtual and item based, allowing the player to use the coins to physically trade with players, but also to allow them to be used with certain mod-specific features, such as NPCs and villagers.

    Most trade packs will simply require 4 ingredients, but some may also require a live animal! For this, you need to keep the animal on a lead and bring it with you. The mod will not allow you to use any animal, either. The animal used when crafting the pack must be the exact same as the one you turn in. If the animal dies, you can't turn in your trade-pack!

    Another feature of this mod will be a player-trading gui. A player will be able to request a trade with another player who is in range. The other player can accept/deny the trade offer. If accepted, a gui opens up where both players can offer items/coins, and then accept the offer. This creates a safe trading system that also enforces both players to physically be near each other.

    And here are the finished tradepacks:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    NPC Trading:

    I plan to utilize mods such as Custom NPCs to create NPCs in the world whom you can trade with.

    Some NPCs will offer valuable resources. Some will offer unique items. And some NPCs will trade some more... mysterious items... that may lead you on a trade-quest a la Zelda style.

    Be sure to check for local villages and towns and see what they have to offer! You may be able to snag a deal.

    Player to player trading:

    Players will be able to perform 1 on 1 trading. You may have an abundance of copper, but coal may be rare in your biome. Find a player who's in demand for copper, but has plenty of coal, and coordinate regular trades with that player!

    There will also be market booths. Players will be able to set up a market booth, provide it an inventory of items, and set prices. Place these in common trade ports and cities for best business!


    The world will be generated using mods such as Recurrent Complex, Climate Control, Realistic Terrain Gen, ExtraBiomesXL and Highlands, to get a world we are satisfied with. Once that's done, the world will be populated with various towns, outposts and structures by hand.

    As for resources, I plan to fine tune what biomes contain certain ores and materials. As an example, copper, oil and granite would be abundant in deserts, and sparse or just non existent in other biomes. The idea is to give each biome a predefined list of both abundant and rare resources, promoting the idea that players need to travel to get resources from other places by trading resources they have an abundance of for resources they need. Did you set up camp in a desert? You'll have access to plenty of oil, glass and copper, but will lack wood, ice and fresh food. Trade what you have to get what you need!

    Each biome will contain at least one 'globally required resource' such as coal, water, lava, food, wood, etc, and at least on 'uniquely useful resource' such as copper, grout, ice, salt, cloth, etc. Basically, there are resources *everyone* will always need, and there are resources that specific situations would require, but not everyone demands.

    Infinite water sources will be disabled. It will be possible to drain a lake, so be resourceful!

    Biomes are huge. Travelling across any given biome would take at least 15 minutes by foot. This would force players to plan their routes carefully. With EnviroMine in the modpack, travelling through a desert or tundra could be fatal if you don't bring the proper supplies to stay alive.

    Here are some world-modifying mods I'm using and why:


    The only features I'm using are:

    Thirst: Players will still be expected to find/make fresh water. With infinite water sources disabled, you will have to carefully consider your water sources. Water won't be scarce per se, just that your method of obtaining it will make you plan ahead (such as collecting rain w/ agricraft)

    Temperature: The approach here will be to make extreme biomes difficult to traverse. Deserts and tundras will make you sweat and freeze. However, more mild biomes will be easy to live in, with temperature being little to no concern.

    Food Rot: Keep your food fresh. Don't over harvest crops. Grab what you need, keep the rest growing. Use eskies to keep food cold to prevent rot. Use curing methods to preserve meats for long trips. This mechanic has been tuned so that food rots to mush over 24 hrs, making food maintenance an easy daily routine. Rotten food can still be used as fertilizer (which means you could intentionally make a compost heap for making fertilizer)


    Realistic Terrain Gen.
    My goodness, this mod makes the world look absolutely beautiful. It makes BoP look trivial. Snow fields as far as the eye can see, rivers that stretch for kilometers, and mountains that literally touch the clouds. This mod will create a world that players will enjoy travelling through, as well as create environmental obstacles that players must tackle. No more being able to hop-skip over vanilla hills.

    Here are some screenshots from RTG. Very impressive if you ask me.
    Notice the fog in this last image. Some biomes have fog! Deserts have sandstorms. And more!

    Nature Overhaul.
    Adds a life and death system to plants and wildlife. Depending on the biome and climate, trees and plants can grow and die. Forests can spread, but won't spread to a desert. Leaves will decay and drop saplings, replanting themselves. Grass will turn to dirt in cold climates.
    Of course, this can potentially be stressful on a server, so I plan to tune it down to a much slower rate.
    Also, it allows animals to starve to death, and to reproduce under natural conditions.

    Plant Mega Pack.
    Adds a TON of plant life. Some plants have uses, others are dangerous/poisonous! Makes the world feel much more lush and lively.

    Additional recipes will be added to give wild plants (not just from PMP) more uses, such as dyes and ingredients for other things like fibers, potions, poisons, etc. I will also allow most wild plants to be grown via Agricraft.

    SGU Better Geo.
    Overhauls the entire world's underground resource generation. It mainly replaces everything except grass and dirt. Sand is still sand, but now an SGU variant. Same with gravel. Stone is completely gone, and there is now limestone, shale and other stone variants in its place (these still have the stone oreDict value, so should still be compatible with recipes using stone)

    SGU also overhauls how a lot of ores work. There is no longer Iron Ore, and instead something called banded iron formations. Diamond ore is no longer found near bedrock, and instead in a new geological formation. Many other changes, which I won't cover here and let you discover on your own!

    There's still a lot of other ores, especially modded ores like copper, that spawn in the traditional way, using cofh to fine tune their ore gen parameters.

    Aquaculture and Mariculture.
    Additional sea life! More fish types, more ways of exploring the deep sea blue, and more ways of living the life of a fisherman.

    Aquaculture expands on water based wildlife and fishing, while Mariculture expands on sea exploration and resources. Fishing vs diving.

    There will be progression for both, with fishermen being able to get better poles and bait, thus better fish, and sea explorers being able to create and find unique items and treasures useful for many other things.

    Allows me to add custom music for different biomes. Currently working on getting a license from a particular artist to use and distribute their music with this pack.

    Pam's Harvestcraft.
    A lot of us are already familiar with this mod. For this modpack, it makes foraging for food possible, since players will start out in a survival-esque situation. Of course all the other parts of Pam's will be available as part of agriculture progression.

    Hardcore Darkness.
    Yep. Pitch black caves and dark nights. Night light to be affected by the phase of the moon. New moon? Super dark. Full moon? You can at least see in front of you for a few feet. Also, Dynamic Lighting will be included so you can carry a torch and see where you're going.

    All of these, combined, makes the world feel much.... better. It makes exploring dangerous yet fun. You simply won't be able to punch a tree, make a pickaxe, and start hoarding materials on your first day. But you won't get frustrated trying to survive either. The pack will be balanced so it's fun and rewarding to go out and set up camp.

    Don't worry, though. There will be randomly generated outposts and hand-made towns where you can get some basic supplies to start you out!


    In order to help facilitate the importance of trading and resource management, the modpack will feature a Tradeskill (aka profession) system, which are specialized, themed progression paths. This system won't be enforced, but rather heavily encouraged via progression.

    Current Tradeskills and how the function are as follows (this list may change as development moves forward):


    Here's the current plan:

    When you start out on Tradewinds, you will be given a couple choices. The first choice is a profession. Some profession examples are Blacksmith, Fisherman, Farmer and Miner. There will be more, of course. You choose a profession. You are then presented with another choice - your starting location. It will be a list of recommended locations based on biome types. So, a fisherman won't get placed in a desert. But a miner will get the desert as a choice, since it contains an abundance of copper.

    Once you make your choice, you get placed at an outpost in that biome, which will contain some basic amenities, like a water well, crafting table, and an NPC that trades for basic materials.

    Players will also get 2 kits. A survivalist kit (everyone gets it), and a profession-specific kit. So, a fisherman will get a boat, fishing pole, bait... a miner will get a copper pickaxe, basic forging tools, etc... you get the idea.

    The idea here is that profession kits get you past that beginning progression steps for that line of crafting.
    For example - if you choose to be a fisherman, but you want to make your own pickaxe, well, you'll have to go through some super early progression steps, such as making a digstick, digging up flint, making a flint ax, chopping down some logs, digging up some clay, making a furnace, making a stone pickaxe, making a bituman refinery, and... yea, you get the idea. But a miner/blacksmith would skip some of those steps, whereas a blacksmith or miner wont have any beginner tools for farming or fishing.

    Because of this, in a SMP setting, some players will have more of certain resources than others. Blacksmiths will have better tools and ingots. Miners will have plenty of raw resources. Farmers will have food. Plus, depending on your biome, you will have other resources. This makes trading important to get things you need.


    Railcraft. Largely driven by coal and steam, so players may need to utilize the blast furnace and rock crusher, for example, to do things.

    Flax Beard's steam mod. It's steam power! Again, making coal and water valuable resources. Also, iirc (been a while since I used the mod), you can make armor with this mod. I might make that the ONLY way to make armor.

    Better storage.

    Custom NPCs. This mod is incredibly powerful. You can spawn NPCs with specific jobs and roles, customize them, and even give them their own sound files for dialogue. Will be using it for custom trades, primarily, but may have other uses for it, such as quest NPCs or helpers.

    Minetweaker+modtweaker+quandry. Obvious reasons.

    Antique Atlas or similar. There will be no minimap mod, and I will ensure the server version has that-mod-I-can't-remember-the-name-of that won't allow clients to connect unless they have the exact mod list. Instead, I want players to have a map which represents a real life map. Explorers IRL had to make their own maps as they went. Sometimes they could get a generic map with estimated land borders, but nothing precise to the level of 'this cave is here'. I certainly don't want any type of player/mob radar either. (Sorry, Journeymap).
    It'll be up to the player to uncover their own map, and mark important locations, like trade routes or places of interest.
    Haven't actually used Antique Atlas yet, but I'm hoping players can share maps as well to combine their discoveries and markers to help establish common and safe trade routes.
    If you all know any other good map mods that enhance the vanilla map system/promote exploration, let me know.


    Something else I've been thinking about...
    Each trade pack requires 4 ingredients to craft. What I may end up doing it slotting two ingredients as player-gathered resources from the biome the pack station is located. For example - for a pack-crafting-station in a mountain biome, two of the ingredients could be stone and coal.
    The third ingredient could be a resource that can be rarely found in that biome, but is more abundant in another. So, back to the mountain biome - logs could be the third ingredient, but trees would be sparse in that biome.
    The fourth ingredient could be a custom ingredient (part of the trade-pack mod) that acts as a progression gate. I could then put multiple tiers of packs in each biome, locked behind these 4th ingredients. That 4th ingredient would only be purchasable from NPCs, using the coins the player earns from trading packs.

    Each tier of that 4th ingredient would be increasingly expensive, but would be more profitable for players who have progressed to a point where they can easily gather the other 3 resources.

    So, here's the idea in full:

    Example biome - Mountain (mining shaft).
    The player in this biome will need logs to create cart rails and mining tools to further progress deeper in the mountain for more valuable resources. The mountain biome will have some trees, but not a lot, making it necessary to travel to gather more.
    For the first tier pack, the ingredients would be smooth stone and coal, since those are easily obtained early game.
    Third ingredient would be logs. The player needs to be smart and spend some coins earned from their first packs at an NPC in another biome(like a forest) for more logs... OR... in a multiplayer world, they could trade an abundant resource they have, like coal, with another player in a forest biome, which may not have much coal at all.
    Fourth ingredient is an NPC purchased item that simply allows the player to craft the pack.

    Once the player has delivered several tier one packs, they can begin to upgrade their tools and machinery/farms/mine shafts etc to gain access to next-tier materials. In the miner example, they could build more rails to get further in the mountain, accessing iron and redstone, which could be ingredients in the tier two pack.

    I'm also thinking of 'high-tier' packs that would not be biome specific. These packs would be for layers who have began setting up in multiple biomes, gathering multiple types of resources. The high tier packs would be delivered across oceans to much more dangerous areas... or even the nether/end, and would require higher end resources, like diamonds, emeralds, complex machinery like steam furnaces, etc.


    This list is subject to change. It might have changed 10 times when you read it. I will update it a few times a week during these alpha stages.
    (Updated 1/27/2016)


    Can't guarantee the accuracy of this, but I will try to use it to help myself keep track of what I'm changing.

    ? - 1/27

    Disabled EnviroMine physics.
    Disabled EnviroMine insanity.
    Changed day/night cycle. Days now last 40 minutes. Nights last 20 minutes. Total d/n cycle is 1 hour.
    Adjusted EnviroMine HUD. Displays numerical values, and located in upper left corner.
    Adjusted NatureOverhaul growth/death rates. The mod will now favor growth over death, and overall rates have been slowed down significantly. May need further tweaking. The idea here is for plants to die in harsh climates only.

    Fixed SGU's redstone issue. The mod decided to rename all redstone to copper. You can guess how many problems this caused. MT3 to the rescue!

    Removed ExU
    Removed Material Evolution
    Removed Hunger Overhaul

    Added Better Beginnings
    Added Too Much Time
    Added Air Overhaul (you die immediately upon running out of breath!)

    And a whole bunch of changes I haven't documented over the past few weeks.


    Added Fastcraft.
    Added ExplorerCraft. An interesting map mod that overhauls the vanilla map system to make it much more appealing and viable. If it feels nice to use, it will be enforced as the only map system for servers.
    Added an alt recipe for end stone. There will be no end. Ender pearl + 1 ore:stone = 16 end stone

    Removed poor ores.

    Changed Savanna humidity to 0.2. This fixed an issue with Savanna plant death rates being out of control.
    Disabled all vanilla ore gen via RTG. Don't worry, vanilla ores have simply been modified by SGUBetterGeo.
    Made meteors fall less often. Limited meteor size to medium. Allowed meteors to spawn during day.


    Updated Climate Control
    Updated RTG (configs had to be reset)

    Disabled Mineshafts. No one has explored the world yet. This doesn't make sense!
    Disabled vanilla ores (again)
    Disabled scattered features and villages (villages, etc... we will be using RC/Millenaire to add custom scattered features)
    Disabled strongholds. No end in this modpack.
    Disabled vanilla dungeons. Again, we will be adding our own custom stuff.

    Unified copper ore and ingots. IE copper is being used.


    Disabled EnviroMine gasses.
    Disabled EnviroMine air quality. Only temp and hydration will be used.
    Reduced the rate of earthquakes (1000)
    Increased food spoil time to 24. Since a full MC day is 1 hr, food will spoil in 24 IRL hours.
    Disabled torches burning stuff. They will, however, still go out over time.
    Increased humidity of caves biomes to 0.2

    Did a bunch of ore disabling and unifying. Should cut down on ores from multiple mods. Gonna need extensive mod testing to ensure everything still works fine.

    Removed Ancient Warfare. After looking into it, it's way too complicated and doesn't fit the theme of the modpack.


    Disabled 1.8 blocks via Gany's. Already added by chisel, and more compatible with stuff.


    Reduced ore redundancy one last time. I now have a finalized list of which ores to use and how to distribute them among biomes.


    Mariculture - set B:"Biome Top Block Replacements > Enable" to FALSE. This fixes an issue with RTG/CC and chunks flipping the wrong way.
    Updated BetterRain to Dynamic Surroundings
    Removed Ruins mod. Redundant against Recurrent Complex


    Updated SGUBetterGeo
    Updated ForgeCraft


    Updated Dynamic Surroundings
    Added KoRIN Dungeonbuilder


    Finalized first version of ore distribution list (CoFHCore ore gen)
    Removed BetterStorage
    Added Iron Chests
    Added Iron Backpacks
    Disabled some BC items. More balancing will be done


    Beta V4

    Added Project:Red
    Added Ex Compressum
    Added Ad Aqua
    Added MineFantasy 2
    Added FTB Utilities

    Removed Cogs of the Machine

    Updated Tradecraft - added the trade boat
    Updated Better Beginnings - Minetweaker Support

    Planned changes:

    Minetweak several basic 3x3 recipes to require BB's crafting methods
    Change mid-to-late game machines that require iron to instead require steel. Modify steel recipes to require high temperatures (no charcoal/brown coal usage. Must be coal or coal coke, or other high temp methods)

    Reduce Kimberlite pipe gen rates. Also, reduce diamond ores found in K-pipes (this will require config options to be added on SGU's behalf)

    Heavy configuration of Spice of Life. I plan to add a 'bottom' to d-returns so you can technically live off of one food type, but just not very efficient use of your resources. I want hunger to be a factor when travelling, not when idling around. Becoming efficient with your foodstuff is the goal. Also, it gives farmers something to trade.

    Heavy ore gen configuration. Too many details to go into here.
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    wow. so, I think I have some idias for this amazing idia. first, cohf or watever it's called adds a way to control oregen from configs. I think you actually can find a mod that allows to add special bioms and then, make that in certain bioms in certein hight , certein ores get generated. and I think themod jsonables makes a way of making certein plants grow in certein areas. if not then he only other option I can hink of that might work is gregtech (wich is an ic2 addon). other then that, great idia :)
  3. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming Well-Known Member

    Yea, I know COFH can handle ore gen... oh, yea, I think it has biome restrictions. Can COFH restrict plant growth to certain biomes? I don't remember there being that option.
  4. gerb82

    gerb82 Active Member

    pretty sure "jsonables" can. it is a mod that is meant to that hings as far as I know
  5. Gideonseymour

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    JSONables can't, but I'd recommend you look at Dynious' Biota for the biome-restricted growth thing.
  6. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming Well-Known Member

    This is actually a reallllly neat mod! I will give it a go, for sure. Now if there was only something similar for animals... I had an idea of semi-restricting farm animals to plains biomes, where they would die out in deserts and cold biomes, and not produce as much meat/feathers/etc in non-deadly yet non-plains biomes. I don't want the animals to insta-die though, since players could lead animals on trade routes for trade.

    The neat thing about Biota is the erosion of walked-on land. This would actually be really neat in the modpack, because if players are trading packs and resources, they would likely be using the same routes to travel, creating actual player-made pathways and roads.
  7. Rebirth Gaming

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    So, last night, I was talking to the dev of the trade mod, Coolmanzz2, and he said it would be possible to implement a livestock tradepack.
    The way this would work is a map maker can assign a tradestation as a livestock station, choosing pack ingredients as well as an animal.
    Then, when a player crafts the tradepack, they must use a vanilla lead to bring that animal within range of the station. As long as the animal is within range when the player attempts to craft the pack, the pack will craft successfully.
    The player must then, using the lead, bring the livestock to another tradestation to deliver the pack. Again, the animal must be in range of the station when delivering the pack.

    On top of it, the animal will be 'tagged' as unique to the tradepack the player crafts. This is to prevent players from using cow A to craft the pack, leaving it at home, traveling to their destination, then using cow B to turn the pack in for coins. It *must* be the same exact cow, meaning the player *must* physically bring it to their destination. This creates an added layer of difficulty and consideration when delivering trade packs - you must be ready to defend your livestock against dangers!

    We decided that EnviroMine will also be in this pack! Most likely, the insanity feature will be disabled. I'm more so interested in adding unique dangers/considerations to travelling traders passing through certain biomes. For example, if a player is delivering a trade pack and comes upon a desert, they will need to decide if they want to pass through it or go around, depending on how prepared they are. Travelling through a desert without water would lead to death, and thus loss of your trade goods.
    EnviroMine's fresh/saltwater feature is also ideal for this modpack. Infinite water sources will be disabled, and, combined with dirty/salt water being a thing, water can quickly become a valuable resource one must manage.
    This will help me give certain biomes an abundance of water, but others, like deserts and oceans, a scarce source of it. (My biggest concern was the ocean actually, which this solves)
    The other feature I like is rotting food, which is countered by making ice chests which requires ice and snow. This would give players in a snow biome a resource they can harvest that is valuable to everyone else, and travelling players would need to factor in what foods to bring.

    The overall idea is to give each biome both abundant and scarce resources, and give the map overall a set of resources that are essential, like coal, water, ice and food. Also, travelling must have a level of difficulty. Not so difficult that players would not be willing to risk travelling to very remote locations, but only difficult enough that an unprepared player will suffer and potentially die. On a server, this would also encourage players to mark safe routes, and, with Biote, common routes would become visible.
  8. gerb82

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    wow. I know what pack I will be playing next :)
  9. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming Well-Known Member

    Just had an idea for the name of the pack - Trade Winds.
  10. Lethosos

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    More like Oregon Trail: MineCraft Edition.

    "Steve has died of dysentery."

    Still sounds interesting.

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    Came across a mod called Hungry Animals that causes animals to poop, and, if they poop too much in confined areas, disease outbreaks can occur. So, yes, Steve could very well die of dysentery!

    Edited OP for organization.
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  12. Pangea

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    Looks pretty cool so far.

    However, you said you want to include terrafirmacraft... which is a huge mod afaik. It completely revamps the survival gameplay, so how much of it would be included?

    Also, is there any help you guys need with the pack as of now?
  13. Rebirth Gaming

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    Livestock trade-pack model done!


    Yea, it's pretty big, but we will be configuring things to make them work for our pack. Some of the recipe overhauls may be disabled... I have an idea of how I want things to be crafted using TiC and Flaxbeard's only (smithing armor, forging tools, etc).
  14. efefe48

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    This sounds... Incredible.
    But wasnt there a mod that added wagons..*5 minutes of remembering the old times*..yeah it was simply horses which is currently ded.
    I can't wait to play this pack.
    How much of this modpack is done percentage wise?
    It seems like 10%.
    Oh an idea!
    How about adding a mod like Reliquary or Unique Artifacts and making a custom dungeon for an artifact, then making an NPC that trades artifacts for money, thus giving you a choice- Keep it or Sell it?
    Another idea!
    The more you trade the more "fame" you recieve, more fame gives acces to more materials for more "exotic" packs, examples:
    1) Trading "natural" resources gives access to trades for differentr kinds of trees, exotic animals like bats or cave spiders.
    2)Trading ores unlocks trades for rarer ones, like not being able to trade diamonds right at the begining but only when you have fame for being a trader of ores (gemcutters don't trust you at first)
    3)Bad ideas make you lose fame like selling demon hearts to demons(-20 fame with demons), or trading cheap bear to dwarves(-30 fame with dwarves), or even trading spoiled meat with butchers. (examples)
    4)Negative fame may mean bad things, like much higher prices, or if you are REALLY bad- Mercenaries come after you.
    So tell me what you think about my ideas and thanks for making this pack
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    sound amazing love to test wean this is ready
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    Here's an idea: The prices you get for selling something should not only be determined by what it is and distance from origin, but also by if the people you are selling it to have a way of making it or not. For example, if you were to find a native tribe in the jungle that hasn't really progressed technologically, you could make money selling them things like guns and simple things like glass beads that they have never seen before, but selling them the native spices would fetch horrible prices. However, trying to sell those same guns and glass beads in a big city that has had a technological revolution would for the guns fetch an OK price and the beads would fetch a horrible price. However, selling them the exotic spices you got from those tribes in the jungle, such as cloves and nutmeg, would fetch excellent prices as exotic spices.

    Another idea is that you can teach undeveloped nations, like that jungle tribe, how to make things like guns, and as a result you will get a worse price for selling guns there, but as part of the agreement for teaching them, they give you a percentage of all the guns they make for free. Or sellers could have a limited supply, so that jungle tribe only had so many bags of cloves to sell, but you could teach them better farming methods which would increase their supply available for sale, and as a result of supply and demand, the price to buy cloves from them goes down.
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  17. The_Technomancer

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    Has development on this stopped? Or just slow going?
  18. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming Well-Known Member

    I've decided to start working on this again. I've finally gotten around to finishing some of the textures for our custom mod, Tradecraft, and will begin testing the mod soon.

    I'm digging up all of my old notes on this, and will start pulling feedback and ideas from community members.

    Rebirth has been going through a bit of a rough patch lately with relocating servers and whatnot, but we should be back on track soon!
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  20. cederjack

    cederjack Active Member

    I love the Idea of this pack, and I would like to help out in any way I can, from server host to tester to bug fixer! I was so sad to see it become inactive, so I am hyped to see your continuing! contact me in any way if you need me!

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