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Titanium Recipe / :( Drill

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by 7immyJ, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. 7immyJ

    7immyJ New Member

    Ok, I've been messin' with a lot of new stuff in these mods today so I'm probably missing something stupid but I can't figure out how to make Titanium. Bauxite dust + empty cells in an industrial centrifuge powered by an MFSU. Is this correct? I've made other recipes in it, just can't get the bauxite to work. Tryin' to make this drill maaaaan.
  2. Honza8D

    Honza8D New Member

    What modpack? Bauxite recipe was moved to industrial electrolyser in newer versions.
  3. 7immyJ

    7immyJ New Member

    FTB - Mindcrack. THANK YOU so much and for the instant reply! There is no NEI info and the recipe I'm finding shows the cetrifuge. ::sigh of relief:: My precious! >=)
  4. Nostras

    Nostras New Member

    Do not power it with an mfsu, it can accept up to 32EU/t. Unless you want to blow it up.
  5. Drakt

    Drakt New Member

    Nope, the industrial ELECTROLYZER can take up to 128 eu/t (MFE or MV transformer)
    and also gregtech has it set so that if you lose power at any point, you have to start over the whole process.
  6. whythisname

    whythisname New Member

    Jup it's 128 EU/t, it says so on the GregTech wiki.

    The main issue I have with Titanium though isn't getting the dust though, it's the fact I need another Blast Furnace (besides my Railcraft one) and a huge amount of power to keep that (and the Electrolyzer) going. Or can you also make Titanium ingots in the Railcraft Blast Furnace? It isn't listed in NEI as an option though.
  7. Korenn

    Korenn New Member

    Nope, the railcraft blast furnace isn't hot enough for titanium.
  8. Nostras

    Nostras New Member

    My reply was a comment on his statement
    "Bauxite dust + empty cells in an industrial centrifuge powered by an MFSU. Is this correct?"
  9. 7immyJ

    7immyJ New Member

    Yup, scared the S out of me, it blew up and I killed myself. lol Thankfully it didn't destroy items(quantum). MV transformer ftw. Yeah...I posted because I was excited that I figured that out...now I can't figure out how to smelt the damn titanium dust I get. What do you need to put in the industrial blast furnace with the titanium dust?
  10. Nostras

    Nostras New Member

    EU and the dusts, make sure you got enough power and connect the MV transformer or MFE with Insulated gold cable or glass fibre cable to the Blast furnace. I assume you also made the casings?
  11. 7immyJ

    7immyJ New Member

    I apologize for the hand holding, but I can't find this stuff anywhere. How do you get from "tiny pile of titanium dust" to titanium dust?! Or can the tiny piles go right into the Iblastfurnace? Yes, I made casings and I think I have my eu setup right. I have a full mfsu to a mv transformer to the Iblastfurnace, and the MFSU is constantly being refilled. It's the lowest tier casing setup at 1520 heat. atm I have 44 tiny piles of titanium and it's killin' me. LOL
  12. Nostras

    Nostras New Member

    Make a square with 4 of them, just like you make a crafting table :)
    It's not the lowest tier since that would give you ~1050 heat.
  13. Josh94

    Josh94 New Member

    NEI should have all these recipes...odd that you can't find them.
  14. 7immyJ

    7immyJ New Member

    ::facepalm:: about as bad as it gets too since I just made god damn Carbon plates. Information overload :confused: Thank you for the help tho! I don't go to many forums but this was practically instant help. FTB <3
  15. Peppe

    Peppe New Member

  16. 7immyJ

    7immyJ New Member

    It's up and running. lol I feel like I beat the game just makin' the damn drill.

    @ Josh Yes, since I look stupid already I may as well go all out! =P The recipe was in nei, I just didn't know how to navigate it.
  17. Nostras

    Nostras New Member

  18. noskk

    noskk New Member

    lol, wait until you make the damn Matter Fabricator and realize that you need a hell amount of EU to make 1 uu matter..
  19. ncreen_same

    ncreen_same New Member

    But UU matter is easy to store and can make many useful things, so its worth it
  20. BanzaiBlitz

    BanzaiBlitz New Member


    Go get yourself a fusion reactor running with automated refueling before feeling like you beat the game. If you manage THIS level of power generation, you will never want for EU again. :D

    Also just gave myself a totally lovely power core concept. :cool:

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