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Open Server Titan Core | FTB Infinity v.1.2.0 | Towny

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by chris napier, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. chris napier

    chris napier New Member


    Server IP: mc.titancore.net

    Titan Core is a newly formed community that is a splinter group of a 5 year old gaming community. If you're looking for a friendly, stable and great server then Titan Core is the server for you!

    We use Towny as a way of protecting our members from griefers and have set up an economy around towny.

    We have created a place called 'The Hub' where members can create their own shop which they can sell items through SignShop or offer their services.

    We are looking for amazing players to join our server and help make it a better community!

    1) Listen to staff and respect their decision. If you wish to make a complaint then contact Orisodth.

    2) Any exploits found must be reported to a member of staff. Its no fun for anyone by cheating your way through the game.

    3) Do not grief protected zones. If you find a way round protection then contact a member of staff.

    4) Enjoy yourself!

    Staff members:
    Server Owner - Orisodth
    Senior Admin - Raprob
    Admin - Scionoftruth

    We are always looking for new staff members to help make the server a better community.​
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  2. ViperZeroOne

    ViperZeroOne New Member

    Great server and a really positive and upbeat group of players. The owner is quite friendly and online fairly regularly. Being a new server they're definitely going through some growing pains, but I'm pretty confident they'll get everything worked out.

    I think my biggest complaint would be that there is no community (Forums/Website/Etc) outside of game, that I can tell. Even a regularly updated "news" page would be useful in this regard. When you can't access the server it's not only impossible to report it, it's impossible to find out if it'll be back up in 5 minutes or if there is something more serious going on. All you can really do is just sit there hitting "refresh" in the hopes your next click will show it online.

    Example, this morning the server has been going online and offline frequently, and is set to use a White-List. I'm assuming that means they (the staff) are doing work on the server. That said, without a something out-of-game it's impossible to actually know what's going on or how long they think it'll take. This is virtual "suicide" for new servers, as players can easily be frustrated at the lack of feedback and move on to other servers. (not that I plan to)
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