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Tinkers Construct question

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Bigpak, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. Bigpak

    Bigpak New Member

    Alright I am confused about tinkers construct. What parts of a tool affect mining speed? Is it only the head of the tool? It seems when I use large obsidian plates and obsidian handle+ cobalt head it is slower than a full cobalt hammer? Is that intended? What parts affect mining speed so I can make the fastest hammer?
  2. Labhras

    Labhras New Member

    I would assume whatever makes the most contact with the material you are mining, so for a hammer the head would make sense. Note: I haven't tested, it just makes sense to me.
  3. Bigpak

    Bigpak New Member

    Also, what makes tinkers construct tools better than normal diamond tools? I'm new to tinkers construct
  4. The Mobius Archives

    The Mobius Archives Well-Known Member

    In general the ability to repair using a moss modifier or electric modifier makes the tools better at any stage as you can fix the damaged state. The hammers and excavators can cut a larger swath in the ground and the lumber axe can cut down entire trees instead of single blocks.
  5. Bigpak

    Bigpak New Member

    Is a cobalt head tool faster than a diamond tool? even with a stack of redstone?
  6. Antice

    Antice New Member

    The head decides mining level,speed and base tool durability, however, when there is plates on the tool as well, they add their own durability to that of the head, as well as having an effect on mining speed and weapon damage. I don't know the exact formula, but adding slime plates to a steel hammer is not doing good things to it as far as mining and undead bashing goes. I would use the fastest material possible for all 3 of the main parts. like 2x steel plates and a steel head for the first metal one, while the earlier stone one would get a stone head and flint plates since tool head decides repair material (practically using a waste product for repairs) and flint which is actually a bit faster (mining speed 4,83 instead of 4) the ultimate mining speed hammer (before adding enchants) is a cobalt head with cobalt plates. (giving 11 base speed)
    you may want to temper this with the option of making the tool more durable instead by adding many plates. cobalt is bloody expensive stuff to use. there is also the speed boost from filling budd slots with redstone if you want even more speed. altho maxing speed at the expense of everything else should only be done if you plan to use the electric upgrade. (replaces durability with power use)

    tinkerer tools are better to vanilla tools of equal mining level due to not using the random enchant system of vanilla tools for getting buffs.
    There are also special buffs/alterations that are not available with vanilla enchants.

    stuff like the electric upgrade, that allows you to use IC2 EU's instead of durability when using the tool. or moss. giving self repair to the tool. (good for tools that aren't used constantly).

    then there are the tools that just don't exist in vanilla. like the hammer, scythe, battelaxe, cleaver, and mattock.
  7. YX33A

    YX33A New Member

    Maybe not, I haven't tested that, but I do know that a Cobalt head tool can mine things that diamonds can't. And that you can make it do much more awesome things then just mine like a chump with a diamond pick.
  8. Zenthon_127

    Zenthon_127 New Member

    Correct me if I'm wrong but a TiC pick with a Cobalt head and 100 redstone is faster than a diamond pick with Efficiency V. Because it has Cobalt it's going to come preloaded with Reinforced II, plus you can add two levels of autorepair and 50 more redstone assuming Thaumium/Paper.
  9. Bigpak

    Bigpak New Member

    Ok I am starting to understand... It says on the wiki the ONLY thing that affects mining speed is the head which is apparently wrong. So if I were to use electric modifier if I didn't let it run out of EU it wouldn't use the cobalt tools durability correct?

    Also, I applied the electric modifier to a cobalt hammer yet it doesn't seem to be running out of EU at all...

    How can I fix this?
  10. Antice

    Antice New Member

    the not running out of charge thing is a known bug. I do not know if it has been fixed in newer versions or not yet.
    for the mining speed thing, it was a pretty recent change. the wiki lagging a bit behind is quite normal. someone will get around to fixing the wiki soon enough. (depending on what wiki you are referring to?)
  11. RadioactiveSand

    RadioactiveSand New Member

    No, that information is correct. Well, okay, correct for certain items anyway. The basic tools have their speed determined by the head only. The advanced tools on the other hand have their speed determined by speed of head + plates / number of plates + head, so a hammer with 2 cobalt plates and a manyllum head has a speed of 10.33 (11+11+9/3).
  12. Juanitierno

    Juanitierno New Member

    Basically plates are considered heads, and AFAIK all their values are averaged.

    Use very expensive materials for the plates, since the proper head material defines the repair material, unless you are using the electric upgrade (or moss) in which case you wont need to repair it.

    For example an iron-head hammer with 2 cobalt heads will have an above-iron speed, but still be repairable with iron.
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  13. motorhue

    motorhue New Member

    These things are quite easy to test in a test world with NEI cheat mode on, you know.
  14. bmansabone

    bmansabone New Member

    how does one replace a second large plate on a tic hammer with iguana tweaks?
    it has one bronze (replaced) and one bone (original)
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2015

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