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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by behedwin, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. behedwin

    behedwin New Member


    What is your best weapon, sword/bow or anything for killing mobs.

    Tried around a bit but haven't found a favorite to basically instakill the normal mobs.
  2. MigukNamja

    MigukNamja New Member

    I'm sure there's better, but a simple longsword with Slime and Netherquartz upgrades is my go-to melee. For ranged, I use the MPS Railgun 'cause I'm too lazy to keep ammo (arrows) stocked. A nice bow with decent arrows would do more damage and be more fun, I'm sure, but like I said, I can't be bothered with ammo.

    For Wither Skeleton head-hunting, I use a Cleaver with as many Beheadings as I can stack.
  3. behedwin

    behedwin New Member

    What do you mean with Slime upgrades?

    And what material for the longsword?

    Atm i got one longsword with Steel blade, obsidian binding and iron rod.
    One stack of nether quartz upgrade and it got sharpnes 1.

    I dont think that sword i got now is very good. Id like to get sharpnes 4 or something similar.
  4. mk16

    mk16 New Member

    manyullyn rod and blade obsidian handguard.
    moss ball
    3 quarts upgrades
    (use nether star and block of gold and diamond upgrades to get more modifiers)
    sword does 7 hearts of damage, drops spoils bags every 10ish kills, and repairs its self.
  5. PhantomRage

    PhantomRage New Member

    I personally use...[DOUBLEPOST=1379545095][/DOUBLEPOST]Sorry about the double post, edit hates me right now.
    ~Anti-Player [Rapier]
    Manyllun Blade
    Paper Crossbar
    Thaumium Rod (Better handle bonus than paper)

    I usually pump one slot into the Electric Upgrade, and the rest into Quartz.
    ~Casual [Broadsword]
    Manyllun Blade
    Paper / Manyllun Wide Guard
    Manyllun / Thaumium Rod

    As usual, one slot into electric, and one full Lapis upgrade, and the rest nether quartz (sometimes a necrotic bone).
  6. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    I use an Iron Longsword, Obsidian Crossbar and Stonehandle. Nether Quartz, Moss, and Lapis. Since it's a Longsword, I was able to use the Right-Click Lunge to get into sword range on Skeletons even with the faster shooting as you get closer. On the other hand, I did go shooting over a few cliffs.
  7. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member

    Any metal cleaver completely destroys anything.
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  8. namae

    namae New Member

    This. I don't see why people don't like them, even not maxed out cleavers 2shot anything and don't require repair for months. Yeah, they are slower although not that significant but that is also a pro in case of lag spikes. Maybe for pvp there are better alternatives but in PVE they are just devastating.
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  9. Zenthon_127

    Zenthon_127 New Member

    Type: Cleaver
    Parts: Manahmanah Large Blade, Thaumium Plate, 2x Paper Thick Rod
    -Fortune 3
    -3x Quartz

    Basically one-hits everything because of fire.
  10. PeggleFrank

    PeggleFrank New Member

    Paper/metal bows (depending on whether you want speed and damage or range and accuracy) with paper/thaumium/manyullyn arrows. Max out the arrows with quartz, give the bow a bunch of redstone, and you're good to go for PvP or boss fights.
  11. Antice

    Antice New Member

    they are Godly for headhunting, but in the end, when attacked by a pack of enemies at once, you often end up swamped anyway. especially those pesky spiders in the nether can do a big number on you. (the big one is easy enough, but it spawns from 3 to 5 little ones when you kill it).

    My prefered weapon is a green slime bow, fortified with moss and redstone. it is paired with flint or cactus headed arrows with slime rods and feather fletching. The low tier arrowheads give better range on the arrows, thus making it easier to snipe off ghasts and whatnot. if i feel rich i add 1 piece of quarts per arrow for the damage and maybe some blaze powder for some bonus burning. since these are made from mostly renewables i don't feel bad about loosing some arrows every now and then since they are cheap to replace.

    There is one weapon that is hardly ever mentioned tho. the scythe is a real piece of work. it has a 3x3 AOE attack, and is goodly for grinding souls at a vanilla spawner.
    make one with a many blade, paper, thaumium and slime Rods and binding. (the slime has to be a ROD, otherwise mix and match the rod/binding as you want)
    it has 5 enhancement slots, and once fully stocked up actually does a decent amount of damage despite it's AOE balancing nerf.
  12. behedwin

    behedwin New Member

    I tested the cleaver for some different combinations.
    Im not getting up in that high damage as i hoped for.
    I added 6 stacks of nether quartz and still dont one hit a plated zombie.

    Comparing to my sharpnes lvl 4 diamond sword that one hit that zombie.
  13. PeggleFrank

    PeggleFrank New Member

    Try this:

    Paper tough tool rod.
    Thaumium plate.
    Thaumium tough tool binding.
    Manyullyn cleaver blade.
    Nether star.
    Diamond + golden block.
    Lots of quartz.

    If that doesn't work, you might want to switch to metal bows.
  14. Lohengrin

    Lohengrin New Member

    Manny blade and hilt and rod. Full lapis and a metric fuckton of quartz. Can toss on moss if you are concerned about it, but should last a hell of a long time, full manny durability is crazed. Cutlass takes some durability modifier from hilt, unlike the other swords in case you are wondering why. Even without adding additional modifiers, you are at 12.5 hearts a whack. Factor in the 10% crit bonus of cutlass and stuff dies...alot. Quickly. Having block is nice too for when shit goes south.

    Cleaver as secondary head taking option for when you head hunting. Steel blade, obsidian plate, slime rod. Full lapis (not really needed though) and an extra beheading for giggles and the rest quartz. Steel is cheap enough and durable enough, moss isnt really needed. Only taking it out for heads.
  15. behedwin

    behedwin New Member

    Went with a cutlass

    Manny blade, paper rod and guard.

    full lapiz upgrade (450) got me looting III
    then a nether star, gold+dimond block.
    then 1 moss for auto-repair
    and finaly maxed out on nether quartz for sharpness and dmage.

    works alright, not perfect.
    Wanted the looting aswell so had to cut down on the damage.
  16. PeggleFrank

    PeggleFrank New Member

    Here's a tip:

    Use thaumium for the guard. AFAIK two paper is the same as one paper, and two thaumium gives the same as one thaumium.

    IIRC, that should give you an extra modifier slot. Or maybe it was changed.
  17. snooder

    snooder New Member

    It might have been changed. I get more modifiers with double paper than with only one piece paper.
  18. gokogt386

    gokogt386 New Member

    Scythe: Manylyn head, Paper Tough tool binding, two slime rods. 3 quartz upgrades and a lava crystal. AoE affect to destroy groups of mobs.
  19. Antice

    Antice New Member

    you only need one of the rods to be slime to get the 2x durability multiplier bonus. the other can be paper or thaumium without any penalty at all (FTBunleashed 1.1.4) besides. with moss added it lasts virtually forever anyhow. no need to actually max out durability. the head itself makes it plenty large anyway.
    however, the weak point is that even with 3 quarts upgrades on it you do not one hit kill most enemies. sacrificing some DPS for looting is good for using it at a makeshift grinder, since you will be 2 hitting even endermen at that level annyway.

    poormans endergrinder is to just build a endstone bunker in the end with a 2 high roof and then annoy as many endermen as possible. with mystcraft books you don't even need to kill the dragon.
  20. ZeSapper

    ZeSapper New Member

    Any tips for a good bow/arrow combo?

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