Things I am currently mucking about with in 1.16.5

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Jul 28, 2013
So I've started a modpack in 1.16.5. My first world is really just to get a feel for stuff, see what's different from my usual pattern in 1.12.

First up, some farming.
I made a little auto farm. Still Industrial Foregoing Gatherers, but at the moment 1.16 is still missing Integration Foregoing, so my cheeky Industrial Foregoing/Agricraft combo doesn't work. I ended up needing to use IF planters too. And because we're also missing EnderIO for now, I've rigged up a cunning system of Mekanism logistical transport to harvest/replant/shuffle stuff into my ME network.

Second up, powah.

Now this is a bit complicated at the minute, but I have just found a solution (detailed below). Solar flux reborn solar panels. Quite a nice compact way of generating power. And this feeds into my Mekanism Induction Matrix. Just a baby one at the moment, but it's modular and expandable so I can build it up to obscene levels later.
Now the reason this is complicated is because I also have:

Electrodynamics/Nuclear Science stuffs.
Really enjoying these mods at the moment, working on uranium enrichment so I can make a fission breeder reactor to make tritium for a fusion reactor, then I make a particle accelerator to make antimatter, then I can make ICBMs and start carpetbombing villagers :D

However there's some slight teething troubles going on. None of the ores are oredict, so NS Uraninite isn't interchangeable with the uranium ores from other mods (which means I have multiple spawns of the same ore, annoying), oh and the power system is completely different and it's taken me some effort to get it working alongside my RF/FE setup.

So, another entirely separate solar plant lol
And this is part of the power solution that is powering my uranium enrichment

Basically I can input Electrodynamics power into my induction matrix just fine, but I've been having real issues getting it back out again. Mekanism cables won't connect to Electrodynamics machines and Electrodynamics cables won't pull from my Induction Matrix ports. I was told the workaround was to use RF/FE cables to output power from the Induction Matrix into an ED battery box, then output from there into my ED power system, which *kinda* works. But typically, there's an issue. If I use Mek Universal Cables, they output all the power they can into the battery box in one tick, then stop. I have to break both input and output cables on the battery box then reconnect them to get them to do it again. Bit useless.

However, I found a solution while I was off tinkering with something else, namely...

So yeah basically I started mucking about with this mainly because I'm jonesing for EnderIO, Mekanism cables are great but needing multiple sides to do multiple tasks is very 2013. Xnet's channels take a bit of getting used to, but once you get your head round the logic behind the controller, it's great fun.

I've got my IF latex production fully automated with it, from a buffer chest with logs, an IF block placer, tree sap thingummies, a TE aqueous accumulator and my latex producer, just using two Xnet channels. It's pretty ace.

BUUUuuuUUUUt best of all, Xnet connectors don't have the same weird power bug that Mek Universal Cables have, so I'm just about to hook up my battery box collection to my Induction Matrix that way and it'll let me unify my power systems into one again :D

All WIP at the moment, I've got tons of stuff in this pack I still want to mess with.

Oh and just because I can, here's my mine workings
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Jul 28, 2013
Cool stuff. I like your branch mine. Never tried Xnet but it seems confusing.

The Xnet controller interface looks a bit mad, but it's actually pretty intuitive.
Each cable can have ~8 channels
Each channel (column in the control panel) can do one thing and one thing only (ie power, item, fluid, or redstone logic transport)
But you can have any number of different things in each channel and just use filters to keep it tidy and targeted.

For example, I have a fluid channel that is handling water, latex, molten stuff all at once and I just filter inputs on the target machines. I also have the item transport system for my Uranium enrichment program (mostly) automated. So like:
Xnet cables are exporting Uraninite into the first few extractors, then grabbing yellowcake as it's produced and exporting it into the nuclear boilers, which export automatically into the gas centrifuges. The only bit I haven't worked out is how to get the finished U238 and U235 samples out, as there's only one side available that will accept power/item transport and Electrodynamics power isn't compatible with Xnet :(

General updatery

I made a little power station. You can see the fusion reactor and induction matrix inside (now fully tricked out inside)
76 TRILLION FE. That's 30-something Draconic Energy cores, for reference :D
The solar panel farm and radioisotope generators (back left in the below image):
Are basically the jump start for the fusion generator.

Beyond that, I just fancied a little fountain for my soon-to-be-town
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Jul 28, 2013
Done a wee bit more. I decided COLIN needed a house, rather than living in my basement, so here 'tis
Then of course, COLIN's frame and batteries
And the completed article

Next up, a foundry to host my ore processors.
Still WIP, i'll be using Mekanism's wacky ore processing setup here, plus the Electrodynamics uranium enrichment/deuterium/tritium manufacturing will also be in here when I'm done.

Oh yeah, then I decided I actually wanted a tower to live in rather than just a basement with a sunroof, so I paved over my noobcave with this:

Next up is blood magic. I think I might make some sort of Aztec ziggurat type thingy and stick a blood altar on top :3
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