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Whitelist Server The World(24/7)A Space Astronomy 1.5.5 Server| Brand New Map(11/28/2016)| Mature

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by stanicle, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. stanicle

    stanicle New Member


    Welcome to The World

    Server Address:
    Teamspeak Address: TBA
    Website: http://www.theworldmc.com

    Goal of the server:

    It aims to be a small server where we can play at our own leisure and not be bogged down by the dealings of a larger server. Play here if you just want to experiment with this modpack and make some new friends! Looking for possible partners to help run the server due to working full-time.

    About the server owner:

    I(stanicle) have ran multiple minecraft servers(modded and vanilla) under this name for quite some time. I recently took a long absence from the minecraft community, but I believe it is time to play again. With a new focus of just playing to relax and have some fun. Come join me here by simply answering a few questions (below) I have to get added to my whitelist. Hope to have some adventures with you all soon!

    Server Details

    • Website for the server
    • Server was started on 11/28/2016.
    • Server is ran on a dedicated server out in Los Angeles.
    • Running on 6gb ram but more can be allocated as needed
    • FTB Space Astronomy 1.55 Server
    • Using kcauldron for some basic plugin support
    • Whitelisted -- See "application" section.
    • Voice server for everyone to use

    Server Rules
    • No stealing and/or griefing. Pranks are fine among friends but don't push it.
    • No excessive cursing in chat
    • No harassment of any kind will be tolerated
    • Just have some fun
    Banned Items/Mods:

    Please, answer these few questions to apply for the server:

    What is your in-game name?

    Age ( looking for 18+ but have made exceptions in the past due to referrals)

    Have you ever played on any modded servers before? If so, what?

    Are you interested in becoming staff? If yes, please, visit here!

    That's it!
    Post your reply here and I should get back to you asap. If you want a quicker response. Please, use our website [​IMG]

    Any other questions. Just ask!
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  2. Rocy775

    Rocy775 New Member

    1. IGN- rocy775
    2. Age (I am looking for 18+ but will make exceptions)- I'm 17 :3
    3. Why do you want to play here?- I want to experience this new pack with other players who love mods as much as I do. And I hope to maybe make some new friends out of it! :D
  3. Matterbound

    Matterbound New Member

    1. IGN: Matterbound
    2. Age: 18
    3. Why do you want to play here?: I've been looking for a server where I can start a large project I've been thinking of. So far no server has really caught my attention, but hopefully this one is different!
  4. gopuri

    gopuri New Member

    1. IGN (in-game name) gopuri
    2. Age (I am looking for 18+ but will make exceptions) 23
    3. Why do you want to play here? Just looking for a server with a decent modpack. I prefer the smaller servers with a community approach rather than trying to thrive with 400 other guys building 2 blocks away from me.
  5. Hollowfires

    Hollowfires New Member

    1. IGN Hollowfires
    2. Age 21
    3. Why do you want to play here? Looking for a server. Need something stable with low TPS issues. Trying all I can until I find something I'm happy with.
  6. stanicle

    stanicle New Member

    Hey guys thanks for all the interest. I've added you all to the server. The ip address is in the OP. Brand new server, so only me and another right now.Also, still tinkering with the server settings, but just about here. Also, to you hollowfires about the tps. The server been running at about a constant 17-18 if you are wondering. There is some server lag with this mod pack with loading new chunks, but I've been trying to pregen the world when I get the chance.

    Any other questions feel free to ask.
  7. stanicle

    stanicle New Member

    Hey 0n1ycb I added you to the whitelist. Welcome btw I saw you on earlier when I was messing with stuff. Actually didn't have you added yet, so thankfully that reminded me when the server does it restart schedule. The whitelist gets disabled. That is fixed now and you are added :)

    Hope to get a good group here,so there will be players on at all times. Nothing large, but enough of us to make the server have some life.

    If there are server issues you notice or anything . Please, let me know :)

    Edit: I would like to add the server is currently set to restart itself at 4 am EST and 4 pm EST. I will be adding more restart times as needed. It takes about 5 min to reboot with everything going on in this mod. Also, it makes back ups of the server 30 min before each restart.
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  8. stanicle

    stanicle New Member

    OP has been updated slighty of whats to come in the details section.

    Just need players to help build this server up to its full potential. Especially the night crowd. Currently just me on at night. :( Need some new blood here lol. The joys of a brand new server.

    edit: Let me know if anyone has any lag as well and where you are located. I forgot to add that in my little "app" for the server. I am currently debating on swithcing hosts to correct som elag some might have. I am currently not experiencing any, but I heard some have.
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  9. ChieftainCarter

    ChieftainCarter Active Member

    1. IGN: ChieftainCarter
    2. Location: Michigan USA
    3. Age: 17
    4. Why do you want to play here?: I have wanted to play the new "Ultimate" if you will ever since the pack has been out. I am now thrilled that Ultimate has been remade, and GregTech is back! And due to the fact that there haven't been many servers online that feature resurrection, I was happy to find this server, and agree to all the guidelines above. Hopefully you'll accept, haven't played on a "Ultimate" server in about a year and some change.
    5. Do you have any experience with this mod pack or Ultimate?: I have played Tekkit way back when (1.2.5) when Redpower and EE2 were in full swing. After Ultimate came out and FTB was rising in popularity, i played that for quite some time until new versions of modpacks came out (Unhinged, DW20 TechWorld, etc.) And I have played around in a single player world with all the new Gregtech changes and other updated mods.
    6. Any suggestions for the server to make it better? None! On a side note, the addition of a TS server would be cool to easily communicate with other players rather than in game chat. Just a suggestion!
  10. Ryan784

    Ryan784 New Member

    1. IGN (in-game name): Ryan784
    2. Location: I am located in the US, East Coast (Standard Eastern Time).
    3. Age (I am looking for 16+ but will make exceptions): I am 18 years of age.
    4. Why do you want to play here?: Honestly, looking for a Server with a nice community to play the new pack on - and this one seems to hit what I like. Looking for people to play with, a nice and welcoming community to enjoy the game with - and an overall friendly and laid back environment.
    5. Do you have any experience with this mod pack or Ultimate?(Not relevant to you get accepted just wondering): Yes, I do. I played Ultimate non-stop as soon as it came out, and loved it. Was harder to get into, especially end-game, but a lot more fulfilling. I do not have much experience with this modpack in particular though - but I do know most mods and learn pretty fast.
    6. Any suggestions for the server to make it better? I honestly cannot suggest anything without having experienced the Server firsthand - but perhaps a mining age - or a nexus of some sort. I'm unsure, as I've said, I haven't been on the Server yet.
  11. stanicle

    stanicle New Member

    Hey guys. i am going to add you both to the server. Still, will be times with no one on as this server is brand new (2 days old), so still building the community. If anyone here has anyone they would like come join up. i will be more than happy to add. Just let me know

    Server is still bare(no spawn built etc), but that will come with a little time. I would like the spawn to be built when we are a little "bigger". Spawn will be moved too when we deem a better spot. Mining age sounds like a great idea and will be added soon. As long as a transportation system between spawn and players bases etc. I can even make them only accessible by specific players if needed. All in due time though.

    Also, as stated before let me know how the server runs lag wise. If enough players have some I will be more than happy to move server hosts. I experience almost no lag except when new areas are loaded or I am doing something server wise. Generally, run consistently under 20tps.

    One more thing. Due to the holidays I will not be on much the next few days as I have family I need to travel around to see. I will have my phone on me, so I will still be checking the server and here as normal. Just not playing.
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  12. Runebooke

    Runebooke New Member

    1. IGN (in-game name):runebooke
    2. Location:Georgia(south-east usa)
    3. Age (I am looking for 16+ but will make exceptions):27
    4. Why do you want to play here?: I have been looking for a small server to play on for awhile, with mixed results, even had my own for awhile. Due to being a full-time college student
    5. and parent I just didn't have the time to keep it going. some of my best experiences playing Minecraft have been on a small server, and I would like to experience that again.
    6. Do you have any experience with this mod pack or Ultimate?(Not relevant to you get accepted just wondering): I loved Ultimate, other than Monster I have played that modpack the most, but by no means have a mastered all the mods in the pack.
    7. Any suggestions for the server to make it better? Just encouraging cooperation, example: having a communication program. The best things are often the simplest.
  13. stanicle

    stanicle New Member

    Added ya Runebooke! Welcome to the server(check OP for address). Still looking for more, so we can make this place lively a bit.

    Teamspeak server will be set up probably Friday night for this server :) I will post the details when available.
  14. ChieftainCarter

    ChieftainCarter Active Member

    Cool. Appreciate the acceptance and the TS server creation!
  15. Lerraent

    Lerraent New Member

    1. IGN (in-game name): Lerraent
    2. Location: PA, US
    3. Age (I am looking for 16+ but will make exceptions): 33
    4. Why do you want to play here?: It's a whitelisted server so hopefully the trolls will be minimal, plus I enjoy working on group projects.
    5. Do you have any experience with this mod pack or Ultimate?(Not relevant to you get accepted just wondering): 10 months on Ultimate, played a little bit in SSP on this specific modpack mainly to check out the mods.
    6. Any suggestions for the server to make it better? TBD
  16. tyr116

    tyr116 New Member

    Wanna add the plug.dj to the info as well? And can we set spawn to my area, as I've made it starter friendly.
  17. stanicle

    stanicle New Member

    Welcome to the server lerraent. I added ya. Good state to live in since that is where I am from as well. Also, its nice to see I am not the only 30 year old playing minecraft lol.

    Not a bad idea for spawn for now Tyr. I will move it next time were both on. Also, that plugin isn't completely fully functional yet. I would have to rebuild some of the code to get it to work properly, and it is not a current priority to do.
  18. tyr116

    tyr116 New Member

    What I mean is, do you want to post a link on this forum, because I have it running 24/7. People can just have it in background.
  19. stanicle

    stanicle New Member

    lol don't mind me I am half alseep from a long night of Christmas eve stuff :p

    Here is a link to the server's community music that can be controlled by all of us. Thanks to tyr116 for setting this all up for us :)

    Stancraft Resurrection Community Music

    Once again, thank you goes out to tyr for this!
  20. stanicle

    stanicle New Member

    Added a little "feature" to the server for everyone. If your character goes afk. You will go into a god mode, but you can not move/pick up items in this state. You must type /afk or jump to get out.

    Just wanted to make sure no one gets killed if they need to walk away for a minute. Also, made it so the god mode can not be abused.

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