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Whitelist Server The Technomancer's Collective [Direwolf 20 1.1.1][AUS Hosted and Owned]

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Captainscar, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. Captainscar

    Captainscar New Member

    • Server Name: The Technomancer's Collective
    • Server Location: Australian East Coast
    • Website: techno-c.net
    • Server Address: techno-c.net
    • Version: 1.7.10
    • Game Play Type: [Modded][Survival]
    • Additional Worlds: Mystcraft Worlds
    • The Technomancer’s Collective is an Australian based gaming community that was established December 2012 under the name of the Solar Realms Modded Minecraft Server, from there, we at the Technomancer’s Collective have taken it upon ourselves to further the games that we have to offer. The Technomancer’s Collective currently offers Minecraft (Currently only the Direwolf 20 pack, along with plans to expand into other server types), Space Engineers, Garry’s Mod servers for our community to get involved with, and play on. So, as you can see, our community, whilst not particularly ancient, has been involved with the modded minecraft community for a while, and the skills of some of our more experienced players are invaluable in providing the awesome experience we try to provide. That being said, we welcome players of all skillsets, in fact, one of our admin's is more into the architecture and design side of minecraft and makes somewhat regular contributions to the world in the form of aesthetic direction.

    • Our Modded Minecraft Server runs a variety of technology, magic, and other general improvement mods to provide a fun and engaging experience for all of our players. We use a whitelist system in order to make sure that all of our players are fun, mature, and all around pleasant to play with. We're currently looking to expand our playerbase so that we have a more vibrant experience for those on the server, and to bring some new faces into our community.
    • We welcome player's of all ages, however, we expect some level of maturity from our players, we're all here to have fun, and blowing up someone's base, as much fun as that may be for you, is more than likely not so great for the poor man who logs in to find his place to be a crater. That being said, we have had our spawn in a nuke crater before. So, there is alot of creative opportunity available for our players to take advantage of.
    • Applications: You can apply for the server on our website, or come onto our teamspeak at
      techno-c.net to talk to one of our friendly admins, we typically have a couple of players on at most hours of the day, however, you are more likely to find us between 6:00pm-10:00pm AEST during the week. You can also post an application on our forum post here, but just remember that we are more likely to contact you via our own online application.
    • Rules: All we ask of our players is to not grief, or steal from others players, and to be nice!

    • Images
    • Application Format
      Previous Experience / Why do you want to join? (If you have any pictures / evidence, put it here):
    • Server Hardware: Dedicated Server - CPU: Intel Xeon X3450 4 Core @ 2.66GHz Mem: 8GB
    • Mods: We run the Direwolf20 v1.1.1 pack
    • Owner/Admins/Moderators: Captainscar, Suranis, The_Creamster
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