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Casual Server The Great White Beast

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by YasukiHumai, May 12, 2014.

  1. YasukiHumai

    YasukiHumai New Member

    TEMP CLOSED: Seems all islands are full, debating about adding more.


    AgSkies 2.1.4
    Active Admins
    Dedicated Canadian hosting (server is in Toronto)
    Nightly restarts to fix potential lag issues
    Frequent saves with backups.

    What we have:
    Server is restarting today, fresh start for everyone. Room for co-op and solo players alike. Hoping to build a group that enjoys playing with each other. For the sanity of the admins, we only have space for 6 more islands to be opened. If you wish to join co-op let us know, and also let us know if you have a team or want one.

    What you need:
    The willingness to get in mumble. Seriously, we are not running a server for people to completely ignore the existence of others. When online the Admins are in mumble (very few exceptions, usually related to family.).

    • Be respectful to people!
    • No hacking/glitching/cheating
    • No racism or other offensive remarks.
    • No griefing/stealing/scamming.
    • Please do not ask for items.

    What we need from you:
    • IGN
    • Age
    • Country
    • Have you ever been banned or not? (We will be checking with mcbans)
    • Are you willing to join mumble?
    • Why are you interested in AgSkies?
    • Why should you be allowed to join?
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  2. DeGariless

    DeGariless New Member

    IGN: DeGariless
    Age: 24
    Country: PacificTime, UnitedStates
    Mumble: Definately

    Why do I like AgSkies:
    I like the challenge. I've played Magic farm a lot and I've play AS a little. I don't usually like Skyblock maps because of the Tech restrictions, but this mod pack changes that drastically. Personally, I think JadedCat is genius.

    Why should I be allowed to join:
    Because I am polite and respectful. I like your rules and I would have the same rules if it was my server.

    edit: Skype: DeGariless
  3. Moryse

    Moryse New Member

    • IGN Moryse
    • Age 17
    • Country U.S
    • Have you ever been banned or not? (We will be checking with mcbans) Ive recently been pointed out that i have, infact been banned for a few servers. Allow me to explain, those bans occurred during a period of time that my account was compromised.
    • Are you willing to join mumble? Of course
    • Why are you interested in AgSkies? Its an interesting modpack, and its fun to play with people who are willing to help out, and i am also willing to help out.
    • Why should you be allowed to join? Im a lay back nice guy who enjoys helping other people, and just making new friends and making a nice community.

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