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Whitelist Server The Gravel Pit 24/7 - 20player - Low pop/friendly - Mature - TS3 - 8.1.1

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by theinbetween, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. theinbetween

    theinbetween New Member

    Server name: The Gravel Pit, 24/7 w/ creeperhost
    Slots: 20(7 regulars currently, server is actually a 100 player server but you know, performance/tidiness)

    Hey guys!

    I've got a pretty solid server on the go with only a handful of people, and actually really only looking for a few more people to play on the server. We keep a very friendly environment, and a trustworthy one at that, too! We just like to play, and not have other people mess with our stuff. Also, it's a pretty new seed and the server was just cleared out a few days ago. We also have a teamspeak server that we utilise, but it's not a necessary requirement for joining.
    Obvious rules:

    No griefing etc. Like I said, friendly... so no PVP unless you and your buddy want to kill eachother endlessly, I won't stop you.

    Age is not an issue, though maturity is. We're down with fun.

    It's pretty much just straight up vanilla mindcrack, nothing is currently additional or disabled.

    We do rock the whitelist, so anyone interested can hit me up on teamspeak or post in this thread with this form:
    Reason for joining:

    Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you!
  2. diegoroberts99

    diegoroberts99 New Member

    Reason for joining: i love to play ftb and i am really good at it so i really want to play on this server and help others out and i have had issues with finding a decent server.

    thank you for your considering me for the server
  3. kissrocksforever

    kissrocksforever New Member

    IGN - kissrocksforever
    Reason for Joining
    Because I love the FTB modpack and I'd love to join a server with a small close community (Like the official Mindcrack server for example) I have been playing the 1.42 version for a while on SMP and having lots of fun and recently tried out the mindcrack version and I love it too! I think being a part of a server will help me learn it quicker, and I'm a good addition to any server as I'm a well-rounded, mature, friendly player.

    I hope I see you on The Gravel Pit soon!
  4. dkznike

    dkznike New Member

    IGN: dkznike
    Reason for joining: I enjoy playing multiplayer and have been playing FTB for a long time i'am looking for a small but mighty community, where players live near each other and not steal or grief each other, and this server looks like it got that, so i hope I can come by and see what this server is up too.
  5. chris for 2012

    chris for 2012 New Member

    Reason for joining: i have been looking for a decent server with a good communitiy to play Ftb with and i ithink this server is good server. I also know alot about the mods in the pack and im a friendly laid back person.
  6. sonick100

    sonick100 New Member

    IGN: sonick100
    Reason for joining: I have been playing mindcrack for a bit and I want to play with a nice community. I also want to learn a little bit more about the mods.

    Also I have a friend who wants to join for the same reasons, his IGN is Spywerd. Thanks.
  7. Spywerd

    Spywerd New Member

    I'm Spywerd. I hope you'll consider adding us to your server. Looking forward to your reply.
  8. calvin263

    calvin263 New Member

    IGN: calvin263
    Reason for joining: I like building houses and make them look good, and also making redstone contraptions. That and using advanced machinery in them as well, FTB adds quite a lot when it comes to that. I also use computercraft a lot.
  9. Labentadore

    Labentadore New Member

    IGN: Labentadore
    Reason for Joining: Been playing Minecraft for a while and loving FTB pack but never really played SMP looking forward to building great stuff with other people :)
  10. killkid3600

    killkid3600 New Member

    Reason for joining:Need a place to chill and hangout. This seems like the perfect place i also know the ropes about the main mods so no worries.
  11. peypey

    peypey New Member

    IGN peypey
    Reason for joining: I am bored of playing alone, it gets boring quickly.
  12. nascar240

    nascar240 New Member

    IGN: nascar240
    Reason for joining: I was just playing mindcrack ftb on single player and then I realized that it was really boring when there is nobody to talk to, however I don't like high population servers so I found this one and it seems like it would be good for me :)
  13. neoblob99

    neoblob99 New Member

    IGN: neoblob99
    Reason for joining: I've played FTB single player for a while, pretty much beat the beta pack but i've decided that it's more fun to play in a community, It gets lonely :/.
  14. SmallButBeast

    SmallButBeast New Member

    IGN: SmallButBeast
    Reason for joining: i am looking for a friendly server that will stay up and that i can have some fun on and spread my cheer and knowledge on FTB and more specifically the MindCrack pack
    PS. i am skilled with every mod in the pack except for redpower
  15. dylan peterson

    dylan peterson New Member

    Reason for joining:Want to join a freindly minecrack server that has good admins who dont abuse power Im also wanting to make new freinds and help out anyone who needs it and your server seems the best as freindly wise:).
  16. Zorku

    Zorku New Member

    IGN: Zorku

    Joining cuz so ronery.
    I will probably periodically check out other people's bases and then coax them to make better use of redpower blocks in their automation. Sometimes I will also give people enough time to ask questions before I answer them.
  17. theinbetween

    theinbetween New Member

    man FTB rules! the response is awesome, and i definitely appreciate it!

    soooo everyone above this post was added to the WL, so the WL sits at about 17 people in total. so further space is quite limited.

    i understand people have schedules and all that(and some of you don't ;D), so it's not expected you play on the server at all times or anything.

    still, what we have is good, people respect eachother and eachother's property. i'd appreciate it if you all kept it that way and everything will work out good :D
    Magzem likes this.
  18. Spywerd

    Spywerd New Member

    Thanks! I look forward to playing on the server. I'll pop on right now for a few minutes to check things out. I can't stay long though. Have some things to do before I can sit down and play games. (Though that doesn't usually stop me.)
  19. ScopedArcher

    ScopedArcher New Member

    IGN: ScopedArcher
    Reason for joining: I want to start on a new server with a better community as i find other server quite unenthusiastic and rude. I also am very good at the mod pack and i want to share my knowledge to other people :D

    Thanks for taking the time to look at my application and i hope i get accepted :D
  20. rigalosa

    rigalosa New Member

    IGN: rigalosa
    Reason for joining: Looking for a decent ftb server to play on, I find it's better than ssp because you can get inspiration from other players, and it really helps to enjoy the game when you're just messing around with other players figuring everything out.

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