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Whitelist Server The Golden Keg DireWolf20(v1.0.2) server pack(small community)

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by gpodz, Dec 28, 2014.

  1. gpodz

    gpodz New Member

    Hello, DerpFever here I'm posting here looking for a few good people to play minecraft with. It is a small community and only looking to fill bout 10 slots of the server. The server itself is up pretty much up 100% of the time, and almost next to no lag.
    There is no "App", but i would like to know who i will be inviting to the server. So if you could message me or post about yourself a little, i'll be happy to bring those who are looking for a small server to play to a new home.

    As far as i'm, concerned there's no rules mostly build away from spawn and don't be a butthole and we'll all be good. There are no banned or disabled items and mods, I'm very new to owning a server and the result is no plugins so to speak of, and the pack itself is the same as the one in the FTB launcher.

    Server: goldenkeg.mcph.co
  2. Iddias

    Iddias New Member

    i'm iddias in minecraft. i just want to play minecraft. i've been playing since beta and just enjoy it alot. i want somewhere small but active to just enjoy myself. how's that?
  3. gpodz

    gpodz New Member

    Sounds good
  4. Scyther159

    Scyther159 New Member

    Hey my IGN is Scythk and I 'm very much interested in your server. I want a small server where everyone can have fun and not worry about having thieves, griefers, etc. I'm knowledgeable with majority of the mods in the pack with exception to a few that I'm currently studying up on or lack interest in learning and could offer much needed support and expertise if needed. I've been playing minecraft since alpha and with mods since beta 1.8/1.9. Thanks for your time and see you on the other side. :D
  5. gpodz

    gpodz New Member

    okay good deal, ill add you right now
  6. CGasper

    CGasper New Member

    Hi, my Ingame name is CGasper, i'm 19 and i would like to join your server : D I really like small comunities(You know, you kinda connect more to people and thers no Griffers and this kind of stuff). I've been playing minecraft since.... 1.4 beta or something, i really like the Direwolf pack but playing Single Player is kinda boring.
  7. gpodz

    gpodz New Member

    I feel you're pain i'd be happy to have you onboard
  8. Cory Morgan

    Cory Morgan New Member

    I enjoy playing Minecraft, I'm more than experienced with mods (I've been playing since Tekkit/Technic) and I really enjoy hanging out on servers where I can chat & joke about with other players. I absolutely adore group activities, so if I'm accepted we can expect a lot of those :p

    I'm a decent builder but I enjoy focussing on infrastructure such as machines, I'm friendly and chatty so that's fun. I'm 16 btw, my MC username is lazycory12
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2014
  9. Alonard

    Alonard New Member

    my name is Alonard and i represent a group of 4 friends who are searching for a new home.
    we are mostly harmless and friendly tho we like to prank each other so if are allowed to relocate into your wonderful kingdom I'd be careful around our base for traps ;).
    we are all over 20 years old so you don't have to worry about "drama".
    if you have any more questions feel free to ask and i'll do my best to answer them honestly, if the ping is as the client promises then i will have the rest apply to the server as well.
  10. fengrong

    fengrong New Member

    My minecraft name is fengrong. I'm a friend of iddias, who pointed me this way. I've been playing minecraft since alpha and have knowledge of many forge mods. I might not log in often with my busy work schedule, but I'd like the chance to play on a server.
  11. anthony098765

    anthony098765 New Member

    My ign is anthony098765 i have been looking for a small community i have been playing minecraft since alpha and i love to do team builds and such:D
  12. Chili_HD

    Chili_HD New Member

    Hey man! Looking for a server to play on and I'd be a great addition to it: love to play with small and trustworthy communities and create the world we want to improve in Minecraft. I have played Direwolf20 for about 300 hours or so, so I know some basic things. Willing to support players and contribute positively to the community.
  13. Ercoslane

    Ercoslane New Member

    Hello, My name's Eric I'm twenty years old. I like pina coladas and dancing in the rain; but on to the important stuff. My in-game name is Erc_ and I've played minecraft since early 2010. I started playing FTB when it originally released it's first modpack. I enjoy the feel of smaller FTB servers because they usually allow you experience the full modpack while larger ones tend to restrict items or mods in their entirety. There is also usually a much better community on smaller servers. I've looking for a new server to call home since 1.7 released because my older servers slowly died off.

    Tl;dr: My Ign is Erc_ and I'd like to play on your server. :D
  14. chupari2

    chupari2 New Member

    well hello from experience i know im a mess with applications xD
    ign - chupari
    have been playing on a server for a while that has been closed down still havent heard the reason till this day
    thats why im searching for a new friendly community to learn/get back in the game again
  15. Peedyman

    Peedyman New Member

    IGN - Peedyman
    age: 25
    looking for a nice active community to play with. smaller is better more thightly knit servers.
    I have been playing on and off for years now and i stay as long as servers stay active

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