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Open Server The Forsaken Network | Ethos LP Pack v1.0 (Private pack) | 24/7 | No Banned Items/Mods | Protections

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by vanZeben, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. vanZeben

    vanZeben New Member

    IP: etho.forsaken.co
    Check out our website!
    We run on the recommended build of EthosLPPack Private Pack
    Server Info:
    UnRestricted Gameplay

    No Banned Items
    No Banned Mods
    Grief Prevention Protected Land!
    15k world border
    No PvP in the main world
    Voting Rewards/Starter Kit
    Friendly Community
    Mature Staff Team
    Useful Commands: /tpa, /summon, /home, /back, rtp

    Griefing/Stealing is not allowed
    Don't be a jerk (more of a guideline)
    Have Fun!

    Ban List?
    None! Feel free to do as you please :)

    How Do I Join?
    1. Download FTB launcher​
    2. Enter the pack code "Etho"​
    3. Log into "etho.forsaken.co"​

    Server Specs:

    CPU: Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620
    RAM: 128GB EEC DDR3
    HDD: Samsung 830 series SSD & 1TB 10000 RPM 64MB Cache HDD
    Internet: 1 Gigabit Dedicated Port​
  2. Asone

    Asone New Member

    Hmm so somone is actually doing a etho pack sounds sweet
  3. vanZeben

    vanZeben New Member

    It's my favourite pack atm, hence why we put one up... The collection of mods is much different than every other public pack out there, much more unique... Feel free to come and say hi ^_^
  4. lightning_mage1

    lightning_mage1 New Member

    i wanna play but ist down for maintenance :(
  5. vanZeben

    vanZeben New Member

    You must have caught it when it was restarting because it is up right now. I should probably change that message to one that's a little more descriptive
  6. ScyleX11

    ScyleX11 New Member

    Do you have to vote for the starter kit? I died by a sniper skeleton (Skeletin's a good job m8) and after realizing you could do /back , got timed out and couldn't log in. (Couldn't check inventory)
  7. vanZeben

    vanZeben New Member

    Nope you should get one when you log in, otherwise you can ask a Mod+ or higher if they are on and they can give you a new one!
  8. RLM1990

    RLM1990 New Member

    too bad, i was in game. didint get a starter pack, didint know where to go. and after ten minutes i got a timed out. and now i cant acces the server anymore..
  9. SlendyCrafter

    SlendyCrafter New Member

    I've been playing on the server, and this guy was showing me around, he took me through a portal to a place they called their "Hub". I stepped through and instantly crashed. Whenever I try logging in I immediately crash. PLZ HELP I WANT TO PLAY
  10. nicksurvivor

    nicksurvivor New Member

    Lookin forward to getting on!
  11. nick grishin

    nick grishin New Member

    hey guys so like this server is not compatible with the latest version of Etho's pack.. I rly wanna play but this is version 1.0B and his server is 1.0.... well idk about that but i can't log in.

    or is this a specail pack? can i have it pls?

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