The Erebus: moving forward and polishing gameplay


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Jul 29, 2019
Hello people of the FTB forum!

I am Dylan, and some of you may remember me from like half a year ago. Anyway, I am the founder and texture artist of the Erebus mod, a dimension mod which I believe has reached some popularity.

You can find out more about it here!

Anyway, the Erebus has been on a hiatus for a while. I've been taking a nearly complete break from minecraft myself for like half a year. But I'm back, because it started to itch again.

Let's get started!

Moving forward

The Erebus has been through a lot, but it is still not near completion. There are still many features we can and want to add, including more expansive dungeons, a lore system or something like that, many miscellaneous utilities, and other reasons for people to not only visit but actually inhabit the Erebus.

The main direction of the Erebus ever since the current team was assembled has been providing a tough enviroment that is completely inhabitable. To do this, we have added many ways for players to sustain themselves, and while doing so, we have added many things. A lot of things actually. That brings me to my next point.

Polishing gameplay

In our enthusiasm, the Erebus has lost a bit of direction. The core idea(s) still stand firm, but we have added a bit too much ''random'' content that does not actually benefit many people at all. I'd like to call it ''clusterfuck'' (I hope that term is allowed).
Erebus content has always felt a bit disconnected from eachother, often not bringing any cohesive gameplay, sometimes even trying to just add something to add something. One of the first points of action will be to rework a part of the items and other goodies to provide coherent, intriguing gameplay.
We will be doing a lot of ''feel'' things that should, overall, greatly increase gameplay. There is also another things we need to improve gameplay though...


During my break, I have been playing tons of League of Legends. This term is thrown around a lot by the developers of LoL, so it really stuck with me. And to be fair, the Erebus could also use some more clarity.

There are many obscure features in the Erebus. It is one of the reasons the main developer Dave had been poking me constantly to work on a wiki before I took a break. I eventually got an Erebus section on the FTB wiki, but that has been heavily neglected most likely, since I was supposed to do stuff, but I took a break (sorry @SatanicSanta and other wiki guys).

To increase in-game clarity, we will be working on a variety of things so the player feels less puzzled when looking in NEI and wondering how all of that fabulous stuff is supposed to be made. Also, you guys probably have never even tried out ant farming and bee farming in the Erebus. That's not too strange, given how there's 0 documentation on it.
So, expect some in-game guides to a lot of things, such as ant farms, bee farms, utility altars, sap brewing, etc.

I'd love to work on an NEI addon for the Erebus (and other mods as well maybe), but I have no code experience and such. If any of you are interested in making an addon with me, feel free to post it here or contact me.
This addon will focus on making clear which creature drops which item. By pressing the button you normal press to see the recipe, you would also be able to see which mobs drop that item (if any), the chance they have at dropping it, and where you can find those mobs. I have no idea how possible this is.

I hope you guys had a good read! I've been rambling a bit, so (a bit like the current Erebus) it may not be too coherent at times, but I hope I got my message through. Looking forward to your feedback on what you like about the Erebus, where you think we could improve, and other experiences you've had with the mod.

~ Dylan K., reborn mod developer and notorious slacker