The Chicken Bones Mod - helps you pick up chicks! (Modjam 3)

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  1. immibis

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    Download 1.7.10 version


    This was my submission for Modjam 3. When I submitted it, I expected that the Modjam team would host it somewhere. It appears they have not.

    Download 1.7.10 version

    Or click here for the 1.6.4 version

    Mod info:

    Here is the mod documentation I submitted to Modjam:
    Chickens have a chance to drop chicken bones. Start by killing some chickens.
    While killing chickens you may discover a feature not mentioned in this README.
    You can then make a chicken staff (see NEI for recipe).
    Left click a chicken with a chicken staff and it will drop as an item.
    The chicken item can be crafted into a chicken bone (which is more efficient than
    killing them, and safer!) or smelted into a chicken ingot, or used in some other
    You can use chicken ingots and chicken bones to make a chickaxe.
    This chicken-flavoured pickaxe mines low-level ores quickly. However, it will not
    be able to mine gold or diamond.
    You may find chicken ore underground. This is a source of chickens, if you are
    running low on chickens. It can also be crafted. For demonstration/testing purposes,
    I suggest you spawn some, and then mine it in survival (using either a chickaxe
    or a pickaxe).
    Chicken ore cannot be directly smelted into chicken ingots.
    Chicken ingots can, of course, be uncrafted into chicken nuggets - the same as
    gold in vanilla. Chicken nuggets can be eaten for 0.5 food bars and no saturation.
    Chicken ingots can also be crafted into chicken blocks, which can be crafted into
    chicken block blocks. These act like noteblocks that play chicken sounds, and are
    also used as crafting ingredients.
    Chicken wings can be crafted (see NEI again). Chicken wings are like
    Swords of the Zephyr from Thaumcraft 2. Point and right click to zoom forwards.
    Point and left click to zoom backwards.
      Known bug: if you right click on a block with a right click action (like chests),
      you might go forwards instead of backwards. Blame vanilla.
    Chicken beaks can be crafted (NEI). If your food drops below 9 hearts, and you have a
    chicken beak and chicken nuggets in your inventory, you will automatically eat a
    chicken nugget. This does not work on other food - only chicken nuggets.
    Combined with the chicken chest and some automation, you may never need to eat manually
    Elec-chick staffs can be crafted (NEI). Right click to shoot lightning. 4 uses.
    Chick'N'T can be crafted (NEI). It's like TNT, except it spawns chickens.
    Egg bombs are sometimes laid by chickens instead of normal eggs. These will explode
    if picked up or thrown. To collect them, use hoppers or other automation.
    Wireless Redstone can be crafted (NEI). It's like redstone, but completely useless.
    Try right-clicking with it.
    Chicken chests can be crafted (NEI). They are chests that access the inventory of
    whoever placed them, if that person is online.
    For demonstration/testing purposes, I recommend crafting this instead of spawning it.
      Known bug: Using your own chicken chest causes minor inventory sync issues.
      This is fixed by reopening the chest or picking up a desynced stack.
      You've probably seen this kind of bug before with some other mod.
    Try striking a chicken with lightning (e.g. from an elec-chick staff).
    Then kill the resulting chicken with a sword or bow.
    Then do it again, but this time kill it with lava.
    * Chicken
    * Chicken Nugget
    * Chicken Ingot
    * Chicken Ore
    * Chicken Block
    * Chicken Block Block
    * Chicken Chest
    * Chicken Core
    * Chickaxe
    * ChickenStaff
    * Chicken Wing
    * Chicken Beak
    * Egg Bomb
    * Egg Staff
    * Elec-chick Staff
    * Chick'N'T
    * Wireless Redstone (Chicken Bone Edition)
    Download 1.7.10 version
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  2. VikeStep

    VikeStep New Member

    Can we eat the chicken wings? maybe we can put it in the furnace for deep fried chicken wings?
  3. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

  4. Odovbold

    Odovbold New Member

    Oh, yeah, and there is french fries from other mod, MFC will be coming soon...
  5. ZedX

    ZedX New Member

    What kind of Chicken Nuggest is it? The kind you eat, or....

    Idk why this hasn't been added to FTB yet. I reckon it is an excellent mod and needs addition ASAP.
  6. Mr_Turing

    Mr_Turing New Member

    Immibis, any chance of you updating this to 1.7.10?
  7. MacAisling

    MacAisling Popular Member

    I've seen the chicken chest in Sl1pg8tr's CrazyCraft lets plays. There seems to be a dup bug when using the Inventory Tweaks shift-click to move things from your inventory to the chest.
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  8. Mr_Turing

    Mr_Turing New Member

    Its probably just a sync issue, not an actual dupe.
  9. madnewmy

    madnewmy New Member

    Nope it does actually dupe it when under half stack
  10. pc_assassin

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  11. madnewmy

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    /dumb question time
    What does FTFY means :p
    /dumb question time end
  12. pc_assassin

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    Fixed that for you

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  13. Thegamerbromlg635

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    I think the chicken chest has been grown out to be a duplicator and i think if it does update it should keep its duplicating abilities
  14. RJS

    RJS New Member

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  15. immibis

    immibis New Member

    Have an update to 1.7.10

    Some recipes tweaked to add in Chicken Chunks (as a crafting ingredient).

    Also, I couldn't see how to make a chicken chest duplicate items. Yes, it desyncs if you try to use your own chest, but if you open it again, or try to use the glitched items, it should go back to normal...
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  16. Thegamerbromlg635

    Thegamerbromlg635 New Member

    Ok thanks Immibis
  17. Thegamerbromlg635

    Thegamerbromlg635 New Member

    Also Immibis can you make a mod that allows you to create your own lucky block in game?
  18. immibis

    immibis New Member

    I've uploaded a new version that should work with Java 7.
  19. Chocohead

    Chocohead New Member

    The download link 404s :(
  20. immibis

    immibis New Member

    Fixed. (Somehow I uploaded it to dropbox, then copied a nonexistent link to instead of dropbox)
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