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Whitelist Server The Blue Turtle |Direwolf20 1.6.4| Whitelist | 18+ |Recently launched

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Xyclade, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. Xyclade

    Xyclade New Member

    Who are we?
    I myself am a Student (Masters in Computer Science) at the Technical University in Delft, The Netherlands. My Co-owner, Jdudok is also a student at the TU Delft, he studies Architecture. This gives us the nice combination of a good maintained server, and pretty buildings! The rest of the community consists of players from Europe and the USA.

    Tech stuff
    If you just want to play minecraft skip this part, it’s a waste of your time to read it, yet if you are a geek and/or interested in what our server hardware is like, go on and read.

    Server specifications:
    AMD 8350 Black edition (8 core 4GHZ)
    32GB Memory DDR1866
    2x 64GB SSD in RAID 0 + 128 GB SSD ( for backup purposes)
    100/100Mbit line

    The server is located at The TU Delft Campus in the Netherlands, and is only one hop away from the Main internet line from America to Europe, this is why we have both European and American players on the server. This hardware is dedicated to two minecraft servers: our FTB server and our Vanilla server. Our FTB server has been given more resources as it is more resource demanding in comparison to the vanilla one.

    Server Information
    We are running the FTB Direwolf 20 1.0.16 (1.6.4)pack with MCPC+ as server, dynmap and coreprotect to protect you from griefers as much as possible! Please be aware that we might add one or two mods in the future. We'll notify you about the relevent changes and how to apply them, that are required to play on our server.

    What mods are disabled?
    None, though read our rules about mystcraft worlds.

    What are the basic rules:
    1) No Griefing
    2) Be reasonable with building locations. Try and keep some distance between yourself and other players (unless they are happy to have immediate neighbours.) and don't go too far!
    3) Be civil when chatting to other players. We are quite lenient on chat rules, but general nastiness will not be tolerated.
    4) Mystcraft worlds must only be created with the permission of a server admin as they are incredibly resource-taxing.
    For more detailed rules, check out server page at http://theblueturtle.xyclade.nl/

    What will we offer?
    We will offer a stable server, maintained locally and with a good backup system. We also offer a close community that we will gladly extend to you.

    Please note that we have a 18+ policy and will not tolerate lying about age (this will result in a ban without further notification whenever we find out). Furthermore, our recruitment will be limited to small batches so we don't have to deal with a huge influx of players immediately. If you don't get whitelisted during one recruitment drive, we'll consider you in the next! (We recommend well-thought applications to increase your chances of being whitelisted.)

    You can find more information on our website here:


    If everything above sounds tasty, you should apply here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
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  2. Empire²

    Empire² New Member

    As a relatively long-time member of the server, I can safely say that stating we have a "close community" would be putting it lightly.

    A lot of silly and amicable banter to be had both in-game and on TeamSpeak, pranks to be played and suffered and in general a lot of fun times to be had. The server staff take the time and have sufficient knowledge to help you out should you be stuck or face any issues, and will always resolve issues in the shortest time window possible.

    Everyone on the server is ready to lend a hand should it be necessary, and most people will not object to sharing a part of their resources with newcomers!

    If you enjoy being able to hop on TeamSpeak to pop in to whatever 90's music group is being sung along to or server/hardware issue is being discussed, you will definitely enjoy your stay on the server!
  3. flamedance58

    flamedance58 New Member

    Sounds like a blast :)

    Registered and Applied and can't wait to hear back from you bunch.

    [Edit] Might want to mention somewhere that in the launcher you'll want to change the version of the pack you download to 1.0.14 or you don't get the correct one.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2014
  4. George Duggan

    George Duggan New Member

    hi iv tried to register on the site but no luck

    Ign: MrGeorge547
    real name: George Duggan
    age - 18
    why i want to join: I would like to join because i love playing around with some of my favorite mods and i would also like to meet new people
  5. Xyclade

    Xyclade New Member

    Hello George,

    I suggest you should try again on the website, as it gives you access to serveral important things, like the forum, teamspeak info and news updates. I've whitelisted you in advance though, so feel free to come online.

    Greetings, Xy
  6. George Duggan

    George Duggan New Member

  7. George Duggan

    George Duggan New Member

    iv registered on the site
  8. gukliuyk

    gukliuyk New Member

    heres to me being an asshole http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/thr...st-ts3-mature-survival-players-welcome.39541/
    your age is either 16 or below
    EDIT: nvm http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/youtube-ftb-lets-play-need-people.40089/#post-547272
    15 or below
    and apparently a cheater
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  9. Xyclade

    Xyclade New Member

    In following to this message, and by some further verification we have confirmed suspicious behavoir on our server. Based on that and on ground of lying about his age MRGeorge is no longer welcome on our server.

    On a completely different note, we are still open for applications!
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  10. TheBLockUniverse

    TheBLockUniverse New Member

    Ign: HightDetal
    real name: Augustinas
    age - 16
    why i want to join:Well i've been playing modded minecraft for 2+ years,then i got out of it and now since i am back want to sharpen up my skills back and do some full blown projects
  11. Xyclade

    Xyclade New Member

    We've updated to Direwolf20 1.0.16 (17 not just yet as patch notes are not available yet)
  12. spartanboy56

    spartanboy56 New Member

    Hello friends!

    IGN: spartanboy56
    Timezone: eastern time
    some info: I love playing modded minecraft with a small community, I love creating contraptions and working with other players. I am currently working on my own mod, and I am a student with a full time job so I won't be on 24/7 but I always make time for minecraft =]
  13. Falcon24

    Falcon24 New Member

    Please read where to apply. This thread is not the place.

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  14. spartanboy56

    spartanboy56 New Member

    I saw that at the last second, my goof.

    I have gone through the application process and got accepted but I don't know where to find the I.P address or even if im whitelisted =P

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