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Francis Baster

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Jul 29, 2019


Some cool things people have built on the server

I set out to create a small TPPI server with a friendly atmosphere, few restrictions, and with a long-running stable world. This is exactly what has been achieved. Come and say hello, we think you'll want to stay!

Useful URLs:

TPPI v1.1.2
TPPI is one of my favourite FTB packs, featuring a wide selection of the best Forge mods for 1.6.4, with an active and dedicated dev team who have done an excellent job of tweaking and balancing the pack to give a challenging feel.​
World longevity:
Our TPPI world was created on 28th January 2014, there have been no map wipes since then, and we still have a stable server with 20tps.​
Map is backed up to an offsite location every 24 hours.
60 days worth of backups are retained.​
Claim your builds with MyTown.
Custom-made serverside mod records all player interactions that get sent to the server. Luckily we rarely need to use this data.​
A custom Python wrapper monitors the server process and its responsiveness to network requests. Recovery guaranteed within 5 minutes in the rare event of a crash.​
Minecraft Settings:
Hard difficulty
PVP is disabled
Keep inventory is disabled
Mob griefing is enabled outside of MyTown claimed areas
Firespread is enabled​
Player slots:
Physical location:
Falkenstein, Germany​
Intel Xeon E3-1270 v3 (dedicated)​
32 GiB

To build on our server, you need to submit a white-list application on our website. Instructions here.
Items that are not banned (yay):
  • Turtles
  • Quarries
  • Chunk-loaders
  • Player-made MystCraft ages
In fact, the only banned items are the StevesCarts chunkloader and the items removed by default TPPI config. This server will behave the same as your single player TPPI world, with the following exceptions.

Chunkloaders only work when their owner is online. The exception is the Railcraft world anchor, which requires enderpearls as fuel. It cannot be automatically refuelled.

StevesCarts chunkloading addon is banned, as it will chunkload indefinitely. We have not banned all items which chunkload indefinitely. Some examples include enderthermic pumps, witchery poppet stand, and portals from the Portal Gun mod. These are not banned, but are cleaned up (placed in chests) periodically.

Cauldron is installed which allows for Bukkit plugins such as Essentials, and significantly optimises server performance. Cauldron can alter the behaviour of some mods, but workarounds exist. For example, computers no longer start-up 100% of the time, and occasionally require players to right click them in order for them to boot. A solution is to place an autonomous activator next to vital computers. Occasionally power systems which cross chunk-borders will glitch out and cease transmitting power. The solution is to transmit power wirelessly if you need it to cross a chunk boundary. We have found that the performance boost and functionality provided by Cauldron is well worth it, and we are not alone. Most FTB servers use Cauldron.

Having such a lenient approach to banned items will occasionally result in performance issues. Our admins are reasonable and will not nuke your base if it lags the server, instead we will surgically remove the offending blocks or entities using a map editor. In most cases this is all that is required. If this fails, we will do a localised roll-back on the affected chunks. We will then explain what the issue was, and if it was preventable, we will educate you on how to avoid it in the future.

We do not ban items willy nilly, instead we prefer to sort issues on a case by case basis. Being a smaller server, this approach has been proven successful. It has resulted in experienced admins who can quickly diagnose and fix issues, as well as providing a lot of freedom for our players. It helps that TPPI is an incredibly stable pack, maintained by a fantastic dev team.

If you are still unsure, we encourage you to log on, say hello and check out the tps, which is all possible as a guest. We think you'll be impressed.

How to connect to the server, and how to apply for the white-list

More information
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Jul 29, 2019
The server is actually at 1.0.3 now. :)

This is a great server with lots of friendly people.


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Jul 29, 2019
I can vouch for this server too, been with it for couple of days now. An active owner, friendly and fun community - far less disabled items then anywhere else.