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Thaumcraft 4 questions

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Zen300, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. Zen300

    Zen300 Member

    Three Questions:

    1. I have a taint biome, or the beginnings of one roughly 500 meters from my planned base location... Will I have to truly deal with this taint, like will it spread into a full grown Tainted Lands? I presume the chunk load range of a player is not likely to cause this biome to spread fast, if at all?

    2. Eerie biomes do not spread right? Each one seems to be built around an Obsidian Totem, so I'm curious if they spread as I happen to have roughly a chunk worth right by my base within what would end up being a chunk loaded area via chunk loader.

    3. Anyway to remove the Flux purple liquid? I'm curious as I presume its no longer like in dire's vids where you could just put a block on top of it and its gone...

  2. Omicron

    Omicron Over-Achiever Trusted User

    1. If it's loaded, it will spread. If it's not loaded wit will not spread. There's no difference in speed based on how close you are.

    2. Eerie biomes do not spread beyond the chunk that contains them.

    3. Why do you "presume" this? Have you seen any evidence to the contrary? No such change was made...
  3. Zen300

    Zen300 Member

    I do believe in one of the videos of it during one of Dire's forgecraft2 Azanor said it was not going to be that easy to remove it. Thus I presumed it would not be easy now.
  4. Omicron

    Omicron Over-Achiever Trusted User

    If he plans to change it, he hasn't done so by 4.05.
  5. Zen300

    Zen300 Member

    Alright 1 more question;
    The Infusion Crafting process, how far away can the jars be from the center of the alter? My current room design for Infusion crafting will put the jars roughly 7 blocks from the center pedestal of the Infusion Alter, will the Essentia still flow when crafting or do I need to shrink the build a bit? Every vid I've seen of the Alter room the jars are like 4 or 5 away from the center and can't test this in Creative as I do not see a way to gain all the research instantly to test this.
  6. Tristam Izumi

    Tristam Izumi Popular Member

    I believe 8 is the upper limit, so 7 should be fine. It's also not hard to test with a simple infusion and just placing one jar 7, 8, 9, 10, etc blocks away from the center.
  7. Adonis0

    Adonis0 Popular Member

    8 radius from the matrix?
  8. Tristam Izumi

    Tristam Izumi Popular Member

    I might be mistaken, but I recall having essence being pulled from jars at least 7 blocks away, possibly 8. I lost that world quite a while ago, and I'm at work so I can't set up a test world to check.
  9. Zen300

    Zen300 Member

    Yeah, though at the moment I have only a Thauminomic thanks to a chest in a village I spawned like 10 blocks from, it actually had 3 made me laugh. So I
    Direwolf20 video to the rescue!

    Skip to 18:10 on the vid. The Pedestals are on the 4th block from the center where he places the Hoe, and 3 blocks from them are the jars (7 blocks total distance from the center) and it clearly draws from them, as the infusion finished

    edit: They might actually be 1 more back, its hard to tell but going by the water 2x2 with a 4x4 border of stone brick. It looks like 4 blocks from the pedestals are the jars, making them a total of 8 from the center of the alter.
  10. Adonis0

    Adonis0 Popular Member

    I shall Confirm this that the jars in DW20's are on the 8th block from the center pylon
  11. Spikednate12

    Spikednate12 Active Member

    Etheral blooms for the cleanup and pure nodes form silver woods. Etheral blooms are more favorite personally
  12. Zen300

    Zen300 Member

    And this will clear up full blown taint in how long? Few hours of gameplay with the chunks loaded?

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