Thaumcraft 4.1.0 Completed Research List

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    Hello everyone! I remember when I was first starting out with Thaumcraft the research confused the crap out of me. There are a lot of good resources out there to help people solve the research notes but direct examples of answers are scarce. I decided since this is my second time with Thaumcraft I was going to screenshot every completed research note and post it on the forums for players to use as needed. Whether its the convenience of getting an answer that works or to use as a guide to help you understand how the research works. I am not saying these are the most efficient way of completing them and also remember that available research points can effect answers. I will list all research notes for Thaumcraft 4.1.0g, ThaumicTinkerer 2.3-130, and ThaumicTinkererKAMI_j6 in alphabetical order with a built-in link.

    Advanced Golems
    Advanced Node Tapping
    Alchemical Centrifuge
    Arcane Bore
    Arcane Doors and Pressure Plates
    Arcane Ear
    Arcane Levitator
    Automated Alchemy
    Awakened Ichorium Axe
    Awakened Ichorium Pickaxe
    Awakened Ichorium Shovel
    Awakened Ichorium Sword
    Axe of the Stream
    Black Hole Talisman
    Bone Bow
    Boots of the Horizontal Shield
    Boots of the Traveller
    Bottomless Pouch
    Brain in a Jar
    Celestial Gateway
    Copper Wand Caps
    Cowl of the Abyssal Depths
    Deconstruction Table
    Dimensional Singularity
    Dynamism Tablet
    Essence of a Shallow Grave
    Essence of Everlasting Durability
    Essence of False Life
    Essence of Fickle Permanance
    Essence of Lost Time
    Essence of Scornful Oblivion
    Essentia Distillation
    Ethereal Bloom
    Feline Amulet
    Flesh Golems
    Gaseous Illuminae
    Goggles of Revealing
    Gold Wand Caps
    Golem Connector
    Golem Core: Decanting
    Golem Core: Guard
    Golem Core: Harvest
    Golem Core: Use
    Greatwood Wand Core
    Hoe of Growth
    Ichorcloth Robes
    Ichorcloth Strapper Silverwood Wand Core
    Ichorium Tools
    Ichorium Wand Caps
    Infernal Furnace
    Infusion Enchantment
    Kinetic Attraction
    Lamp of Fertility
    Lamp of Growth
    Leggings of the Burning Mantle
    Magic Frame
    Magic Staves
    Magic Tallow
    Magical Metallurgy
    Magical Storage
    Master Node Tapping
    Metal Purification
    Metal Transmutation
    Mirror Magic
    Node in a Jar
    Node Preserver
    Osmotic Enchanter
    Pickaxe of the Core
    Primal Arrows
    Research Duplication
    Research Expertise
    Research Mastery
    Robes of the Stratosphere
    Runic Armor
    Shovel of the Earthmover
    Silver Wand Caps
    Sivlerwood Wand Core
    Spellbinding Cloth
    Staff Core of the Primal
    Straw Golems
    Sword of the Zephyr
    Tallow Golems
    Thaumic Restorer
    Thaumium Crowbar
    Thaumium Golems
    Thaumium Grafter
    Thaumium Scoop
    Thaumium Wand Caps
    Thaumostatic Harness
    Transvector Interface
    Traveling Trunk
    Wand Foci
    Wand Focus: Celestial Recall
    Wand Focus: Efreet's Flame
    Wand Focus: Ender Rift
    Wand Focus: Equal Trade
    Wand Focus: Excavation
    Wand Focus: Experience Drain
    Wand Focus: Nine Hells
    Wand Focus: Portable Hole
    Wand Focus: Primal
    Wand Focus: Shadowbeam
    Wand Focus: Uprising
    Wand Focus: Warding
    Wand Recharge Station
    Worldshaper's Looking Glass

    I hope you enjoyed!

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    You sir, are my hero for LIFE! I have done thaumcraft...oh lord..i think its 7 times from start now. I did it legit 3 times. thats enough. Thank you for this. Again out of respect for Azanor (all hail the mighty azanor) this guide should be for people who have done it by the intended path before. It is an amazing mod and deserves some respect.

    that being said THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!
  3. Cptqrk

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    Very well done sir!
    Now, how's the getting KAMMI onto your server going?
    Maybe set up a single player world and take screenshots from there?

    /waits (not so) patiently....
  4. LC14199

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  5. Fading

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    Our server was just reset a couple days ago and we now have KAMI! I am still getting started with a lot of early game with starting from scratch but as soon as I get to KAMI, I will edit the OP with screenshots. Probably in a week or so.
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    I may be calling upon this for an up-and-coming guide planned out.
    If I was to credit you for your work, may I use these images in said guide?
  7. Fading

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    Yes you may use them. Now that im starting from scratch I am finding that some of the research is slightly different. So far the only difference is where the holes in the research grid are placed, causing a minor reroute of the aspects in some few cases.
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    whoa, this is interesting.
  9. Gideonseymour

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    hey ive been looking at this page and have found it extremely useful but the gaps in the pages can change, i have no screenshots but the gaps tend to differ when i was playing on a server
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    Can you work on all the Thaumcraft addons or Thaumcraft research added by other mods next.
  12. Isilenian

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    I'm having some trouble with completing research for a thaumium grafter. The picture of the research here doesn't match up with with the one I see when playing. The Humanus spot doesn't exist.
  13. Fading

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    Sorry for delay on KAMI research. I have completed all of mine but I missed a screen shot so I have been waiting for a friend to finish his so I can get his screenshot and give you guys a complete upload. Sry that the Thaumium Grafter is slightly different on yours. If you haven't figured it out yet, you can PM me a screenshot and ill see what I can do. My update for KAMI should be uploaded tomorrow or the following day.
  14. Isilenian

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    It isn't allowing me to upload the screenshot, but the research is almost the same as this except that there is no hexagon under Lucrum where Humanus should go.
  15. Fading

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    anyone know what you need to scan to unlock wand warding focus? I've unlocked all the others I think
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    Also this topic is somewhat hilarious because hes/shes useing the most resource expensive research method possible.
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    Might wanna grab a new cheatsheet from 1.7.10, lot of new things have been added since 1.6.4

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