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Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by Gilliam, Nov 12, 2013.

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    IM not a texture pro but where some Unleashed textures are missing from certain packs but are available for others I am essentially customising a pack but when adding a texture for gravisuite's to my custom pack and then checking the NEI a small number of items are showing incorrectly and am not sure if this is due to an item id clash. Is there a way I can do a search for item id's to see if two textures are using the same id and then assign a spare to one of them ?

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    Textures don't use item IDs. They use names.

    For instance, if in the item class file it says that the texture file will be in gravisuite/textures/items/armor and that the file name will be chest.png then in the texture pack folder it has to be in either texturepack/mods/gravisuite or just gravisuite/textures/items/armor and the file name has to be chest.png.
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    Thx very much. Made perfect sense and am now ploughing through it

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