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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Blorph, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Blorph

    Blorph New Member

    This thread is in response to these threads regarding Mod devs, This one is for Texture Artists (Like myself) to be able to put themselves out there for the community. Just as Mod developers work hard at programming, I know that they also need good textures, So just as an idea - please post below your info like this: (So that I can merge it onto here for a large post)

    Blorph, Twitter, Email, #SticksandStones - Espernet

    This is just a suggested format, I know that some of you don't have any of these, Just link whatever you wish, and leave out whatever you wish.
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  2. ScottKillen

    ScottKillen New Member

    What a great idea!
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  3. epidemia78

    epidemia78 New Member

    YES! The mod community needs more texture artists.
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  4. 1SDAN

    1SDAN New Member

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  5. CyanideX

    CyanideX New Member

    I like where you're going with this. ;)

    I'll post my topic here for now, although I am still busy completing the mods in my queue.
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  6. NintendoFan37

    NintendoFan37 New Member

    I would say that I'm decently good at texturing. I can work in any resolution. Don't expect perfection, but expect something good. My experience mostly lies in the Sphax art style, so I can also "sphaxify" your mod if you would like. Oh, and I will do it free of charge :D

    Message me if you wan't something or just to chat :)
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  7. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    I occasionally tinker with textures.

    Admittedly Flash isn't the best for pixel art- if you're into HD vector graphics then I might be able to help.
    Also I'm pretty good at reworking the overall colour/theme to change the mood of the textures. (like making the nether feel more hellish)
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  8. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    Good god yes. I suck at textures. Just look at my placeholder textures for bat claw and bat fang. They make me pain.
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  9. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    they look like a shield and a broke helmet xD
    then again, there's only so much you can do in a 16x16 space
  10. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    At least the blocks look good, but they're just edited painterly textures. XD
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  11. LivingAngryCheese

    LivingAngryCheese Over-Achiever

    Once, I needed to make some textures, ended up making them in 8x8 accidently...
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  12. CyanideX

    CyanideX New Member

    If you are still in need of replacement textures, here you go!

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  13. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    Beautiful. I love them, but I just am having trouble scaling that down to 16x16 images with GIMP. I like the second and third one, but could you make the second texture black? I feel like if I invert it myself, it'll look funny.
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  14. CyanideX

    CyanideX New Member

    Try clicking the image... :p
  15. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    Oh my god that's nifty.[DOUBLEPOST=1414194840][/DOUBLEPOST]Implemented it:
    A definite improvement. Thank you.
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  16. CyanideX

    CyanideX New Member

    Not too sure about that black one... would you like me to create a dark version of the claw?
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  17. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    YES Please. I just inverted it then used the burn tool a bunch. I don't do textures.
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  18. CyanideX

    CyanideX New Member

    I updated the .zip file to contain two variations of the black claw. Enjoy.

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  19. xbony2

    xbony2 WikiWorker Wiki Staff FTB Mod Dev

    Who likes my "blower" that I made in early 1.6?
    I think it's my third texture I ever made :p
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  20. TennePlaysGames

    TennePlaysGames New Member

    Oh boy, time for some shameless(actually, fairly shameful, honestly) self-advertisement.

    I do texturing and such as well, so if anyone needs textures for stuff, I'll be here. . . lurking. . . and doing other things, probably.
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