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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Nitt9, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. Nitt9

    Nitt9 New Member

    Is there any chance that there would be a TerraFirma based modpack coming out? I'm watching Mead right now on YouTube and would love to play it. I'm going to download the mods anyway, it'd just be easier to have everything in the FTB launcher and areas where that info is stored instead of having it in separate places.
  2. Kaminho

    Kaminho New Member

    so make one for yourself, just add mods one by one and change ID conflics if u get any
  3. Nitt9

    Nitt9 New Member

    I am doing that right now, I was just seeing if there was one in the works.
  4. Whovian

    Whovian New Member

    I think there's a thread on this already, a TFC "modpack" (probably just TFC with possibly a few essentials such as Rei's Minimap) seems to be planned to be included in the FTB Launcher soon.
  5. Dafuq?

    Dafuq? New Member

  6. Jorcer

    Jorcer New Member

    If you can't wait, the Technic Platform has a TFC pack up that can be downloaded quite easily.
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  7. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    Not going to be a whole lot of mods that can work with TFC, since most of the variants on wood or stone don't translate well to other mods because they don't really use the Forge Ore Dictionary. Since that's probably a deliberate decision, compatibility issues will abound.
  8. Jorcer

    Jorcer New Member

    Agreed. TFC is a total conversion mod so anything that modifies gameplay will be either useless or incompatible. That pack I mentioned includes NEI and Inv Tweaks which work very well with the mod. (in addition the the required parent mods ofc)
  9. Dafuq?

    Dafuq? New Member

    Anybody else got performance issues? For a single mod, this thing is a beast, ok I have a rather crappy pc, but I get lower fps on tfc than on ultimate...
  10. Omicron

    Omicron New Member

    This is unfortunately unavoidable, as it relates to the high amount of background simulation TFC does, and the large amount of blocks loaded (the sea level is more than twice as high as in vanilla).

    You might be able to improve performance with with additional java parameters: -XX:AggressiveOpts -XX:UseSSE=3 -XX:MaxPermSize=128

    The FTB Launcher already starts with AggressiveOpts enabled by default (can be seen under snooper settings ingame), but if you are using a regular Minecraft install this can help a lot (it got me around 15% less CPU load when I slapped it on my Mindcrack v6 server). UseSSE needs to be adjusted to the best version your CPU is capable of; you can find out what that is by using the freeware tool CPU-Z to read out your processor's specs. MaxPermSize increases the amount of memory the java VM is allowed to reserve for itself; default is 64. It may help, or it may do nothing at all - depends on the situation.
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  11. Dafuq?

    Dafuq? New Member

    Yeah I already tried something similiar, but I don't remember if it were the same parameters, I just copy/pasted it from the performance thread somewhere around here, and played around with the numbers. It helped a little but still... I'm gonna check it and compare with your parameters when I'm back home. Might simply be time for a new rig though... I actually wanted to delay that until the star citizen alpha comes out, but I think I'll just buy a monster and hope for the best...
  12. Omicron

    Omicron New Member

    Grab a Haswell quadcore in June; I'm planning for the same thing. One of those at 4 GHz (well within the scope of the optional extra four speed bins you get with the non-K models even) will effortlessly handle anything the CryEngine 3.x throws at it, now or in two years. You can even keep your current video card. Then, when Star Citizen actually becomes a Thing, you only need to buy a new video card to be able to enjoy space pew-pew.
  13. kev12east

    kev12east New Member

    please see the other thread, there was quite an interesting discussion there, hint:
    I talked with biox in IRC, so plaece no more rage

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